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    Pearce vs Pritchard vs Roland Cube amps

    I got mine in 2003, and quickly lost my amplifier G.A.S. So I dropped off this forum other than a few times a year. Still occasionally have pedal GAS, and I also have an Ethos, and haven't dusted off my old tube amps in a good while. Unless anything has changed, Pritchard only selling direct...
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    Non-tube.. Tube replacement / alternative

    So despite post #2 about AMT SS power tube alternatives in 2013...I guess that never materialized? Nor such by anyone into production? Just for reference, I got a Pritchard in 2003, and have mostly dropped completely off TGP in the years since from being happy with my sound...except for...
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    What should I do with this Bell & Howell Filmosound amp?

    The speaker is a 25 watt 12 inch alnico.
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    What should I do with this Bell & Howell Filmosound amp?

    Got this at a garage sale. It still has original Bell & Howell branded 6L6Gs in it. I'm tempted to plug it in, despite reservations I may be electrocuted. What is it worth? What should I do with it? (Don't say give it away.) Anyway to date it without taking it apart? I'd guess 1960-1965...
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    Bogner Alchemist?

    $380 for a head at Best Buy doesn't seem like a bad deal if I needed such an amp. Not sure that is at every Best Buy though.
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    What's the most bad-ass, awesome sounding solid state amp?

    I think the Ethos' overdrive channel is pretty versatile, in that very refined but natural sound. I'm not familiar with enough varieties of Dumble tones to say much more. I got the TLE version, not the Classic or both.
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    What's the most bad-ass, awesome sounding solid state amp?

    I finally got an Ethos to join with my NMV Pritchard as proof of what SS can do. I shortly played a RR1 only through a Mesa small cab 2x12 with V30s, and I'm going to go on the assumption that the RR1 was a bit boxy and lacking in clean tone because of that cab.
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    What's the most bad-ass, awesome sounding solid state amp?

    I think the "pound for pound" rating has changed in the past 30 years. I have a 1982 RG80 1x12 and it is actually 60 watts at 8 ohms as the included speaker, and maybe 40 lbs. I'm guessing the chassis is 15 lbs. By comparison, the Pritchard 2 channel chassis is 13 lbs. and is 180 watts "peak...
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    3 hours with the Retro Channel RR1...

    If anyone gets one of these near Dallas, let me know and we can do a comparison with a bunch of SS amps. I was tempted to get a RR1, but it really only would have been for curiosity, and I ended up getting a second Pritchard instead while waiting for my original Pritchard to get some updates...
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    Egnater Tweaker Fans... feast your eyes...

    That is interesting, because except for the Tweaker 1x12, Egnater most often uses a speaker similar to the Celestion Lead 80, which is also similar to the G12-80. I have an old ~1981 Randall RG80-112, and it has a Celestion G12H-100, also similar. These old Celestions are definitely good.
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    Egnater Tweaker Fans... feast your eyes...

    Was Egnater not at NAMM? I saw a million videos on Youtube of NAMM, but no Egnater ones.
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    small monoblock power amps?

    Hmm. Would the Carvin BX250 still be too big an 10" x 7" x 4", and 3 lbs?
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    What's the most bad-ass, awesome sounding solid state amp?

    Be careful, that sounds like the opinion of one who's never played a Pritchard. There aren't any tube amps that crush a Pritchard, unless perhaps you mean in a Recto type tone, which I don't think the Pritchard can do, though I didn't experiment with the Pritchard Estoc.
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    Best Solid-State Combo Amp for Classic Rock Tones???

    I own a Trademark 60, Yamaha G50, Randall RG80-112, and a Pritchard. The first 3 can get a good base tone that pedals can develop some great tones with. Only the Pritchard can get a billion insanely good tones with no pedals (and with too). The only thing that can compare to the Pritchard is...
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    GK MB 200 with Guitar? Who's actually done it?

    Add me to the curious. But not only that, Carvin has a 250 watt 3.2 lb. head that also has a 12ax7 in it for $299: http://www.carvinguitars.com/products/single.php?product=BX250
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    Cheap amps that record really well.

    Vintage Fender Champs, or related single ended vintage amps from old names. Love my 1968 Alamo Challenger for a woody old fat mids tone.
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    Pimping my amp knobbies (Pritchard)

    I got colored chicken heads from www.tubesandmore.com when they were at the Arlington Guitar Show. They had a bunch more colors than that too. The Fender style "witch hats" I think I got at Charley's Music Store in Dallas. I'm sure both types are available lots of places on the net too.
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    Pimping my amp knobbies (Pritchard)

    So no one else does this? Maybe not. Just thinking that in all the amp pictures I've seen in 8 years of TGP, I don't think I've seen anyone else do this on amps.
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    Pimping my amp knobbies (Pritchard)

    Decided I wanted more than black chicken head knobs on a black faceplate on my Pritchard amp. I've been saying for the past 4 years that I'd send my Pritchard amp chassis back to Pritchard to get some design upgrades he had after I got one of the very first amps in 2003. I finally put it...
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    Yamaha G100-112 Any info?

    The purpose is if one position has a ground hum, you switch to the other. I think the purpose is since at the time, many plugs switched to 3 prong to give a separate ground wire, but many outlets still existed that didn't have separate grounding. It doesn't need a standby, because the purpose...
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    Randall RG80-112SC Combo 80's

    I also just got a Randall RG80-112, I'm guessing from somewhere around 77-82 vintage. It also has an original UK Celestion G12H-100. Not familiar with that speaker and will have to look it up. I bought it for curiosity to compare with the Pritchard. If the Pritchard rates an 11, this rates...
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    What's the most bad-ass, awesome sounding solid state amp?

    Did Phil post those on this board separately? If so I didn't notice. I thought the links I posted recently in this long thread were the only reference to them on this board so far. I assume that most people just haven't noticed. I've recently been reading about some of the better SS attempts...
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    What's the most bad-ass, awesome sounding solid state amp?

    Here is another great live demo of a Pritchard doing Hendrix's Little Wing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZ-6wqrEgjo
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    What's the most bad-ass, awesome sounding solid state amp?

    Phil Zuckerman has a great demo of the Pritchard amp here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btMWCtbw2C8&feature=email I'd love to sometime do an A/B demo with a RR1, but I won't be spending $1000 on any more amps anytime soon. Too much of my net worth is in guitar equipment, yet after playing...
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