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  1. mrspag

    Help with Loaded Pickguard Loud Hum

    I purchased a loaded pick guard from Fralin pickups for my Stratocaster. It came with a wiring diagram which I followed. The guitar hums horribly on each pickup setting. The only thing that eliminates the hum is when the tone knob that controls the selected pickup is rolled back to zero. I...
  2. mrspag

    Help with Chord Shapes and Modes

    Ive played guitar for many years in cover bands. Mostly rock, country and blues. I love to improvise solos and I’ve spent time trying to break out of the pentatonic boxes. I’ve been working on memorizing the major and minor chord shapes with the root on each string, the arpeggio that goes with...
  3. mrspag

    Helix Rack with MIDI Expression Auto On for Wah

    I’ve been struggling trying to setup an expression pedal with my Helix using MIDI to auto turn on a wah block. I have a Morningstar MC8 controller. I plug the expression pedal into one of the extension inputs on the controller. I was successful in configuring the expression pedal and Morningstar...
  4. mrspag

    Best way to run DI live with Mesa Boogie Triple Crown

    Hi everyone. I have a TC-50 triple crown 50 watt. Absolutely love it. Looking at ways to reduce gear at a gig and use one of the various reactive load box/IR options on the market now to run direct at a gig. Before diving into those I’m messing around with the cabclone DI on the amp. It sounds...
  5. mrspag

    Aerosmith’s Joe Perry Les Paul with Tremolo

    I saw an Aerosmith concert and Joe Perry played some songs using what looks like a black Les Paul with bonding, a single bridge pickup, and a tremolo arm. I’ve tried googling it but nothing comes up. Is this a model that Gibson ever offered or is it a custom guitar, etc. I would love to get a...
  6. mrspag

    Solo Boost for Rig

    I have a Mesa boogie rectifier recording preamp that I am running into a Seymour Duncan powerstage 700 power amp. I am struggling to get a volume boost for solos. The preamp has a solo boost. When I engage it it thickens the sound but there’s no noticeable volume increase. There is a knob to...
  7. mrspag

    Keyboards for a guitarist

    I am looking to add some keys to my cover band. We play rock, pop, r&b and country from all decades. I sing and play guitar in the band and there are a lot of songs that we’d like to add in with keys. I have an electric piano that plays great but it doesn’t have many effects, etc. I am looking...
  8. mrspag

    Dual Guitar Case

    I am in the market for a dual case that can carry an acoustic and an electric guitar. I usually take a dreadnaught size acoustic/electric and a Les Paul. I was checking out the Gator and the Mono dual acoustic and electric case. When I looked over the reviews there were several comments for...
  9. mrspag

    Splitting Signal from Amp

    I have a solid state Boss Katana head. I want to split the signal from the amp to 2 different cabs in mono. I’ve never really understood the ohms and wattage stuff and I don’t want to damage the amp or cabs. Can I split the output with a Y cable or so I need a special cable or box to do this?
  10. mrspag

    Some help running Kemper live through Mission Engineering Gemini 2P

    I recently got my hands on a used Mission Engineering Gemini 2P. I want to be able to run it using both speakers like a mono 2x12 at gigs as a back line cabinet. The main out left is used to run direct to the PA. I use the monitor out to an ISP Stealth 180 power amp. From my understanding, the...
  11. mrspag

    Advice on PA

    I share the mixing responsibilities with another bandmate. I have the IEM systems and a Behringer XR18 board. Another band member has a pair of QSC K12s and a pair of QSC K181s. We play mainly rock and country covers in small to medium bars and restaurants. We mic everything. I am interested in...
  12. mrspag

    Power Supply Suggestions

    I have a shallow 4u rack that I use with a Kemper and a Furman M-8LX power supply. I have a 1/2 rack power amp and IEM transmitter that I want to put in place of the 1u Furman power supply. Does anyone have any suggestions for a power strip to put in the back of the rack? I originally bought the...
  13. mrspag

    Loving the Kemper Live

    I've been using the Kemper rack mount (unpowered) into a CLR wedge live for about a year and half. Over the past summer I've really worked on getting to learn how to setup profiles that sound good live. I play in a cover band that mostly plays country and rock. I've found an mbritt profile of...
  14. mrspag

    Question about Live Mixing w/ Behringer XR18

    I play in a 4 piece rock and country cover band. I became the default sound guy after expressing some interest and everyone else not :) We use a Behringer XR18 as our mixer into powered QSC mains and subs. Generally, we get compliments on the sound and everyone in the band is satisfied...
  15. mrspag

    Opinion and Advice for In Ear Monitors (IEMs)

    I've been using IEMs for about 2 years. I play in a local cover band that plays bars, restaurants and corporate gigs around south Florida. Over the past couple of years we made the switch to IEMs as a band. Our stage volume is reasonable since we mic or run direct. Loudest instrument is our...
  16. mrspag

    Kemper and Hotone Soul Press

    Does anyone have any experience using the Hotone Soul Press as an expression pedal with the remote? I've watched the Kemper expression pedal video on YouTube but I can't seem to figure out how to use the soul press. I want to use it as a wah. I've plugged it into the Pedal 3 input on the...
  17. mrspag

    1x12 cab advice for Kemper

    I have been using a Kemper for a while in my cover band and I run it direct into our PA. We have some small, cozy venues coming up and we want to use a small PA for vocals only. I am interested in getting a 1x12 cab to bring to these small gigs where I won't use the PA. I like the idea of a...
  18. mrspag

    Acoustic and Electric through Kemper

    Does anyone have any experience running an acoustic and electric through a Kemper in a live setting? I want to be able to switch between both as we play different songs without taking beyond putting one down and picking the other up. I have separate patches for acoustic and electric that I...
  19. mrspag

    Photoshop Template for Band Flyer

    Does anyone have any photoshop band flyer templates used for upcoming gigs they'd be willing to share?
  20. mrspag


    I have been through the journey of CAGED and learning the arpeggios and scales that match each chord shape. I love how this has allowed me to play the notes out of a chord shape, scale, or arpeggio as each chord changes. From videos I've watched and threads I've read on forums I get the idea...
  21. mrspag

    Lead Boost for Atomic Amplifire

    Has anyone come up with a good solution for a lead boost using the amplifire? Something using one of the 3 buttons on the unit, not a separate pedal. I am really interested in a solution that I could apply to each patch that will raise the volume. Not really give any extra distortio or drive...
  22. mrspag

    Teaching Basic Jazz Guitar

    I am volunteering to help out with my son's middle school band. The band director knows I play guitar and asked if I could tutor the 2 guitar players in the middle school jazz band a couple of hours a month. Both are really beginners. They both know the open chords and basic bar chords. Little...
  23. mrspag

    Going from Rock/Blues to Country

    Ive been transitioning into country lead over the last year after joining a country/rock cover band. It's been a real challenge moving from my old styles into country. I've greatly improved on the following lead techniques: 1. Playing with the chord changes, i.e. Lots of times switching to the...
  24. mrspag

    Amplifire Country Compressor Settings

    I've been really struggling with dialing in the compressor for good country tones. I'm really an idiot with compressors and my experiences were limited to the boss compressor. I found another thread on this topic but it didn't help. Anyone have any recommendations for setting the compressor in...
  25. mrspag

    Atomic Amplifire with Rocktron MIDI Mate Help

    I am trying to setup a rocktron midi mate with my amplifire. I got the midi mate from a friend that's not gigging anymore. I'm a bit of a computer illiterate and I can't seem to figure out how to work it. I've read some threads on the amplifire with other MIDI devices but I guess it's not...
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