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    HK Duotone Footswitch Question

    I’m considering picking up a HK Duotone I found on the cheap. The problem is that it does not come with a footswitch and it’s a weird one - a three-pin XLR style input. Anyone know of a compatible switch?
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    Tube Factor Remote Footswitch

    I found a modded Tube Factor that actually makes both sides usable but as always, real estate is a problem. Does anyone know what kind of switch I need to run remotely?
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    24 3/4 Scale Ac/El?

    I'm starting to develop some hand issues that are exasperated by acoustic playing. My main "players" are an older Guild and a Godin that tend to cause my hands to become sore and crampy over time. Tuning down and capo-ing is an option, but I'd prefer to just look into a shorter scale option. So...
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    FS Bogner Shiva EL34 1x12 Reverb

    Traffic Green Chassis, custom wheat color EL34 1x12 Reverb Shiva Combo. Outstanding condition save the handle (brand new one from Bogner will be included) with newer tubes, D2F fitted padded cover, and footswitch. Sounds incredible and I feel like it's actually starting to sound better as the...
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    Cheap, reliable, SS clean platform...

    Long story short, I'm looking for a small, cheap, mobile SS clean platform to serve as a backup to my Rivera or Shiva. I had been using my bass players Orange Crush 60 as my backup but he decided to sell it. Our gig schedule is starting to fill back up so I'd like to have a backup for peace of...
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    Verbzilla still relevant?

    So, I'm thinking I want to add a reverb pedal to my board for deep, ambient clean tones in addition to the 'verb on my Shiva or Rivera. For years and years, I used a Verbzilla with a Budda SD30 before I switched amps and subsequently took it off the board. So long story short, is the Verbzilla...
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    Noise through one amp, quiet through another...

    Long story short, pedalboard going through a Bogner Shiva combo and a Rivera Jake. Dead quiet through the Bog, very loud hiss/hum through the Jake with the culprit being an MXR Analog Chorus. Obviously, the amps have "different" types of loops with the Jake having send/return knobs. There are...
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    Amp Repair and Covid Question

    Super long story short, I bought a Rivera Jake off eBay in mid January. The amp arrived more or less DOA. I brought it to an amp tech who said there was some serious stuff wrong so I asked the seller for a refund and he disappeared off the planet. Filed a Paypal claim, he never responded and I...
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    Delays with dedicated dotted 8th setting

    I'll save you the long story, but what delays have a straight dotted 8th setting?
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    Help... Amp powers on but no sound.

    Just got a Rivera Jake off of eBay. It was shipped in a pretty sturdy road case and seemed to be in perfect condition. The amp powers up, tubes light up, but there is no sound at all coming from the end. Nothing. Any ideas what I should look for? I'd prefer not to drop more $$ taking to a tech...
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    Treker Guitars

    Anyone have any experience w/ these? I know they are the grandchild (so to speak) of Bunker and PBC Guitars and feature the same patented neck design. The Treker's pop for super cheap from time-to-time and I've always been very intrigued.
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    Shiva Owners Past and Present!

    How did you set up the volume? Master high, channel low? Vice versa... Even mix?
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    Getting back into live acoustic playing...

    Been MANY years since I was doing some acoustic stuff so was curious if there are any newer models on the scene that really thrive in a live duo/trio scene. My old Guild DCE1 is literally falling apart so I had to borrow my buddy's 314ce to do the last couple of gigs. It was fantastic but I...
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    How would you chain these?

    In the loop --> Delay and EQ In front --> Env Filter, Comp, ODs, Phaser, Volume, Tuner I know there are no rules, but I'm going to be moving some things around and am curious how you guys would set it up
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    Looking for a multi-efx modulation pedal

    Putting together a grab and go/small board for some of the tight stages/dives we play. The essential stuff; tuner, delay, od, wah/vol, and a modulation pedal. Was thinking the Line 6 MM4 since they are cheap now and the sounds are okay, but the pedal is so damn big that it would take up most of...
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    New amp decision... Bogner vs. Rivera

    Trying to decide between going back to a Shiva combo or trying something "new" with a Rivera Suprema. I've been playing a Budda SD30 for many years but there is just not enough headroom for my funk/r&b/disco-ish band that I recently joined. So obviously, the clean channel is the #1 need but...
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    Ever bought and sold the same amp multiple times?

    I’ve owned four Bogner Shivas - two e34 combos, a 6l6 combo, and an e34 head. I remember liking them but not loving them and off they went. But now, for reasons, I’m jonesin for another e34 combo. Anybody ever do this and find that the Fifth time is the charm?
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    Rivera Chubster 40?

    Have an opportunity to get one of these for fairly cheap. I’ve owned four Rivera’s over the years, two (Rake and M60) I’ve loved and two (R series) I have not. I’m looking for the elusive Fender clean Marshall drive but clean headroom is a must. Also, I know there is not a formal loop but can...
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    Truetone CS12 Power Questions

    So i'm cleaning up my board and trying to figure out my power situation. I currently use an original VL Pedalpower that is holding up, but is being maxed out and I'm intrigued by the CS12. Here's what I've got... I'll have 8 regular 9V input pedals, a Shure GLX Wireless (9-12V) then a MXR 10...
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    Anyone use a Novo 24 w/ Tour Case?

    Just curious how much it all weighs in the case. While I know the tour case will add great protection, my desire to lug a tank all over the universe is pretty minimal. Thx!
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    Line 6 G30 Issues

    Hello! Just bought a G30 to go wireless like the rest of my band. It worked flawlessly the first gig but cut out completely twice in the second gig. Thought it was the batteries, swapped them in the first set, and then it cut out again after 2-3 songs so was not a battery issue. I had bought a...
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    Mesa Mark II Questions

    I posted over at the Boogie board, but it is not going through... Anyways, there is a guy selling a Mark II locally for what I think is a pretty smoking price. He bought it brand new in 1981 and has not modded it or anything. However, "MB" is written on the back which I thought was a sign of...
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    Been through a million OD pedals and finally found the one...

    and it's an old Taiwanese Boss SD1 that I bought for $20 to mod. Sounds a million times better w/ my rig than all the handmade, boutique, cork sniffing pedals that I bought that were supposed to smoke it... Kind of humbling.
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    Question about buffers and my board

    So after going through amp after amp and thinking that they all lacked something, I started playing around on my board and realized that my volume pedal (VP Jr.) was killing my tone. After poking around the board some people have noted that you need a buffer before the pedal. I previously had...
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    looking for some amp options...

    The Shiva and some Rivera's come to mind but what other amps out there will do this: 1) over 50 watts 2) 2-3 channels 3) built in boost 4) el34s 5) the elusive big, lush fendery clean/marshall lead 6) effects loop 7) reverb Thanks for any additional ideas! Brian
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