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  1. bigtone23

    What is the purpose of active pickups?

    No doubt! Take a player with fantastic touch and skills, put him through a MASSIVE signal chain on large stages all over the world. There really wasn't a better solution than EMGs.
  2. bigtone23

    What is the purpose of active pickups?

    No doubt! :) I won't slam passives, either. I just wish there was more understanding for EMGs. I got into EMG singles/SPC as a cover guitarist. You don't have to change your guitar nearly as much with that set up (unless you require a dropped standard tuning, etc...). An SA/SPC Strat with a...
  3. bigtone23

    Why I went back to Simul-class on my MESA Mark III

    Oh, that full on, 4x 6L6 pentode power section on the Purple HRG was amazing. I really love it on my HRG IIA. Girth, depth, tightness. 60W mode was/is just barely a touch less powerful and a touch less girthy. I would prefer a 4 tube pentode/triode setting vs 4x6L6/2x6L6 pentode on those amps.
  4. bigtone23

    Price Check-Marshall 30th Anniversary

    That's a great cab! $1000 for sure! I used to have the white logo B cab in the later 90s. I remember selling it for $500 (when regular, black used 1960B cabs sold for $350). Looked really nice next to my Silver Jubilee B cab and 73 Orange 4x12". I still have the Orange.
  5. bigtone23

    Strat for 600$ budget

    #3 Used Fender Player-it's the benchmark of <$1K Strats #2 Used Schecter Nick Johnston. A hot rodded Player, sort of MIM Charvel-y. #1 New Sire S7 Larry Carlton. Played one the other day. It's really killer. It's kind of a more 'traditional' feeling Nick Johnston. Rolled edges on roasted maple...
  6. bigtone23

    Mother of toilet seat: Where do you stand?

    These are great!
  7. bigtone23

    Peavey Patriot USA vs. Fender American Std. P-Bass.

    Here's my modded Patriot (I call it RicRiot). Moved the jack to the side, added another SF, 3 way switch and a Hipshot Xtender on the E. Turned a great bass into an outstanding bass.
  8. bigtone23

    paul schafer has lost his mind..

    Something else touched on here: his band is top notch, first-call NYC studio players. That's exciting in and of itsself. I read that their daily show preparation was very short and not very detailed, there was quite a bit of leaning on past experience and some winging it. That's also very...
  9. bigtone23

    Do YOU Pedal Platform - Yes or No?

    The majority of the time is using other amps and the grit they generate. I do go pedal platform when rocking my Bassman Ten or Peavey Special 130, as I prefer to use a dedicated drive pedal on those. What's funny is I do it old school, all of my pedals are before the input of the amp, so...
  10. bigtone23

    If you are experimenting with DynaComps

    I have a 1980 Dyna Comp, bought it in 1990. My settings are always some version of cross-eyes with the Sens way down and Vol way up. I got lucky and someone had already installed a BOSS style barrel jack in it for DC powering. Handy! I also installed a true bypass switch in it to tame the...
  11. bigtone23

    Hard Rock Fans - Your Favorite Amps...

    83 Mesa SG MKIIC+ combo on top of Marshall 1936. 87 Mesa DRG MKIII Red Stripe head. 97 Marshall DSL50 head (with clipped leg C12 mod). This replaced a long gone '84 2203 I used to have. 98 Mesa Dual Recifier Solo Head (Rev G & EL34).
  12. bigtone23

    Is this wiring scheme possible?

    The trick is the switch on push/pull pots. You do need 3PDT to do what you want with one switch: a DPDT for series/parallel and a SPDT for splitting. The S-1 switch is a 4PDT and can do it with one press of the switch.
  13. bigtone23

    Fender Eric Clapton Blackie wiring question

    With a super 5-way, 4 wafer switch, yes.
  14. bigtone23

    understanding string gauges

    I agree, 45 60 80 105 is more balanced and even across the strings. Oh, do I ever not like 50 70 85 105 flats (like Chromes). The D& G are way too stiff relative to the A & E. When I changed out my Chromes, I bought two sets and made a hybrid, used the 45 65 80 from the lighter set and the 105...
  15. bigtone23

    paul schafer has lost his mind..

    I dunno, Paul Schafer has always been pretty animated when playing. I think it's just him and the muse at work.
  16. bigtone23

    Why I went back to Simul-class on my MESA Mark III

    That's the other great thing about Simul Class on the older Boogies: for greater tonal variety, run EL34s in the A spots. That's what I do, too.
  17. bigtone23

    I really want to try playing bass guitar, but....

    This will get you farther than the bass. However, the newer Affinity Squiers are not bad at all. A little attention to set up, nut filing, etc... and it is great.
  18. bigtone23

    Off the shelf JBL alternatives?

    This is interesting. I have always thought that certain BWs are sort of JBL-ish. Of course, a little extra attention can result in bringing out more JBL attributes.
  19. bigtone23

    Why I went back to Simul-class on my MESA Mark III

    I have found that I prefer the Simul MKIII, too. I mostly run my Red III in Simul Mode, but Class A mode is very different in terms of tonality and headroom. I really like it. My last III was a Purple 100/60. The two settings were not really very different. I just kept it in 100w mode to let...
  20. bigtone23

    Your Pick for the Ultimate Grab and Go Rock Amp?

    Mesa MKIII DRG Red Stripe.
  21. bigtone23

    Strat VS Tele… which one…

    I like both for different reasons. However, in a pinch, the Strat can do more. It's easy to swimming pool rout out the body and drop in a loaded pickguard with any combo of pickups and controls. For example, build a hard tail Strat with a Tele bridge pickup installed and the ability to get the...
  22. bigtone23

    Which Telecaster?

    The 50s Baja Telecaster came in white blonde and has everything you are looking for. The 60s Baja came in white, but has a rosewood fingerboard and a more standard (non chunky) neck profile. You might consider building a parts guitar with the neck and body color you like. Teles aren't that...
  23. bigtone23

    Peavey Patriot USA vs. Fender American Std. P-Bass.

    I started buying Peaveys because they were such tremendous values. $150 Foundations, etc... It was also fun to play a Peavey when Peaveys weren't cool and have the haters eat their hat. Those days are over, the bargain pricing is rare and people accept and search out these gems. The Super...
  24. bigtone23

    Peavey Patriot USA vs. Fender American Std. P-Bass.

    You have stumbled on what was the greatest secret in the bass world, until about 8 years ago: 80s USA Peavey. These were < $100 basses for a long time. Now the secret is out and they command $400. Which is still a steal relative to anything Fender puts out. The Patriot was their lowest priced...
  25. bigtone23

    Mother of toilet seat: Where do you stand?

    I would prefer black pickups and knobs with the green, but I'm not going to buy another set for that. Those pickups have been on that guitar since 1993, it's a family. Back in the 70s, I saw it in some houses that were built/remodeled mid century or earlier. I thought those toilets looked...
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