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  1. J

    Keep 2019 Epiphone Lucille semi hollow or get the new version?

    Golem: Did you ever own an Epiphone Lucille? Just because there is an access panel on the back ??? All that does is open up the rats' nest of wires that wait inside. Between the stereo output, and the two jacks, and the Varitone wires, plus two p/ups and the switch, plus 4 tiny pots that are...
  2. J

    Speaker Recommendations for Fender Concert II

    I had the Concert II but with 2 -10's. I put a ToneTubby in to subtract from the blaring strident tone of the 2 Eminence Legend (1028?) in it. The TT helped give a broader tone palette. The TT sucked in my Princeton Reverb, and the extra Legend 10 is superb in the PR ????? Not your situation...
  3. J

    Suggest a quality PAF syle pickup similar to Holmes for a semihollow Gibson 336?

    I was gonna say in my post above, that after reading hundreds (thousands) of threads on P/Ups, I am impressed by the reputation that Rolphs garners. I want to try a set of his, just on my hearing about him for years now. But, I opted for brevity in my early response. Also, your budget, and...
  4. J

    Suggest a quality PAF syle pickup similar to Holmes for a semihollow Gibson 336?

    If you are new to the forum, welcome. If not, you have missed umpteen discussions about PAF pickups, and all the ups and downs. Or... maybe you chose to ignore the fray! Yes, we've all heard about the wonders of the Holmes' sets. But now, it's time to move on. I'm sorry about that, but...
  5. J

    Larry Carlton's guitar

    I've heard LC play countless times, onstage, online, a DVD, and most of his recordings since 1973. The LC in the video above does not sound like most of the LC I've heard. I'm not gonna knock the Sire guitar, but I don't think that critical listening to that performance would sell me on the...
  6. J

    Buying a AC15 next week. Final Questions about it.

    Tubes? It depends on what tubes are already in it. Mine shipped with a broken pre-amp tube, so I replaced it and all was right. I then swapped the stock power tubes for some good NOS military grade EL84's. Then I tried different pre-amp tubes (I had a bunch to play with), some new, some old...
  7. J

    Collings I35 LC Vintage made it to me, and I am "happy happy happy"

    Yes, lightweight SB tails will open a guitar up, and give a looser feel after raising them up a bit, even on Epiphones. But that did not work on a 339 that I own???
  8. J

    PAF Chirp

    Sorry but Don't hear any chirp coming from that "Goldtop" vid until maybe a little at the end. The distortion covers it up, if it's there. What I hear is just pick hitting the strings. There is a difference. The chirp I experience comes out when I play clean, and it's not buried. And it is sweet.
  9. J

    PAF Chirp

    I have a feeling that's not what the OP is asking about. I have noticed that some HB'ers do have a sweet little chirp, when picked/attacked in a certain way, a nuanced pick angle brings it out, and driving the amp a bit helps exaggerate it. I have most recently encountered it on my new...
  10. J

    huge frets and tone?

    And the OP states that it is a new neck (that came with the jumbo frets). Could be the neck ???
  11. J

    Epiphone quality. A thread on the subject made me think about sharing it here. I never heard anything like this before.

    I'm onto my 4th MIC Epiphone. All great guitars or else I wouldn't have bought them. A BB King semi hollow, A '61 RI Casino, a 339 Pro P90, and a ES 335 Pro. Played many a gig with all of them.
  12. J

    What are the most prized/higher quality models to look for in old Harmony/Silvertone/Kay etc types?

    A few years ago, at a guitar show, Richie Valens' wife was there with his guitar! It was a green Stratotone. Lots of guys lining up to play it.
  13. J

    NGD ES-335 Uodate

    Sad. I've had bad luck experiences with Gibson pots too. They are best changed!
  14. J

    Did the Peter Green Mod to my Les Paul.....

    I had a Gibson BB King model, and after changing some p/ups, the OOP sound occurred. It was great for blues, swing ,etc., but it was great in a band where we had two lead playing guitarists! Something different to keep things interesting. It works well in the semi-hollowbody, and of course I...
  15. J

    Let's Talk About Your Budget Guitars: Danelectro, Supro, Harmony, Kay, Eko, 60's Japanese, etc.

    Yamaha 350: i had the 12 string version of that Kent hollow body in your post. Boy, I wish I had some skills for setting it up back in the 60's! Those strings and that neck just didn't get along. But it was pretty!!!!
  16. J

    Anyone else have a really great microphonic pickup?

    Thanks 100% ZB. That's a cool approach and sounds like it works.
  17. J

    Anyone else have a really great microphonic pickup?

    I can't believe this thread has popped up! I've been asking a bunch of people about the same thing - and HOW DO I GET ONE OF THOSE ??? I bought a mid 50's Tele years ago. The neck p/u was total mud so I removed that big bad-ass capacitor that was in series with the p/u. Man..... that p/up was...
  18. J

    Played a '61 Telecaster, am I wrong for not liking Teles?

    Well just because it's old, and because that makes it expensive, doesn't mean it's a great guitar - or even a good one!!! They are NOT ALL the SAME. Dogs are dogs, even in the Gibson family. Maybe that '61 just needs to get out of the house more often - and Plaaaaaayed. Old guitars need to be...
  19. J

    Played a '61 Telecaster, am I wrong for not liking Teles?

    When I really wanted a Tele, and I had the funds, I tried a bunch of older models. In stores, I had a hard time finding anything I would pay money for. This was 35 years ago. New models didn't do it fo me either. Bad setups, unsatisfactory tone, just a hard time making music on them. Then...
  20. J

    NGD '03 Les Paul '59 RI R9 - Brazilian

    OP said he's not a fan of the BB's. Nuff said. Too many great parts out there and too many great tones to be gained. The OP should get the most enjoyment possible. i know I've had to do surgery and it was very very much worth it. All of Gibson's stuff is not sacred!
  21. J

    Epiphone Riviera Coupe

    You are right. I am missing my '64 Riviera with a Stop TP (not stock). But the mini-hums were so sweet. I believe the wood they used in '64 to make my guitar was xtra special. Let's hope.
  22. J

    New Slim Harpo "Lovell" ES-330 OR New USA Epiphone Casino Vintage Sunburst?

    Who's played one, and what is your opinion?
  23. J

    When will Reverb prices go back to normal?

    And no guarantee that prices ( there usually isn't) will go down!
  24. J

    Fender Custom Pro Reverb

    Oh! Really ????
  25. J

    Upgrading Les Paul Custom pots

    Right. You WILL need the multimeter right up to the end! You will need it to check continuity after soldering the new parts in. My LP Custom ' 57RI developed pot problems - one stopped working - necessitating a swap. Pulled the pots and their values varied, if they worked a all! New pots...
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