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  1. J

    Which Amp Modeler Is Used Most By The Pro Players?

    I have seen mostly Kemper rack units followed by Helix rack units in my area. I even noticed this year that a couple of the guys that were running Helix rack units have switched over to Kemper rack units. Where I see most of these is at the bike events in Daytona. There are a lot of bands...
  2. J

    weight-relief vs solid-body

    I hear a difference. To me the difference is in the top end and the bloom of the notes. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. I played a Les Paul once that sounded exactly how I wanted the one I owned to sound. I ended up buying it. Afterwards I found out that the one I had just bought was...
  3. J

    Am I the ...

    If he was the one that sold it to you he was probably upset with the fact that he was going to have to give back the commission that he made from the sale. They typically get the payout of the commission before the return window runs out. If someone returns the item after they get the payout...
  4. J

    Pickups and Articulation

    I bought a Heritage 157 that had Seth Lover pickups in it. It sounded good but I had issues with unwanted feedback at gigging level. I am a low to medium gain player. I decided that I had to change the pickups to fix the issue. I put a set of Pearly Gates in the guitar. These were the...
  5. J

    Thoughts on headstock repair

    I wouldn't buy a guitar that has a headstock repair no matter how good of a job was done on it. We all say that we will never sell this guitar but someone will some day whether it is you or the family member you leave it to. When the guitar is put up for sale it will be much harder to sell and...
  6. J

    Dream guitar (but depressed due to an issue)

    It depends on the year it was made.
  7. J

    Easiest to use free software for music editing?

    It is definitely a great application for the price. I used it when it was free. I did a couple of projects with it and it worked well. I would have no issues buying it and using it again. I moved into ProTools a little over 6 years ago and really have no need for another DAW application.
  8. J

    Yet another home recording

    I am not trying to be critical here but for my taste I would change the mix on the drums. I think the cymbals are a little too far forward for my taste. I would need to put this through my monitors to identify any other things that I would possibly change. That is just what jumped out at me...
  9. J

    Easiest to use free software for music editing?

    I could vote for Reaper as well, if you want something with a lot more features. Please pay for it if you want to keep using it. That is how they keep it going.
  10. J

    Easiest to use free software for music editing?

    Another vote for Audacity. It is free and they just released some new features in it. They are also working on more features.
  11. J

    Any new rack multieffects?

    I would also vote for using something like the Axe FX Ultra for this. I still have mine and also know someone that uses one of these just for effects in his rig. You can create presets without any of the amps or cabinets in them. You can also use the 4 cable method with this to put some...
  12. J

    PRS Database

    This ^^^^^^ Their customer service is very good. They can tell you about the guitar if you can't get your hands on the MODCAT for it. Someone from the old forum put together a MODCAT decoder years ago. I am not sure if that has survived. If it did, it probably doesn't have any of the newer...
  13. J

    What's the cheapest guitar with SS frets?

    I have never put my hands on one of these and I am not sure if $800 is cheap enough to be considered cheap but this one looks pretty hard to bet when you look at the specs and the price. https://www.cortguitars.com/product/item.php?ca_id=101020&it_id=1608597829&page=1
  14. J

    Tell me why you own a Kemper AND FM3 ?

    I have a Kemper Stage and a Fractal FM9. While on the surface they are both an all in one solution. In reality they are both good devices capable of getting great tones. I find the FM9 better at high gain tones and the Kemper better at cleaner or classic tones. One thing I really like...
  15. J

    Axefx Standard and Ultra Owners Unite! (A Fractal Gen-1 Users Gathering)

    This would have made gigging with my Ultra so much easier. I struggled a lot with being able to make some tweaks on the fly like that. I finally gave up on it and just relegated it to a home use item after not being able to do what I wanted to with it. I had to keep my laptop connected to the...
  16. J

    WTB Fractal FM9

  17. J

    Axefx Standard and Ultra Owners Unite! (A Fractal Gen-1 Users Gathering)

    A controller like that sounds like a really cool idea.
  18. J

    Insurance questions

    I gave them a spreadsheet with everything broken into groups, guitars, amps, effects. I listed the make, model, year, serial number and replacement cost of each item. There is also a description for each item noting finish and other things to identify it by. I review that list for them once a...
  19. J

    Kemper Uni-Vibe

    They have been working their way through the effects in the Kemper and updating them. I am thinking the modulation effects are possibly next since those haven't been updated in a good while. They have done a great job with the drives.
  20. J

    Anyone running the Two-Notes Torpedo Cab M+

    I bought the C.A.B. M+ because I could use it multiple ways. I have tried it with my PS-100 with my amp and it did well. I haven't tried it with just my pedal board yet but plan to. I thought it sounded pretty decent. I may not be as picky about the IRs as other as I am fairly new to using...
  21. J

    Question for those of you that have A/B tested modeling platforms

    I recently purchased a Fractal FM9. I have had a Kemper Stage for about a year now. I like both and plan to keep both of them. They do a little different thing from each other and they definitely sound a little different. I found the FM9 to be much more saturated with gain than the Kemper...
  22. J

    The Fractal Audio FM9 is here!

    There is already someone on the Fractal forum throwing a fit because they haven't released a new version of the firmware yet so yeah, that would make someone's head explode. It was that thread that surfaced the information about the new firmware coming soon.
  23. J

    FS need a back panel for a Blues Jr.

    https://www.mojotone.com/Mojo-Blues-Junior-Combo-Bottom-Backpanel https://www.mojotone.com/Mojo-Blues-Junior-Combo-Top-Backpanel
  24. J

    FS need a back panel for a Blues Jr.

    Mojotone.com You should be able to order one from them. I was looking at getting back panels for a Twin Reverb at one point from them.
  25. J

    The Fractal Audio FM9 is here!

    I can tell you that the interface has changed a lot since the Axe FX Ultra days and is much better now.
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