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  1. gitapik

    YOur reason/justification to purchase more guitars?

    I have five electrics and four acoustics (and a tenor uke). They all have different sonic characteristics either due to body/neck shape and design and/or pickup configurations. The variations are great for writing, recording, and performing music. One of the electrics is a Strat style...
  2. gitapik

    Has anyone, or know anyone, who lost an eye to a guitar string

    I was doing a solo classical gig at a restaurant. Leaning over the neck, really into it. Hit a hard rasqueado and the entire bridge tore out, hitting me flush in the jaw. Like taking a shot from a welterweight. Knocked me off the stool and onto the floor; cracking the top of the guitar. The...
  3. gitapik

    Tell me about/show your Collings guitars!

    BTW: I have Barden's Danny Gatton pickups on my Silhouette. If you're looking for a really nice single coil sound from a humbucker pickup....those are an excellent choice.
  4. gitapik

    Tell me about/show your Collings guitars!

    Well...it ain't single coil. No Bigsby, either...but I do love to show off my little lovely. And I like to talk gear. So: I retired from the teaching profession last year. I'd promised myself a gift for decades of working a straight job while keeping up playing and gigging. My dream guitar...
  5. gitapik

    I don't understand PRS hype

    I don't get the PRS hate. Besides those you've never heard of; there are some serious artists out there who play and make them sing. They also play Fenders, Gibsons, etc...but PRS is definitely in the mix. I've played their less expensive to very expensive models. One constant: the board and...
  6. gitapik

    Who here has mixed pickup brands with great results?

    I put a DiMarzio Area 61 in the neck, Area 57 in the middle, and a Tyler Secret humbucker in the bridge. The balance is excellent. Only problem is that my tech had to wire the #2 position so that there’s a 60 cycle hum in order to get that sound “right”. He said it wouldn’t have been necessary...
  7. gitapik

    Favorite 335 alternatives?

    i played a Gold Top version, years ago. Excellent guitar!
  8. gitapik

    "Only Selling Because This Guitar Deserves To Be Played"

    I've sold a violin and '57 AVRI Strat for that specific reason, though I never put it down as a reason in the sale description. The violin was a very nice country fiddle and very good beginner to intermediate level classical violin (very bright but smallish tone which didn't lend itself well to...
  9. gitapik

    Post your first guitar!

    1969 Gold Top Deluxe. I bought it in '72 for $300. Obviously been through a few changes, but it's still an awesome axe. I almost sold it recently (yes...it's still very heavy), but am glad I thought better of it:
  10. gitapik

    Your favorite strap, and how low do you sling it?

    My hang level has changed over the years. At first it was low, for the effective cliche reasons. But I started having arm/wrist issues. A good friend told me about the relation of setting the strap so that it's the same height as when you're sitting down. I gave it a shot and ended up doing...
  11. gitapik

    Gibson R8/Collings I-35 LC Quandry. Advice needed

    Probably best the deal fell through as you didn’t like the aged cherry. I know that seems shallow but it’s important. The guitar is a beautiful instrument and the visual is important. I have a ‘69 LP Deluxe. And a recentLy purchased aged cherry (love that look) Collings I35 LC. I love both. As...
  12. gitapik

    Reverb raises fees from 3.5% to 5%

    The changes go into effect August 1st, ccording to the email sent out.
  13. gitapik

    Reverb raises fees from 3.5% to 5%

    +100 The smaller sellers are suffering as it is on the original Etsy due to their inability to compete with the larger retailers foregoing shipping costs. Both within and outside of the site. I’m wondering if it makes more “business sense”, on Etsy’s side, to just figure the smaller players...
  14. gitapik

    Reverb raises fees from 3.5% to 5%

    I should preface this by saying that my experiences with Reverb, from its’ inception to present day, have always been very good. No question I may be wrong, but what my radar is picking up is the beginnings of a very basic but significant change in purpose. What was originally designed and...
  15. gitapik

    Reverb raises fees from 3.5% to 5%

    “Yeah the sale tax was the real killer, this is just vinegar in the wound“ That’s my thinking. I agree that the added sellers fee is small. It’s more the general trend away from a site where musicians, who don’t inherently make a lotta money, can go to get a better deal. I sell stuff on CL...
  16. gitapik

    Reverb raises fees from 3.5% to 5%

    I both buy and sell on Reverb. Here’s my Buyer’s Tale: I retired from my NYCDOE teaching career in January. Promised myself when I first started there that I’d keep playing and buy myself a primo guitar when I retired. A gift to myself. I found the one I wanted on Reverb. Private seller. Very...
  17. gitapik

    Reverb raises fees from 3.5% to 5%

    “Investing over 30% more in marketing initiatives” Such BS. We are musicians, Etsy. You don’t need to “reach” us. We “reach” you.
  18. gitapik

    Is this really the “final word” on the Tele vs the Strat?

    Ratchet, of course. But that’s just my opinion.o_O
  19. gitapik

    Travelcaster or Steinberger Spirit GT Pro

    I’ve got a set of ‘57/‘62 pickups to put in the Travelcaster if that’s an issue. Is it? I don’t have a preference btwn humbuckers/singles or maple vs rosewood board. Just want a good travel guitar to keep my hands busy. My main needs are: 1) Stays in tune 2) Comfortable standing and...
  20. gitapik

    Do You Plug Straight Into an Amp? No Pedals. VOTE

    I plug in direct to my Port City Pearl for jazz and to keep my technique up to snuff. Mostly practice. I plug in direct to my BJr and Quilter both for cleans and dirty. I plug in through my pedals into all three amps.
  21. gitapik

    What Happens After You Get Your Dream Guitar?

    Which is why I'll never sell my Silo Special. Twice the price of what that Squire etc is, but so much less than the "dream" guitar. I'll keep looking...but I'm a big fan of being happy with and making the most of what I've got.
  22. gitapik

    What Happens After You Get Your Dream Guitar?

    Sometimes you get sidetracked along the way. I've had a dream guitar in mind for decades. Too expensive for where I was at, financially. So I've bought and sold some other guitars over the years, biding my time. I picked up a used HSS Music Man Silo Special at a really nice price about...
  23. gitapik

    What guitar is haunting you?

    Guthrie Govan's Signature Suhr. The Antique Modern. I'm trying to quell the urge because I've got other fish to fry first. But I keep thinking about it.
  24. gitapik

    7 Strings And Why They Aren't Preferred by More Guitarists?

    Too many pages to read through At the moment, but I’d be surprised if nobody else mentioned: With all the different acoustics and electrics I play, it’s hard enough for me to keep up with varying my technique for the different neck shapes and actions they offer. And on a more practical note...
  25. gitapik

    Change in Plans (?)

    That's exactly what's happened with this Silo Special. I loved the neck and have gotten the right pickups and setup through experimenting. I love playing that guitar.
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