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  1. TwoHandsTenThumbs

    Scorsese to make a movie about the Dead

    Regardless of what I think about Scorsese’s work generally, he’s had an undeniably long, creative relationship with rock music. Both in terms of song placement in his narrative filmmaking, to producing actual music documentaries. While popular music and culture were often creatively leveraged by...
  2. TwoHandsTenThumbs

    Wow, do I feel old (AMA awards winners)

    Was that ever the norm? While that undoubtedly happened (happens?) to some extent, it strikes me that popular, mainstream music was (and remains) frequently buoyed by forces outside of skill or musical talent. From crooner pics tucked into the frame of Aunt Myrtle’s vanity mirror, to wartime...
  3. TwoHandsTenThumbs

    FS Line 6 HX FX

  4. TwoHandsTenThumbs

    Is the Casio CZ-101 or the Roland JV-30 collectible?

    The Casio CZs have been climbing. There’s been a bit of a resurgence in interest in digital synthesis, particularly FM and PD. They’ve even made a few virtual CZ plugins and stand-alones.
  5. TwoHandsTenThumbs

    The Sex Pistols American tour... 1978

    Fox Theatre, Detroit, MI…August, 1986. But I almost bailed.
  6. TwoHandsTenThumbs

    Cassette Tapes, thoughts?

    Any joyous feelings I have for cassette tapes are largely rooted in nostalgia, and all relate to three, specific experiences. The cassette tape, in tandem with the Sony Walkman, allowed me to have access to music I wanted to hear, essentially whenever or wherever I wanted. In a group, sub a...
  7. TwoHandsTenThumbs

    Elton John v. Billy Joel v. Paul Simon

    While I don’t currently listen to any of the three with any frequency, I’d say Elton John by a large margin, followed by Simon. Joel always struck me as pretty schlocky. Simon wrote a lot of sentimental pap, which is really saying something, when you consider some of John’s output.
  8. TwoHandsTenThumbs

    Elton John v. Billy Joel v. Paul Simon

    In other words, a win-win.
  9. TwoHandsTenThumbs

    Elton John v. Billy Joel v. Paul Simon

    To that end, Simon was also married to Carrie Fisher for a moment in the early ‘80s.
  10. TwoHandsTenThumbs

    Tell us about the best vintage guitar you’ve had the pleasure of playing.

    A banner J45 in maple. It had the midrange thump that a great Gibson should have, with the bass and treble of a dialed in Braz D28, and a perfect neck. At the time, I was wrapping up grad school, and broke (and about to become even more strapped, as my loan deferment lapsed). I’ve played over...
  11. TwoHandsTenThumbs

    1/8” strapjack…

    100% my take, as well. It’s bad enough having a dual source set-up requiring 1/4” TRS (in my case, K&K and Sunrise), but if the TRS fails, I can still use a stadard TS in a pinch to access the K&K. If a 1/8” cable goes bad or missing, one isn’t likely to as easily find one to borrow on the fly.
  12. TwoHandsTenThumbs

    1/8” strapjack…

  13. TwoHandsTenThumbs

    Should I get a refund?

    Given the tumultuous relationship between the Reid brothers, I suspect the names “Jesus” and “Mary” have been invoked on a number of occasions. “Joseph”, too, it would seem.
  14. TwoHandsTenThumbs

    Buyer beware - Atlas Stands

    Strange. They still list parts on their website? You should be able to find that part at a dealer. Folks like Performance Audio stock Atlas parts. I’ve mostly moved over to LatchLake stands, but have a few older Atlas stands. Might be time to hunt down some spare clutch assemblies…
  15. TwoHandsTenThumbs

    There's no way this refinished '64 Strat sold for that price...

    Slowly and surely, the vintage guitar world will need to embrace that reality. The older instruments become, the more invasive maintenance becomes to keep them operational and not merely artifacts. Orchestral string players have had to make peace with this long ago.
  16. TwoHandsTenThumbs

    A red Strat. And Stinky the amp has been rehabilitated.

    I find that the cloying, artificial fragrance carrying over to gear is often just the by-product of that gear existing in homes that smell strongly of such fragrances. Guitar case lining, amp tolex, case tolex, tweed covering, and speaker cones all seem to absorb and retain. Even instrument...
  17. TwoHandsTenThumbs

    Have you switched DAWs, and why?

    At home, I went from cassette four track, to 1/4” 8 track, to an ADAT with an Atari ST running Notator / Creator in 1992. C-Lab Notator became Emagic Logic Notator, which became Logic. So, coming up on 30 years with Logic, from it’s infancy as a MIDI sequencer for the Atari platform, to the...
  18. TwoHandsTenThumbs

    Why doesn't the Zoom L-12 have input gain control knob on the stereo channels?

    ^This…probably expecting between -10 and +4, with enough room on the fader to adjust accordingly.
  19. TwoHandsTenThumbs

    I'm done with the band thing

    Likewise! I had a background / experience with the recording thing, but once I abandoned gigging, and it became my focus, my motivation, creativity, and output grew exponentially. Still don’t miss gigging, but I do miss playing with others. I’m sure that’ll return in time, when I’m ready. I’m...
  20. TwoHandsTenThumbs

    How to cut down on cables onstage to create a 'cleaner' stage?

    CAT5 allows for 4 channels of balanced audio, or four channels of unbalanced stereo audio per line. I use it to run mic lines, balanced line-level signals, and headphone signals to various points in my home, expanding the usable space of my home studio. It works great, is crazy cheap (compared...
  21. TwoHandsTenThumbs

    How to cut down on cables onstage to create a 'cleaner' stage?

    @nksoloproject Many multicore cable schemes—fanned snakes, stage boxes, etc.—are balanced audio on XLR or TRS connections, male or female. If you have unbalanced stereo sources, you can take a stereo signal across a single channel of either with the correct adapters, like TS+TS>TRS. Balanced...
  22. TwoHandsTenThumbs

    Who gigs their vintage guitars and amps?

    Yep. They were great, every time. Headstock break. Had a check for the repair (my choice) and damage depreciation (>50% of the value, no haggling) in 48 hours. No deductible. No premium hike. I write that premium check gladly every January.
  23. TwoHandsTenThumbs

    Who gigs their vintage guitars and amps?

    That’s quite a bit! I pay about $35 / month and it covers over a dozen instruments, half as many amps, a similar number of keyboard instruments, a 16u rack full of studio gear, several thousand dollars in studio mics, a p.a. system, and all my pedals for full replacement value, with zero...
  24. TwoHandsTenThumbs

    Who gigs their vintage guitars and amps?

    Nah. Insurance. Life’s too short to leave the good stuff at home. A zero deductible musical instrument policy provides much better coverage than a homeowner’s rider, and includes all the perils faced by musicians, including damage and depreciation. You can get $100k of coverage, full...
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