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    Sold Mint Quad Cortex w/NDSP Carrying Case

    As the title says, mint Quad Cortex with NDSP Carrying Case. $old PayPal’d and shipped. No trades
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    Sold Egnater Mod 50 with Modules: T/D, VX & SL2

    Egnater Mod 50 with Modules: T/D, VX & SL2 : Excellent condition and as clean as they come. I am the original owner and in perfect working condition. Includes power cable, 7-Pin Midi Cable and channel switcher foot switch. $1400.00 Paypal'd and shipped to the 48 contiguous states. If you have...
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    Sold Dr. Z Maz 18 NR (non-reverb) & Hermida 2x10 Matching Cab

    Dr. Z Maz 18 (non-reverb) The amp is in excellent condition and very clean. Kept in a smoke free environment and sounds amazing. The amp comes with matching Hermida 2x10 Open Back Cab - The cab is also in excellent condition and comes loaded with Eminence Rajin Cajun and The Copperhead. The cab...
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    WTB: Xotic RC Booster

    If you have one for sale let me know.
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