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  1. shock me

    Jackson PC1 with Titanium "upgrades"

    I've been wanting a PC1 for a long time. The neck is amazing! I should have bought one years ago now that new prices are mid $4k. I came across a used 2012 that has titanium "upgrades." See pics. It's in excellent shape and babied. I would not be able to play on it before purchase as it is out...
  2. shock me

    Ceriatone King Kong

    I've been debating between the KK and the Chupacabra. Channel 2 on the KK leans towards the tone of Yeti and after emails with Nik, he told me he could voice a KK towards a Chupacabra if I preferred that. I think a KK voiced closer to a Chupacabra would be a great build. The buffered loop...
  3. shock me

    Fryette Deliverance 60/120 Series II

    The new D60 Series II is on my list. I had a VHT D120 about 12 years ago that I stupidly sold. Is the master volume on the Series II still go from whisper level to wall rattling before 8-9 o'clock at the slightest touch?
  4. shock me

    TC Flashback users: Create own toneprint and beam to pedal?

    Are you able to make your own delay settings in the toneprint editor and then beam to the pedal? Or is the beam only for the Artist and TC's toneprints?
  5. shock me

    Bogner Helios vs Goldfinger SL

    Helios or Eclipse vs Goldfinger SL45. I'm torn between these amps but no chance of playing before purchasing. Would the GF be looser/more sag, than the Helios? These amps seem to cover the same ground, no? Matter of feel? Please enlighten me. I'm going for .38 Special, Foreigner, Thin Lizzy...
  6. shock me

    Bogner Goldfinger Superlead 45 vs Jubilee

    I have a Marshall Jubilee 2555x that I love for hard rock. How would the Goldfinger SL 45 compare to it? Does it have that KARRANG of vintage Marshalls from 70's? How does it sound at low volumes? I haven't played one. I would have to order one. That's why I am asking. It seems like it would...
  7. shock me

    Boss LS-2 Line Selector with Marshall Jubilee

    Yay or Nay? Was thinking that this would work great balancing outputs on a Marshall Jubilee when trying to use the amp as a true "channel switcher." Balance volumes clean to lead or clip pulled and lead.
  8. shock me

    Pedalpalfx out of business?

    Luis makes stellar MIAB pedals. Nothing new from him since February (prior to Covid). No postings here, no return emails, no Facebook either. Prices (used) seemed to have gone up on Reverb, with one seller asking astronomical prices. Is he still in business? Is he ok health wise?
  9. shock me

    Dear Gibson, Please make an explorer with a flame maple top...

    I want an explorer with a mahogany body and neck, flame maple top, No pickguard. No gold. Black, chrome or nickel hardware, real ebony, (no richlite), or rosewood. Perhaps Classic 57s pups, 500k pots, vol, vol, tone or 84 explorer control layout (preferably). Keep the price below $2500 with...
  10. shock me

    EVH Wolfgang Custom? Custom Deluxe? GC & UPS FAIL!!

    I'm confused with this guitar model. 4 knob Les Paul TOM bridge style made in USA. Please educate me. Specs are all over the place: 2 scale lengths? Fine tuners? Regular tail piece? Different neck heels?
  11. shock me

    Roland JC-40 Owners... what footswitch?

    What footswitch are you using? Anyone with a 3 button that controls chorus, reverb, distortion? Not a fan of the boss ones. You either need 3 of one type (FS-5L), the fs-6 controls 2 functions.
  12. shock me

    NPD x2!! Boss BD-2w and Catalinbread Talisman

    This is perhaps my happiest new pedal day ever! Been reading here and looking at demos of reverb pedals and transparent ODs that don't suck the low end into a Marshall Silver Jubilee Reissue 2555x. My favorite reverb is Plate. The Talisman delivers EXACTLY what I need in a reverb pedal. All...
  13. shock me

    I Wish it Would Rain Down

    Phil Collins- "I Wish it Would Rain Down" I just love this song. The guitar makes the hair on my body stand up! I never knew this until today that the guitarist on it was.... Eric Clapton!!!
  14. shock me

    Marshall 2555x in Black Tolex!

    https://www.andertons.co.uk/p/2555XD11/guitar-amp-heads/marshall-2555x-jubilee-head-in-black-elephant-grain This will save me $$$. My silver jubilee reissue might be going back as it wouldn't have a matching cab. Thank you Marshall!
  15. shock me

    Seller blames shipper, I highly beg to differ...

    I purchased through reverb.com. I received the package which was poorly packed and of course it was damaged. I contacted the seller, and he blames FedEx and tells me to file a claim. The seller is on crack to think when I told him to double box and pad it well meant taping 2 flat open boxes...
  16. shock me

    Mesa Mark IV vs JP-2C... thoughts?

    First of all I am not a fan of the Mark V. To me, it was the jack of all trades, master of none. Too many switches, etc. I played the JP -2C and was floored. Stunning clean channel and thick, mean, tight gain. Very easy to dial in. I have never played a Mark IV, but the clips I heard make me...
  17. shock me

    Retro-Sonic Chorus with dirt

    How does the RS chorus sound with amp distortion? In particular, the low end. I like how a Boss CE-2 sounds with distortion. I have tried many chorus pedals and when used with distortion, the low end has a weird delay thing going on. The CE-2 doesn't do this. Neither did a CH-1 that I had...
  18. shock me

    Sold Splawn Street Rod 1x12 Combo

    For Sale Local Illinois/NW Indiana/SE Wisconsin: 2013 Splawn Street Rod 1x12 combo guitar amp in excellent condition and perfect working condition. Tolex is vintage white (cream) with natural basket weave grill. No tears. All original tubes. Small Block Speaker 16ohms. 40 watt 1-12 combo - w/...
  19. shock me

    Marshall Silver Jubilee or Splawn Quickrod

    I have these amps on my radar for 80's hard rock and metal. Both have effects loop, 100 watt to 50 watt. Does the Jubilee REALLY channel switch? Can you have a clean and dirty set up without volume issues, etc? Is the Jubilee's low end tight?
  20. shock me

    G&L USA ASAT Deluxe owners...

    How close is the volume knob to the bridge pickup? Is it like a Jackson where it is so close that you often rub against it?
  21. shock me

    Chunky/fat necks with Floyds

    I like Gibson 50's necks and Jackson's KV2T. Any recommendations for guitars (HH and HSS) with Floyds and chunky necks?
  22. shock me

    Bogner Blue off to get boost mod (Now with update)

    I sent my Blue back to Bogner. Should be back next week. I'll update then. Anyone else??
  23. shock me

    Bogner Uberschall pedal owners (Now with Update)

    I noticed that when the pedal is OFF the boost switch still passes some sort of signal through my chain. Huhh? If you step on and off the boost side while the pedal is off, there is an obvious unwanted effect. Anybody experience this also? It does not happen with my Blue.
  24. shock me

    Who else? Tremolo pedal as boost!

    I have a Suhr Jack Rabbit and use it for those rare occasions that require tremolo. Just the other day for kicks, I used it as a very slight boost. Wow! Just made everything better. Doesn't alter my tone at all. Now I leave it on all the time! (last in chain)
  25. shock me

    Mr. Black Double Chorus... Analog?

    Is the Double Chorus analog? I am between this and the Cmatmods Analog Chorus(3 knob).
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