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    "All the Pretty Girls" - Tone

    Love the tone on the intro here. It sounds pretty standard. Where do you start? Single coil/humbuckers? And what family of amp? Thanks.
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    Pops and clicks when people start walking around

    Hi. I just nailed down the symptoms of an issue I've had from time to time when playing in church. I play a VG Strat through an AX8 - direct to FOH. I've lately noticed that I get snaps, crackles and pops when I unmute everything, but only during Communion, as people start walking around the...
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    Are modelers dead yet?

    Are modelers dead yet?
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    Why do oldies' BG vocals sound like opera singers?

    ... and modern BG vocals blend nicely?
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    Taylor 314ce - Replace the Expression System (ES) ?

    I got this new in 2011. I LOVE the unplugged sound. I don't like the plugged in sound. I also don't like the fact that the recommended cable for the ES to sound its best is TRS, meaning as soon as I plug into pedals I lose that "quality". So, I'm thinking about replacing the ES. Is that...
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    You guys play loud

    I've seen several youtube reviews and TGP posts, showing and discussing what their amp knob settings are. You people are crazy running your amp that loud. People keep talking about not having enough headroom in a 15 watt amp. I set a 15 watt amp to clean as loud as it can go, and I cannot be in...
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    Youtube Audio Quality

    What do you do to make certain you're getting the best audio quality on a youtube video? I've heard people say "make sure to watch in HD so you get HD audio". Is that true?
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    Any VG Strat Love?

    I have one. It's pretty much the only electric I use. I almost never use the modeling, but I'm thinking about doing that more. I revisit it every now and then, and the tele and the 12-string are real nice. Anyone else have one? Anyone using the modeling features?
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    I'm going to start writing again

    I've never considered myself good at it, but I've realized how much more I appreciate a mediocre original versus a polished cover. So I'm going to put my money where my mouth is.
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    1940s Version: "All About That Bass"

    This is absolutely perfect. She nailed it. iyTTX6Wlf1Y
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    Taylor warranty repair - lost receipt

    I have a Taylor 314ce that has a bit of an noisy buzz when plugged in. It's always been that way, but it's minor, and I never got around to getting it checked, and I don't plug in that often. Anyway, I really should get it fixed. It was a gift, brand new, from my wife 3 years ago. She had a...
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    Acoustic Amps - how do you use yours?

    I have one kicking around, and can't imagine how I'd ever need it. Normally, I'd plug direct into the PA. How do you use yours?
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    Who wants a "Roit" distortion pedal?

    Whoops. http://www.made-in-china.com/showroom/13006661268/product-detailRqhQWsEUJCpY/China-Riot-Distortion-Guitar-Effect-Pedal.html
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    PSA - $250 for head and cab???

    This looks too good to be true. Even just a 2x12 cab would be more than this, right? Says it's mint. https://richmond.craigslist.org/msg/4694000466.html
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    Can I put a 15 watt speaker in a TA-15?

    The Mesa TA-15 has settings that go up to 25W. I'd like to put a Alnico Blue in there, and they seem to be rated at 15W. Is that OK, or do I need to go to a 50W Alnico Gold? Would there be desirable side effects to a lower wattage speaker?
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    Reading between the lines of Product Managers

    Do you try to read between the lines when a Product Manager posts on TGP about their future offerings? Has that been successful?
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    How much will a PaulC Tim be worth in 10 years?

    some characters blah blah blah
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    Run Tremolo in Tempo or Not?

    Do you run your tremolo effect in tempo with the song, or just set it to a nice random speed?
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    "Full Stack" Definition

    Where/how did the definition of a "Full Stack" being 2 4x12s come into existence? Marshall?
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    Mesa Cab Clone

    What do you all think of this? http://www.mesaboogie.com/Product_Info/pedals/cab-clone-simulator.html I've been considering a Tech21 Liverpool, but I'm rethinking that now... I could still use my tube amp head with this thing... which is, I guess, an attenuator?
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    Tim at 18v

    I just set up my Tim pedal to run on 18v. I knew others had commented that you end up with more headroom. I didn't really need that for the normal channel... but... I was really interested in making the Boost channel less of a gain boost and more of a volume boost. At 9v, no matter what I did...
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    Scumback DBL Attenuator - Demos?

    Are there any demos of this? Nothing on the scumback site, and nothing on youtube. I know it's recently released, but I am very interested. I'm particularly interested in running line-out with zero output (no speaker connected). Thanks.
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    Help me fit my pedals to a pedalboard

    I've been using a homemade (plywood) board for a while, and I want to switch to store-bought, to make it lighter, and easier to carry (in a bag instead of killing my back holding it level). I think the Pedaltrain 3 is what I'm looking for, but never having worked with a store bought board, I...
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    Fast players - How did you get there?

    For those who are able to play fast... i.e. shredders, I suppose. How did you get there? Was it as simple as seeing someone do it in GC, and you went home and started copying EVH leads at the age of 14? Or was it hard at first, and you had to work your butt off with drills and such to...
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    I don't have the tone discernment that you guys have

    ... apparently. I've been playing for 35 years and cannot tell the difference between a lot of stuff you guys go on and on about. I'd be hard-pressed to tell the difference between: - a Strat and a LP. - OD and distortion - Fuzz and distortion - P90's and some other pup - 12s and 9s...
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