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    Anybody know where to get a copy of the audio examples for Shane Theriot's "New Orleans Funk Guitar"

    I just found the book while looking through an old box and can't find the CD. A digital copy would be preferred. Thanks in advance.
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    Buying Bulk Guitar Picks?

    I'm looking to buy a large supply of Fender Heavy 351 picks in order to cut down on price. Has anyone done this before?
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    How to play a G6/9/A?

    How do I play the last chord in the (B) section of Chank? http://freejazzinstitute.com/showposts.php?dept=transcriptions&topic=20110202214215_Barnabass
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    Sold FS: Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro

    I'm selling a 2009 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro in very good condition. One small ding in the body. Not currently looking to trade. $1350/obo
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    Gibson headstock repair

    I sent my 335 to Gibson to get the neck/headstock reattached. It's fixed, but you can feel/see where it was broken. The other repairs I've seen pictures of looked smooth. There was a different coloration, but otherwise you wouldn't know it had been broken. I'm wondering if anyone else has...
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    Appraisal on a 2009 PRS McCarty 245 Singlecut

    What's current value of this guitar? It's got the Santana headstock.
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    Who makes the best Dumble copy?

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    Looking for a semi high-gain lead pedal

    Looking for something that won't muddy up my 335 > Deluxe. Not looking for any metal or super high gain distortions. Just looking for something that has a nice attack and distortion along with some good sustain for my jazz/funk/rock gigs. Mainly looking for high quality/high end pedals. Any...
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    KOT sounds like a fuzz?

    Just got a KOT v4 and after playing around with it for a little bit it seems like more of a fuzz rather than the OD that I assumed it was. Should I be dialing this pedal in at gigging volume and setting the distortion back a little bit? I don't generally use anything for OD other than the...
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    Dumbloid Special, Used Price?

    Obviously heard of the Dumble, but the pedal...I've no idea. Anybody got an idea of what this pedal should run (like new condition)? Or any first hand accounts of tonal quality?
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    Favorite Delay Pedal?

    Not too savvy on delay pedals. What are some of your favorites, analog or delay? and why? Also, what are the most revered delays?
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    Wah pedals?

    After having a Teese RMC3LE (Gold) for the last 10 years or so, I'm ready to switch to something that isn't so involved. I've heard good things about the picture wah and the chase wah's, but I'm not entirely sure what's out there or what I should get. I generally play jazz/funk/fusion with...
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    What type of sound should I expect from this rig?

    Genz Benz Shuttle 6.0 Bass Amp Head and Glockenklang Quattro 4x10 Cab I've played guitar most of my career and am starting to play a lot more bass. Just wondering your opinion of these two pieces and how they're going to sound.
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    I'm getting weird overtones out of my 335??

    I let my friend hold on to my guitar for "safe keeping" while I was moving. I ended up getting it back 2 months later and it has this weird overtone on the 1st string from the 5th - 12th frets, and on the second string from the 5th - 7th and a little on the 12th. I'm going to change my strings...
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    I need a new tone!

    I've got a Gibson es335 > teese rmc3LE > peterson strobostomp > line 6 m13 > modded HRDeluxe Although my tone is pretty good, i want to be able to get "more" out of it. I think i want a different amp, but i'm not really sure where to start. I play a lot of melodic jazz stuff and I want my...
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    Jazz for solo work???

    It's been pretty tough for me to find musicians that I enjoy working with, and after 13 years of writing and performing with different bands, I'm ready to start playing by myself. I'm an alright singer, but not terrific. I've got a few acoustic songs in my repotoire, but not enough. What are...
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    m13 users: how do you have your "scenes" setup?

    I got one, but it's a little overwhelming at the moment. How do all of you have your scene's set up?
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    Line 6 M13 worth it?

    I would be selling my MM4 and DL4 + around $70 to get it? Worth it?
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    Breedlove D25/SR or C25/SR???

    I just bought the d25/sr, and I love the tone/feel/look of it, but i don't like how big the body is. I'd like to trade it in for the c25/sr because it's a little bit smaller. Other than a small drop in volume (smaller soundboard), will there be anything that I should worry about...
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    I tried to pick up the real book today...

    It's difficult. I haven't had lessons or done any theory work in almost 4 years. I called my old jazz teacher, but he hasn't called me back yet. Can anybody help me out?
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    Foxrox octron 2

    worth it?
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    What's wrong with my amp?

    I've got an HRDx with the Omega mod, and a Cannabis Rex speaker. Lately, My amp has been breaking up a lot easier than it used to. At high volumes, I feel like I can feel it breaking. This amp has been absolutely wonderful since I got it back. I was wondering if this is the tubes, or...
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    Mesa Express 5/50, but what color?

    I'm thinking of going with Tan Crocodile/Tan Grille, or Wine Crocodile/Black Grill?
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    How well do they respond with gain/overdrive? A guy brought one in to my work to sell, and i only had enough time to try it for about 2 minutes on the clean channel. I play a 335 with a mesa style custom amp.
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