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  1. jeff_lebowski

    RIP Pat Martino

    I went to a record store high as a kite a very long time ago. I found a Pat Martino album but in my head I thought I was buying the music of Frank Marino. I sure was suprised when Hendrix esque sounds people said Frank made didnt come out of my speakers. It really blew my mind tho and sent my...
  2. jeff_lebowski

    Santana Bootlegs on Spotify

    Today while I was at work I searched "Live Santana" and an album titled Black Magic Woman Live in 78 popped up and I had never seen it before. Apparently its a bootleg from NYC called Live at the Bottom Line which was originally an FM radio broadcast! Its fantastic. A great set played by the...
  3. jeff_lebowski

    Mark V Standby Mode... Damage?

    There really isnt a definitive answer on that I dont think. Ive left all kind of Boogie amps in standby for more than 24 hrs in the past and some of them still have power tubes that are at least five years old. I wouldnt worry about it too much but I also wouldnt just leave my amp on all the...
  4. jeff_lebowski

    Santana: Who played what on Song Of The Wind?

    I always appreciate your insights!
  5. jeff_lebowski

    Santana: Who played what on Song Of The Wind?

    Hmmmm ill have to listen again that last solo on gaujira at 406 sounds a lot fuzzier and compressed than Carlos's right before it. Especially those searing opening notes.
  6. jeff_lebowski

    When You Guys Bend A Note, How Often.....

    I can bend the string on the guitar in pitch before playing the note. Its muscle memory, good ear, and time. Albatross by Fleetwood Mac has all those prebends in it and hearing and practicing that helped inform that technique.
  7. jeff_lebowski

    Liquid Tension Experiment 3 - New Track & Preorder!

    I'm surprised they got Tony Levin to make another one.
  8. jeff_lebowski

    Santana: Who played what on Song Of The Wind?

    Thanks for the synopsis! Ill have to listen to the album soon with this information in mind. It really has quickly become one of my favorite go to albums. It would probably help me if I dove more deeply into schon's post Santana work in terms of picking up more of his style. It kinda sounds...
  9. jeff_lebowski

    Santana: Who played what on Song Of The Wind?

    Does anyone know if on Santana III Carlos and Neal are panned to different sides. I always thought that maybe Neal was left speaker and Carlos was on the right? I always kind of dismissed those albums with Neal when I was younger because of how much I disliked journey. What a fool I was.
  10. jeff_lebowski

    How's your quarantine going so far ? (posted a photo with my gear)

    Not working made me never want to work ever again. No matter what I have to do to make it happen.
  11. jeff_lebowski

    How's your quarantine going so far ? (posted a photo with my gear)

    I also work in the service industry but in the midwest and we are pretty much back to normal (not really a great thing) I miss spending all the time with my girls and playing guitar all day long. 5 months of pure bliss I tell you. Our industry is one interaction after another. Im not suprised...
  12. jeff_lebowski

    Name the one amp that you always wanted but never owned.

    Mesa Kingsnake I really should have bought one :(
  13. jeff_lebowski

    What is/does "VHS" sound like?

    Because folks of that generation understand the degradation of vhs tape more than tape echo machines and the like. Its marketing the same effect from the 70s so folks can understand it more effectively. Nostalgia drives a lot of products in our economy.
  14. jeff_lebowski

    Lisa X only practices 2 to 3 hours a day

    I just spent time listening on spotify and she can play really well but honestly it left me feeling flat. I think the issue is the internet has made the world so small that everyone kind of has the same influences and teachers. Everyone has the same access to everything all the time and it...
  15. jeff_lebowski

    Paul Gilbert playing Spanish Fly on an Ibanez Destroyer

    I. Absolutely, Ed was a pioneer, I meant it more in a way that PG loves that music so much he played and played and played it.
  16. jeff_lebowski

    For fellow Frank Zappa fans - "Zappa" doc now on Amazon to rent

    It isn't right. Some of the Zappas are slimy people.
  17. jeff_lebowski

    Paul Gilbert playing Spanish Fly on an Ibanez Destroyer

    The guy worshipped Van Halen. I have no doubt the man could play Eds catalog in his sleep.
  18. jeff_lebowski

    Santana at Woodstock- What Amp?

    I dont have much to add to this other than that Carlos is the MAN. I love love love love all the late sixties to late 70s stuff he produced. Just amazing music with big sound and intentions.
  19. jeff_lebowski

    Prediction: Black Friday will suck even more this year

    It doesnt feel right to be buying anything frivolous right now. It also helps Im very happy with all my gear. Covid and the shutdown really made me evaluate my life and Im taking a less wanting approach and getting back to basics.
  20. jeff_lebowski

    Larry Carlton live 'really' going for it on a LP! No editing ... Wow!!

    Lee played some cool stuff here but this gives me a strong kenny g like vibe.
  21. jeff_lebowski

    OCD - near impossible to use

    I dime the volume on my 1.7 Best low gain sound from a pedal Ive ever heard.
  22. jeff_lebowski

    NAD: Mesa Boogie Mark V

    You might not need another Mark, the V is a beast of an amp.
  23. jeff_lebowski

    Mesa Boogie Mark III Half Stack...should it stay or should it go?

    If youre going to have a Mark III this is the one to have IMO. I never use the GEQ.
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