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  1. Muffdriver

    Suhr Reactive load ir: 2 questions.

    I want to use a reverb pedal post ir for ambiance. I want to play along to backing tracks from a laptop and listen through headphones. What is the best way to do this? I would think I need a two channel mixer with a guitar cable to go from suhr rlir to reverb pedal to the mixer. And then...
  2. Muffdriver

    WA-EQP 1st edition w/ noisy pots n switches. Would you buy?

    WA-EQP 1st edition w/ noisy pots n switches. Would you buy? If so, how much would you pay? Thank you. Edit - I guess what I really want to know is: How does the first edition compare to later editions? Were their quality issues, are they not as good? Do noisy pots and switches have any effect on...
  3. Muffdriver

    Daking mic pre one into? UPDATE 11-25-20

    Hello. A. Can I have your thoughts on this mic pre? Alternative suggestions welcome. B. What A/D converter apparatus should I get? -My wife and I make music that sounds most like STP though our influences are Zep, Aerosmith, and 90's grunge as well. -Her current mic is sm58 -I use LP into...
  4. Muffdriver

    Covering songs by same artists. Should they be played consecutively or spread out?

    The context is you're in a bar to hear a band who does covers. Do you prefer cover songs of the same artist to occur consecutively or spread out? Please explain your choice.
  5. Muffdriver

    Home recording noob wants you to review his plan of action

    Hello. My goal is to make an album of my original music. I would really appreciate any comments on my approach and recommendations on what specifically to buy. Help me avoid pitfalls. I'm a guitarist and my wife is a vocalist. Here is what I am thinking: I record the guitars, vocals, and bass...
  6. Muffdriver

    Sold Strangemaster Timmy

    Surf Green Timmy SOLD $175 SOLD shippped n pp'd Throbak Strangemaster SOLD This is an earlier version without silicon transistors Donner Morpher $30 20200806_115251 by Muffdriver posted Aug 6, 2020 at 2:32 PM20200806_115311 by Muffdriver posted Aug 6, 2020 at 2:32 PM20200806_115340 by...
  7. Muffdriver

    Replacing electronics in a strat. Suggestions? Advice?

    Hello. I'm going to replace all electronics on my Mexican strat. I'd like it to be hss with position 4 being neck and bridge. I want the first volume knob to be for the neck and middle, the second knob to be a volume for the bridge and the third knob to be a tone control for the bridge and...
  8. Muffdriver

    Gigrig G2 with MXR cables?

    MXR patch cables with Gigrig G2 - yay or nay? Edit 5/10: What I mean is can I just buy a bunch of different length mxr cables and hope to set the board up that way? They were shown to be good in that patch cable thread so why not right? I'd like flat connectors on the pedal side but I've read...
  9. Muffdriver

    Sold 13 pedals

    All prices include shipping and Paypal SOLD TC Electronics Mimiq full size - SOLD-$75-SOLD Boss Dm-2W - SOLD-$100-SOLD Radial Twin City ABY switcher - SOLD-$90-SOLD Voodoo Lab Superfuzz - SOLD-$65-SOLD Voodoo Lab Proctavia - SOLD-$75-SOLD DOD Boneshaker - SOLD-$40-SOLD Bogner La Grange -...
  10. Muffdriver

    Sold Two Notes Le Clean preamp. Fender Blackface tones.

    Two Notes Le Clean in great condition. Original Box and power supply included Original owner. Fender Blackface tones SOLD $220 shipped and paypall'd. SOLD Works great in front of amp or as a preamp in fx loop or into a power amp like a fryette power station . There's a way to turn your...
  11. Muffdriver

    Preamp (synergy) into Suhr ACE?

    Hello Has anybody tried a preamp, say a Synergy syn-1 preamp into Suhr ACE into little mixer for headphone jamming? I already own the synergy. Some sort of power amp sim needed?
  12. Muffdriver

    Metropoulos 2-12 slant vs StoneAge 2x12c

    Metropoulos 2-12 slant vs StoneAge 2x12c What do you think?
  13. Muffdriver

    Sold Germino lead 55lv w/soundclip NYC will ship

    Hello Germino lead 55lv 1968 Marshall Plexi replica Hands down the best amp I've ever played. Seriously. Internals are in great condition, just looked over by tech. Greg converted it from a lead 55. I actually played through another lead 55lv - this one is better. It's been to Greg's in the past...
  14. Muffdriver

    Soldano x88r clean mod

    Hello. Does anybody have any thoughts, opinions, suggestions, schematic s for a clean channel mod to the Soldano x88r preamp? It's just too dirty and not great. Thanks.
  15. Muffdriver

    Incoming X88r clone

    Hello. I have an incoming used x88r clone from an unknown builder I just paid $560 shipped from ebay for. I'm going to pair it with Fryette powerstation and I hope I like the clean better than my two Notes le clean (which I like a lot). Any thoughts? Good deal, bad deal? I have a plexi clone I...
  16. Muffdriver

    Western Electric Capacitors value

    Hello. My building is discarding some old telephones with printed circuit boards. They have western electric capacitors etc. in them. I didn't write down the values. I don't know what year they are from. Can anybody here provide me with some information that would help me determine if they are...
  17. Muffdriver

    Dr. Z Monza 100

    Wouldn't it be awesome if he made a 100 watt version? A 50? It's such a unique sounding vintagey high gain beast. I think bigger iron and more power would make it even better. Any interest?
  18. Muffdriver

    Just need TGP approval before I buy this [update 3-14]

    This Specific variac good? Just wanted to make sure before I pull the trigger. My wall voltage is about 126, just want to drop it down a bit (let's say like 115). I know it's not a voltage regulator. Amp is Germino Lead 55lv. The variac says it's rated at 110v...
  19. Muffdriver

    Youtube clips finally paying off.(Chris Gaines content)

    So I'm wasting my Memorial day off when I hear Chris Gaines perform on an SNL repeat. I'm like - wow that guitar tone is REALLY good. It sounds like a Matchless! I look in the backline... it IS a matchless! I've never played one but I've heard lots of clips on youtube. And to think my wife told...
  20. Muffdriver

    '78 LP DLX doesn't clean up. UPDATE. Need more advice.

    Hi. I have a 1978 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe that was carved for humbuckers and had two coil tap switches installed before I got it. It currently has two Duncan Antiquities. Sounds great but terrible rolled back sound. My friend has a Gibson and an Edwards "LP" and they sound great when you roll...
  21. Muffdriver

    Least difficult solo classical piece for wedding ceremony

    Hello. A family member has asked me to play during the bridal procession. It will be a solo classical (no pop songs etc.) piece. What's the least difficult song choice? . Do you have the guitar tab and a recording? My level of ability for this type of thing: I do some chord melodies and the...
  22. Muffdriver

    The Most Disgusting Album

    I nominate Aerosmith's Done With Mirrors. It sounds like the soundtrack to a 35 minute handjob you got on the 7 train at 1am going back to Queens from a club gig in 1985. It's absolutely disgusting. (I love it) What say you?
  23. Muffdriver

    XM Station for Queens of the Stoneage?

    I've never heard them on XM ever. Does anybody know where they are? Does anybody care? BTW never (last IDK 7 yrs) on any NYC radio station either.
  24. Muffdriver

    Best cleans for around $600 - is it Power Station?

    Looking for a head. Don't need pedal platform or distortion. Anybody use power station as clean amp? What do you use as a preamp? What could you use as a preamp on the cheap? Thanks.
  25. Muffdriver

    Do Les Paul Deluxes have shallower PU cavity? Answer: yes

    Do Les Paul Deluxes have shallower PU cavity because they came with mini humbuckers? Does this mean than if you were to install full-size humbuckers you would have to deepen cavity? Here are specs for duncan antiquity bridge hum bucker...
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