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  1. wlalpaugh

    FS Hand built Acoustic by Finocchio Guitar Works

    Beautifully handcrafted Acoustic Guitar by Master Luthier Frank Finicchio. Red spruce top, Honduran Mahogany back ,sides, and neck (back is form arched). Fingerboard and bridge Macassar Ebony. Rosewood binding. Plays and sounds amazing. Includes Guardian hard shell case. Shows some light player...
  2. wlalpaugh

    60's Teisco del ray tuners

    Looking for the larger white plastic tuner buttons for a 60's Teisco del ray
  3. wlalpaugh

    Found a mint 1977 Princeton Reverb

    This is the kind of thing you dream about. A friend has a friend who bought a 1977 Princeton Reverb and stuck it in his closet for 38 years, and now decides to sell it. I bought the amp, still in it's original box with the manual and some other papers. The original Styrofoam blocks on the top...
  4. wlalpaugh

    Gibson GA-86

    Does anyone have an idea on what a 1960 Gibson GA-86 amp in very good condition is worth?
  5. wlalpaugh

    low noise OD

    Looking for an overdrive with low noise level. Suggestions please.
  6. wlalpaugh

    TS-15 hum

    New Ibanez TS-15 head with cab (sounds awesome by the way) hum in amp stops when on stand by. Any thoughts? Thanks
  7. wlalpaugh

    HELP!! "62 tele custom wiring

    I have a made in Japan "62 tele custom with 2 wire humbucker in neck position. I followed a wiring schematic for a '''62 custom I got from a fender forum. After following diagram exactly this is what I get---1st position = bridge: 3rd position = neck: middle position = only neck pickup, but...
  8. wlalpaugh

    back to guitar into amp, period

    I've been through this phase where I needed to try out many different overdrives, delays, etc., and tonight got together with a couple of friends just to play and have fun with the music. I took an overdrive/distortion pedal and an analog delay along, and was having fun just playing. My friend...
  9. wlalpaugh

    AWESOME Road Worn in the house

    Walked into a music store in New Jersey, spoted an Oly White 60's road worn hanging on a surf board display. I was curious having read all the hype, pro and con. First thing I spot is a VERY flamey neck. I picked it up, wow guitar feels like under 7 lbs, neck is really super flamed, and very...
  10. wlalpaugh

    Mk.4.23 Boost, Anyone have an opinion?

    Tried a MK.4.23 Boost by Creation Audio Labs at the King of Prussia guitar show on Sunday. I was very impressed with the beautifully clean boost and the reactivity to the guitar volume with this pedal. Anyone have any experience/opinions on this one? Walt
  11. wlalpaugh

    H2o opinions

    Do any of you guys have experience with Visual sound H2O pedal? How does this two effect in one pedal sound vs. two seperate pedals. And how do you feel about the chorus and delay effects themselves on this pedal? Walt
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