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  1. urlkonig

    K&K + Tonedexter vs Anthem SL

    In my experience, the ToneDexter seems to work BEST with the K&K. I tested my ToneDexter with an undersaddle piezo, and wasn't pleased. I had tried and abandoned K&K's 10+ years ago, but they really seem to be the transducer that the ToneDexter "likes." I've got them in my Guitars, Mandolin...
  2. urlkonig

    Several pro pickup systems heard back to back

    Steve Earle was running through a Fishman Aura the last time I saw him live. Definitely not a sound I would want from my rig.
  3. urlkonig

    Profiler for Acoustics - Baggs Soundscape

    I love my Tonedexter -- However, the clips of the Baggs unit are not reassuring at this point. I heard strong UST characteristics in the NAMM examples. Perhaps they'll release something that presents it in a better manner around the time they start shipping them.
  4. VibroPrince2


  5. VibroPrince1


  6. urlkonig

    bluguitar cabs - nano cab and fat cab

    I'm trying to decide between the nano cab and the fat cab as well -- I'd love to hear from anyone who has owned or played through both.
  7. urlkonig

    A Collings Forum...

    Thank you -- just re-signed-up.
  8. urlkonig

    Sold Rutters One-Piece Ash Stratocaster Body -- Loaded (Fralin, Callaham)

    Sold. Parting out my long-time Strat. The neck has sold, and I'd optimally like to sell the body with all the components in place. Will consider selling them separately, depending on interest. Rutters one-piece swamp ash body -- very light. Mark Rutters told me that it was 3.5 lbs when I...
  9. urlkonig

    Sold PartsCaster Strat - Warmoth Brazilian neck sold

    I've had a good offer on the neck alone, so I'm ending this thread. The Loaded body will be for sale in the Music Gear Parts and Accessories Emporium.
  10. urlkonig

    Sold PartsCaster Strat - Warmoth Brazilian neck sold

    The Neck has been sold separately -- moving the loaded body to the Parts and Accessories Emporium. SOLD--Warmoth Full soft-V "Boatneck" profile --Rutters one-piece swamp ash body -- very light. Mark Rutters told me that it was 3.5 lbs when I originally ordered it. I finished it with thin...
  11. urlkonig

    NAD Carr Skylark

    I liked the Creamback Neo best of the speakers I auditioned for the amp, but I never was able to get the sound I wanted. I ended up deciding that the Skylark just wasn't the amp I needed.
  12. urlkonig

    Sold Lovepedal Kalamazoo price drop

    Sold off-board. Lovepedal Kalamazoo, gold box, velcro on the bottom. image links: pedal velcro
  13. urlkonig

    Sold Redplate TweedyVerb - Updated Circuit

    SOLD off-board (Reverb): RedPlate TweedyVerb 1x12 combo. IMG_3019 by urlkonig posted Sep 27, 2017 at 4:07 PM
  14. urlkonig

    Sold Blackfaced Vibrolux Reverb (1970)

    SOLD: Blackfaced 1970 Vibrolux Reverb, loaded with two Celestion Greenbacks. Great sounding amp -- but I am once again several amps over my limit and something needs to go. No footswitch, Reverb and Tremolo work (you will need a shorted RCA jack or a footswitch to activate the Tremolo). Tolex...
  15. urlkonig

    Halloween Ghoulishness

    I hope this doesn't start Buck and Don spinning in their graves.... here's a minor key zombification for your Halloween amusement:
  16. urlkonig

    Sold Gibson ES-125

    On Hold...
  17. urlkonig

    Sold Gibson ES-125

    SOLD: This ES-125 is in extraordinary condition -- none of the lacquer crazing that is often seen on these older archtops. I suspect that it may have been oversprayed at some point in its history, but if so, it was done well. I think it is a late 50's or early 60's model -- the neck is slimmer...
  18. urlkonig

    Sold Carr Skylark

    Sold, pending payment. I've been gigging with this amp for the past six months, mostly mic'ed in smaller clubs, and I've come to the conclusion that 12 watts just isn't enough for my needs. (I'm going to be replacing it with a vintage Vibrolux). I've experimented with a couple of different...
  19. urlkonig

    NAD Carr Skylark

    Carr got back to me last week and said that there was definitely no issue with using the JJs. That said, I've been going back and forth between the TADs and the JJs for the past few weeks. The JJs seem to make the amp gainer overall, without increasing any headroom. I AM still much happier with...
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