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  1. cottonmike

    New Agile Double cut

    Interesting-and a little different. https://www.rondomusic.com/Agile_AD-2250_2TS.html
  2. cottonmike

    Twenty Years Later- The Jayhawks

    It's quite astounding in revisiting some of ones past-favorite albums, what one will find(?). It's been literally twenty years since I have spun this jewel. I think it has held up extremely well. Love the raw, organic vocals and guitar tone, along with stark and clear piano. Production quality...
  3. cottonmike

    Is Hughie Thomasson an underrated guitarist because he was in a band?

    Or otherwise, just under appreciated?
  4. cottonmike

    All mahogany Custom vs maple cap Standard LP?

    What was the thinking? Was this Les Paul's strategy, to have each? Seems like the Custom would be the one with the beautiful maple cap. But most importantly-What is truly the difference in tone?
  5. cottonmike

    How can I date my Gibson GA 18 Explorer Amp?

    The speaker says 1959, but I'm having trouble finding the date of manufacture of the amp using the serial number. Going to list it on Reverb, my first experience to do this. Any tips or suggestions are needed. Also, is it alright to insist that the buyer take all shipping and insurance costs...
  6. cottonmike

    Ronnie Van Zant- Pure Southern Swagger

    This is an appreciation thread to the perfect delivery of the amazing lyrical content. A treasured American storyteller.
  7. cottonmike

    Premier Guitar Skynyrd Rig Rundown

  8. cottonmike

    Guitar Leads That Fit The Song

    Barry Lee Harwood:
  9. cottonmike

    Couple of Good Dudes Review " Simple Man"

    Warms my heart.
  10. cottonmike

    Mott The Hoople

    Revisiting after 40 years. What a lush, complex love story. Lyrical content and arrangement beautifully layered. Makes me sad, and I don't completely know why. Love it when that happens.
  11. cottonmike

    Pure Prairie League-First Album 1972

    I think it's a masterpiece. Would love to hear everybody's interpretation of how well it has held up? Or, from some of the young guys who perhaps have never heard it? The young guys are a blessing. We need them, even though it hurts us old men when the kick us. I'm not yelling at clouds. Last...
  12. cottonmike

    Teilman Bros

    Came across this last night cruising around YouTube. "1960 Guitar Instrumental". Interesting. I've never heard of them and haven't yet looked up their history or to see who might call them their inspiration. PS: Lead guitarist is playing a LP in TV Gold. Amazing how well it shows up on the old...
  13. cottonmike

    Gibson GA 18 T Explorer Amp at Pawn

    At my local pawn shop right now, there is an absolute immaculate example of the amp in the listing below. It has no logo on the front, so guess that delineates it to be a 1957? 600$. This has to be a great deal, is it not? And, when I say clean, I would have thought it would show more age even...
  14. cottonmike

    What Pots for Mini Hums?

    Doing a project guitar and I'm going to use mini hums in it. What would be best, 250, 330, or 500 potentiometers? Any other suggestions about a LP Special set up are needed also.
  15. cottonmike

    Melody Maker Custom Build

    I was searching for Melody Maker mod ideas over the weekend and came across this MM scratch build. Easily the most beautiful MM I have ever seen. https://haltenny.deviantart.com/art/Gibson-Melody-Maker-275906708
  16. cottonmike

    Bring on the Raw Wood

  17. cottonmike

    Electric Guitars and Spaghetti Westerns.

    I found this very interesting.
  18. cottonmike

    '55 Les Paul Conversion

    What a fabulous top that started out life underneath gold paint! Apparently, Scott Lentz was the artist behind this conversion. Maybe my favorite top ever.
  19. cottonmike

    Modding an Epiphone Les Paul SL.

    Yep, I"m sorry. Somebody needed to be that guy.......... I'm a old newbie. (59). Have always wanted to learn on a Melody Maker that I was also modding. They should call this thing an Epiphone Melody Maker, because that's exactly what it is. The single coils that come stock are pretty...
  20. cottonmike

    How are all of those Agiles regarded these days?

    Just curious. 3-5 years or so ago there was a lot of discussion and praise for the affordable quality Rondo music was/is manufacturing. You guys still have them in the rotation? Would you advise a beginner to consider one for a starter guitar. I have one of there SX Les Paul JR's. With P-90's...
  21. cottonmike

    Beautiful and Melodic-"Tuesday's Gone".

    The great Black Crowes thread got me thinking about Rossington and Collins. I've always wondered how much of an influence was Skynyrd for the Black Crowes? ?
  22. cottonmike

    RCB "Getaway" alternate cut

    I stumbled across this a while back and thought it may be of interest to Skynyd and RossCo Band fans. More raw and guitars are different for Allen and Barry Lee than the original studio cut. BLH sounds like he is playing the P-90 Firebird in the middle solo instead of the Peavey T-60. Allen is...
  23. cottonmike

    I Need You

    My favorite Skynyrd deep cut. Oh, and I love how they mated it to the creative video. Somehow, each does the other justice.
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