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  1. Synex7254

    Thin Skinny Neck Les Paul?

    Quite the opposite. Prefer thicker necks!
  2. Synex7254

    Thin Skinny Neck Les Paul?

  3. Synex7254

    How do people buy a guitar without knowing the weight??

    Of the over 130 guitars I've owned in my lifetime...and still have 80...not once did I ever take the weight of the guitar into consideration when buying it, nor did I ever care to know what it was at the time of purchase.
  4. Synex7254

    Mojotone 59 Clone

    Just saw there's a 14-16 week lead time for these from Mojotone due to increased demand and these now being built to order.
  5. Synex7254

    What is the most obscure brand guitar that you own?

    From what I've been able to ascertain, they are a small luthier company in Maine. I got it off Reverb but its shown as a build on their website. SOMA | Kennebec Instrument & Amplifier
  6. Synex7254

    NGD: R9

  7. Synex7254

    NGD - 2021 LP Traditional Pro V Satin (aged)

    they still have a bunch left….
  8. Synex7254

    NGD - 2021 LP Traditional Pro V Satin (aged)

    So I decided to bite at one of the Les Paul Traditional Pro V Satin bodies for sale on the Statosphere because I had several extra parts laying around and a set of BB1/BB2 pups I took out of my R9 when I installed a set of Wizz so decided to assemble a Parts-O-Paul and give it an aged/VOS/R8...
  9. Synex7254

    NGD: R8 Les Paul

  10. Synex7254

    “Factory sealed and we won’t open it”

    I do it ALL the time. No issues ever!
  11. Synex7254

    J Mascis Telecaster * Sparkle Content!

    Just take my money FFS!
  12. Synex7254

    Incoming NGD - Epi Wilshire

    I have a 2009 ‘62 Wiltshire reissue made by Gibson Custom Shop and it’s def one of my favorite guitars. The newer models are at a great price point for this guitar.
  13. Synex7254

    NGD: Gibson

  14. Synex7254

    New Gretsch Day!

    This models has Broad’Tron BT-65 pickups in it, not Filter’Trons.
  15. Synex7254

    Did Fender Stop Making the Baja series?

    Just changed the name. They are calling it Vintera Modified series now.
  16. Synex7254

    NGD... Reverend Limited Sensei RT - #2 of Only 12 Pieces Worldwide!

    Inbound....just clicked add to cart!
  17. Synex7254

    Gibson experts: what do you have to spend for a good new 335?

    If you want a real Gibson, consider a used ES-335 Studio. I have a 2019 that was $1999 new and used prices (while a bit inflated at the moment) can probably be found for the ~$1,500 range give or take. Will get you to the "real thing".
  18. Synex7254

    NLPD !

  19. Synex7254

    2021 Fenders leak

    Glad Jason Isbell is getting the recognition he deserves with a signature model but $1,500 for a MIM Tele? Hmm...tough sell when a few bucks more gives you USA (sorry Corona CA) made.
  20. Synex7254

    Cheap Slide Guitar?

    What about one of the newer Epiphone Coronet's?
  21. Synex7254

    NGD - Soma Guitars (early Xmas present to myself)!

    Don't need to be a dick!
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