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  1. vashuba

    need help with jack diagram

    which lugs are which do you think? input , output ? I don't have a multimeter, if I go get one, how would I check? thanks http://www.chunsheng.com/en/content/?2899.html
  2. vashuba

    help on jack connections

    anyone know which is the input and ground on these things? https://www.audiolabga.com/data_html/56924.html
  3. vashuba

    Longer screws for direct mounting humbucker?

    So i mounted the duncan distortion direct to the body with a foam peice under. I bored out the mounting bracket holes to fit the bigger screw size. #4 size I think. but the humbucker is way to low. do the hum bucker mourning brackets work? or should I just search for long screws? are there longer
  4. vashuba

    Paint job over a paint job guitars!

    I’m in the process of mine. Sho me yours
  5. vashuba

    Crossroads Festival no longer on Apple Music?

    Why cant i find these? They use to under Eric Clapton now they are gone...?
  6. vashuba

    Never seen this Van Halen

    Had to share
  7. vashuba

    cheaper floyd rose and string popping out

    So i have a jackson with a jackson floyd rose on it. this is the second time the b string has popped out on me. this time lasted a good amount of time longer than the previous time it popped out. I left some of the string winding at the end this time to get more grim, have upgraded little...
  8. vashuba

    Post your Reverse Headstock

  9. vashuba

    Recommend hi-gain flavor

    Currently waiting for my Fryette amp, and i'm getting antsy. looking for another Distortion pedal. I was thinking synergy module but thats kinda out of budget, I have the VH4 pedal, bogner burnley, bogner oxford fuzz , mar superbaddass . I know ENGL makes one, what do you like?
  10. vashuba

    Museum worthy Guitars

    Just saw this and had to share.
  11. vashuba

    It's Alive!!! Glitch Guitar

    Jammin' on my new prototype!
  12. vashuba

    Zuwei Charvel / Suhr Knockoff

    $215 Curious how that neck is. Basswood body Near input jack
  13. vashuba

    Modifying / Re-painting a Rare guitar... Should I feel guilty...?

    I have this rare Samick guitar i want to re-paint and add onboard electronics too. I will have to make new holes on the body. I am 95% going to do it but I did have a part of me that felt bad for wanting to de-face a super rare guitar.... Whats your take?
  14. vashuba

    Guitar body builders in Los Angeles?

    I want a custom body made. I would like to work local to speed up the process. if you know of anyone please list them Cheers
  15. vashuba

    DIY Headless kits

    Anybody make one? There are a few kits out there Solo Guitars Muslady
  16. vashuba

    Duncan JB to dimarzio considerations?

    So I have 2 JB's, one vintage one newer. I Do love those but I do want to try some Dimarzio humbuckers since I've never played them. the JB is roughly 16k output so i'd like to find something somewhat similar. What should i consider getting? Super Distortion?
  17. vashuba

    Custom guitar body makers..?

    Where would you go have a custom design made? If there are any local Los Angeles places please share!
  18. vashuba

    Magnetic Allen Wrench holder

    Anyone try these? I need to get an Allen Wrench holder for my guitar and its either this, or the standard screw in. My only concern is this falling off. Any reviews?
  19. vashuba

    NGD Jackson DR3 MIJ

    Just snagged this off the local Craigslist market. 1997 Japan made. New project guitar. Only visible damage was the pick holder that was torn off
  20. vashuba

    cavity routing drill

    Can I get away with a router attachment for a handheld cordless drill? or should I get the router drill ? just want to keep expenses down
  21. vashuba

    NGD Mini Ibanez w/Speaker

    So I have been buying some mini guitars lately, and saw this just the other day and decided to snag it. Super weird little speaker in there. HAs multiple overdrive/distorions on the bottom knob
  22. vashuba

    Chaining 9v PCB inputs?

    So I’m working on a kids First Act Discovery guitar that has a built in speaker. I want to add an onboard distortion module. Can I borrow some of the 9v from the main pcb board?
  23. vashuba

    School me on Sustainer kits - DIY or Pre-made

    Finally just looked into the Fernandes Sustainer. Schecter makes one on a few of their models. Are these hard to build from the ground up? does all the work come from the active circuit? or are the pickups modified? cheers
  24. vashuba

    New iLLaFenT - Digital Lies

  25. vashuba

    New Paint job - Shop v.s. DIY

    I have spray painted my squier in the past, not trying to do that. Does anyone know an in-expensive place to get a guitar re-painted? Just spray over the current color? I have searched and found the cheapest around $270. thats not cheap. I could possibly buy and airbrush kit and paint...
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