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  1. jlott

    There's no way this refinished '64 Strat sold for that price...

    Yes the prices on those has gotten crazy. More Jazzmasters than Jaguars. The only ones I see selling at high prices are the really early near mint Jazzmasters. The '65 Sunburst Jazzmasters listed at $8000. Nope. Still sitting.
  2. jlott

    There's no way this refinished '64 Strat sold for that price...

    I'm not sure. I'd assume it's close or the shop would tell them no. I don't know how much wiggle room is in something like that.
  3. jlott

    There's no way this refinished '64 Strat sold for that price...

    The Retrofret Strat is on hold, so someone is buying it at that price.
  4. jlott

    "Stable" heel crack. Usually true?

    I see quite a few SG Juniors with some sort of heel crack. Some Les Paul Juniors and Coronets too. The ad always says it stable, it's been there for decades, not going anywhere, never get worse. Is this usually true or is this just buying a future problem? Just trying to educate myself on this...
  5. jlott

    Wow, do I feel old (AMA awards winners)

    I wonder if it's age. I'm old(er) now. I'm 50, but even young I would've thought all of the bands and artists on those lists were ****! I guess it's personal taste more than anything. My wife is old too and she likes a lot of those artists.
  6. jlott

    Songs that changed your teenage self when they came out

    Hearing the Pixies first time in 1988 really made me want to play guitar and write songs. Couldn't figure out why everyone didn't dig them. Now It seems a lot more people do. Back then though, no one really knew what to make of them. My ex-girlfriend took me to see Love and Rockets, in 88-89 and...
  7. jlott

    Big age gaps between band members vs being a similar age? What's your view?

    My band now is me and my son. He's 18, and I'm 50. :)
  8. jlott

    Any one have any idea what’s going on with Aerosmith?

    Don't forget 1990-1994
  9. jlott

    Joe Bonamassa's Epiphone Flying V's are 2 grand??

    $2000 might be the right now "bargain" One guy thinks it's worth $3500 on Reverb. I'm sure someone will just have to have it, then they will all be $3500-$4000. For a Chinese guitar. I don't mind Asian guitars. I love my 50th anniversary Casino. Great guitar. Only $800 new though. No way would I...
  10. jlott

    Epiphone Casino thread

    I have two Casinos. A 50th Anniversary model my wife and kids got me 10 years ago for my 40th birthday. I also have a '68 Casino. I actually play the reissue more. It sounds great, stays in tune perfectly, and has a really big neck. The '68 neck is thin and I'm not sure I like the sound as...
  11. 2793DCE7-BE66-4781-BC21-84B14137CBE1.jpeg


  12. jlott

    Is there such a thing as perfect tone

    Yes, an old P90. Perfect tone almost every time.
  13. jlott

    Who here has spent $10k on a single guitar?

    I wanted a vintage Junior for a while. They seem to be around $10,000 now unfortunately. I'm more leaning toward an early '60s Coronet. 99% of the cool for 50%(or less) of the price.:)
  14. jlott

    Let's make a guide to pedals with waitlists.

    Wait lists are silly but necessary I guess. The only thing I dislike more is paying 100% up front for a pedal that will be "ready" to ship 6 weeks later. Yes I did that with an R2R replica Dallas Rangemaster. Maybe I paid for the parts and the enclosure? Who knows. It seems to me if you are...
  15. 7E620220-CED9-4EAB-BA80-06A6A535AC0D.jpeg


  16. jlott

    Slightly spammy, but for a good cause: New Vintage Fender Calendar for 2022

    Got one. Needed a cool calendar for my garage studio. Thanks Hogy.
  17. jlott

    How to achieve Radiohead's National anthem "Radio" intro?

    My Jerms treble Booster will pick up Mexican Radio with the volume all the way down. Never another station.
  18. jlott

    There's no way this refinished '64 Strat sold for that price...

    I love their videos with the dude who could be bats**t Gary Buseys younger brother. Dude always gives me the creeps. And their prices are usually horrible from what I've seen.
  19. jlott

    In Defense Of The Klon/Klone

    Things have gotten so bats**t that I see someone on Reverb selling the original KTR paper sheet that comes with the pedal for a $100!:rolleyes: I mean come on! I know people on Reverb would sell their mother for the right price, but this is getting stupid.
  20. jlott

    New JHS Packrat

    Ordered one. Look forward to seeing how it sounds against my '86 Rat and my Jerms Fringe Rat clone. It's going to be interesting. The Jerms is the absolute best Rat pedal I've ever heard. Low gain or high gain sounds amazing. Kind of hard to find and probably overpriced now used. If this pedal...
  21. jlott

    Show me your guitar studio!

    Here is my space. The Garage. Jam out here with my son. Gotta replace the 15 year old carpet next year. Going with a good vinyl laminate. In case I have the occasional beer or pop spill. ;)
  22. jlott

    What are you listening to right now?

    Been on a White Fence kick for a while.
  23. jlott

    Ween fans. Do you think they'll ever put out new music?

    And as far as live goes. They've been playing good forever. I saw them first time in maybe '00 or so and they were an unbelievable live band then. Not just now. 3 hour sets of pure awesomeness. At a certain point though minus the weird cover it has just been kinda the same. Saw them twice in...
  24. jlott

    Ween fans. Do you think they'll ever put out new music?

    I mean at the very least, Shinola Vol 2;)
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