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    Fender Musicmaster Bass amp hummin

    Just received a 6v6 version Musicmaster Bass Amp. The amp has a very loud 60hz hum. Loud enough that I call it more of a buzz than a hum. The amp has had a recent recap along with a tone stack mod. Pulled the chassis to investigate the hum hoping to see something obvious. All looked clean...
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    Foxx Tone Machine or French Toast ...without octave

    If there was no octave switch on a Foxx Tone Machine, along what lines of fuzz would the circuit be comparable to? Asking as I'm a fan of the little Danelectro French Toast pedal, but I never use the octave switch, and I always keep the gain way down or off. Can't seem to get any other...
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    Stoner rock, Sabbath, Ginger Baker

    If you like any of the above, I recommend going to see Kadavar if they come through or near your town. They crushed it here last night in Philly. After you go, don't even try to tell me that the drummer doesn't remind you of Ginger Baker. L2SdzgPj3_o
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    He's not the biggest star of our day and age, but he's been at it for a long time and does what he does well. Saw him tonight in Philly sort of on a whim and was glad I went. As a fan, awesome show. I think he's a pretty unique songwriter. Gearwise, ok cool too... couple of Guild jazz boxes...
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    If you have tickets for the current Nick Cave tour...

    ... I doubt you'll be disappointed. Just got back from tonight's show. Probably one of my least favorite set lists as far as live Cave/Seeds I've seen goes, but I was still as impressed as ever. Another 10 years and these guys might just start coming into their prime. (I think I may have...
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    Any MXR Classic 108 fuzz users?

    Just picked up a Classic 108 from the emporium here. Based on what I've seen, heard, and read about this pedal, I'm wondering if mine isn't misbehaving a little... particularly the buffer function. I've put this pedal before and after others to see if anything changed, but the pedal acts the...
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    Ohm drop when speaker is hooked up ???

    Amp is a music man rd112. Circa 79. Two 6l6gc tubes. One 12" speaker. Switchable between 4 ohm or 8 ohm. When I hook up a speaker (currently 8 ohm eminence) to the amp, I get a speaker reading of .9 to 1.1 ohms. Disconnect the speaker, and it reads as it should (roughly 7 ohms). Checked...
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    Old Fender 4x12 cabinet ID

    I've had this cabinet for about 15 years. Came with a 1980 Bassman 70 head. Has seen very little real use since the first year or two I acquired it. Only in the past few months has she been put back into action. Lots of buzzing going on that I didn't remember her having back in the day, so...
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    String ball end color question... looking for black

    This may be a long shot, but I'll try anyway. I finally replaced the strings on a guitar that I bought used a few years back (hasn't been played much). The new strings I put on were Ernie Ball regular slinkys and after setting them up, half my tone and half a lot of my volume disappeared. I...
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