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  1. Synex7254

    The Mighty Ikea Kallax!

    I bought a smaller version of the same but for $90 it suits my needs perfectly.
  2. Synex7254

    Which turntable under $500?

    Recently got the Audio Technica LP-120 after years of not having a turntable and am pleased with it. Really enjoying listening to vinyl again! Just not used to having to flip the record after ~20 minutes. Got spoiled listening to CD for 30+ years.
  3. Synex7254


    Just get a passive speaker selector box. I use this setup for 2 set of outdoor speakers on my patio and near my pool and run it off the Zone 2 speaker outputs from my receiver. Should work for your setup too.
  4. Synex7254

    Studio Monitor Headphones for Guitar?

    I have the TH-02's and they not bad for the money. Certainly not the greatest but if you to use them for playing guitar, you'll find them or anything similar very acceptable. I too use the with my rack equipment and recording and they sound good - not reference quality mind you but not...
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