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    FS K-Line Truxton

    I have one just like it as my main gigging guitar! These things rule!
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    Sold Catalinbread Echorec

    ECHOREC still here! Trades anyone?
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    Sold Catalinbread Echorec

    Two great delays up for grabs here gang! 1) Strymon El Capistan, good condition, with box, instructions. No power supply. This is the v2 with the soft switches. No velcro. A mainstay delay for many years, I took this in on a recent trade and dont need two. SOLD 2) Catalinbread Echorec...
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    Great guitar stores in Boston?

    +1 on Music Emporium in Lexington, but only if you have deep pockets. Mr Music in Allston is also worth a visit. Their inventory can be hit or miss, but they tend to always have some cool stuff in there.
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    Strymon Iridum vs Quilter Tone Block 202 vs DSM & Humboldt Simplifier DLX Amp/Cab Sim

    I tend to be a pedals+ tube amp guy 98% of the time and in that situation the TB comes to the gig as a failover. If I had to play a silent stage or whatever it would be the Iridium as it has built in IRs, and the DI on the TB doesnt have emulation on it. I think their newer models do?
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    Strymon Iridum vs Quilter Tone Block 202 vs DSM & Humboldt Simplifier DLX Amp/Cab Sim

    I have an Iridium, and a Quilter Tone Block 201. I tried a DSM briefly and flipped it. It was great if you didn't need any gain whatsoever. The Tone Block 201 is a great stand-alone amp on its own right. Love the Iridium for its ability to get a few classic sounds instantly, and how I can...
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    Any Love for Elvis... Costello ?

    Fan. Used to be a massive fan, but that faded somewhat as he has become more and more enamored with the sound of his own voice to the detriment of everything else. But always great live. The early live recordings with the Attractions are some of the tightest band performances you’ll ever...
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    TC Electronics BAM200 class D bass head = Duncan Powerstage Killer?

    Fair! But one fits in my Mono Double Gig bag front pocket and one doesn’t! Not so much the weight. I have a couple gigs I do with some regularity where one trip/going as lite as possible is called for and I run out of hands quick.
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    TC Electronics BAM200 class D bass head = Duncan Powerstage Killer?

    Just spent a few minutes with my BAM2000 and Iridium. Had been using my beloved Quilter Tone Block 201 for this purpose prior, but for the gigs where I need to be ultra lean on gear the BAM2000 will definitely do the trick. Great find!
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    The Black Crowes reunion

    I was at the Mansfield show on Wednesday. I wouldnt call myself a diehard Crowes purist, and this was my first time seeing them. But I am friends with someone in the current operation and was excited to see this incarnation of the band. Man…. Am I grateful that a band can still get up there...
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    Boss SY-1/SY-200/EHX 9-series vs. Boss SY-300/Meris Enzo/SA C4

    I had an SY-1, I have an Enzo now. If you like the process of tweaking and spending time with a pedal to discover sounds the Enzo is your ticket. But it’s not for the impatient. And the manual sort of blows if I’m being honest. The SY-1 is definitely more plug and play, and in a way more...
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    Drybell unit67, jackson bloom or sa eq2?

    I have both the Unit 67 and RD Compact. This combination is killer. The one thing I would point out while the versatility of the 67 is fantastic, its a little bit of knob-twisting to access the versatility sounds in real time. So if you want to go from "treble boosted Les Paul into gainy...
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    New rig is complete with my new 2021 Carr Slant 6V.

    I have 2x12” Slant 6V too! Great amp.
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    What speaker for my 5e3?

    I'm an alnico blue fan in these amps.
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    You were doubtful, but the pedals that actually exceeded your expectations

    Revival Drive Compact. I philosophically struggle to get on board with $300 drive pedals, but I took this in a trade and it’s seriously one of the best drive pedals ever created. Will sound great into an empty coffee can if you need it to. Just a fantastic piece of gear (and I’m hardly a...
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    Rotary pedal sub $200?

    I liked and used the tech 21 for years. Liked it better than the Lex. Have heard good things about the newer Fender one.
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    Sold Koll Duo Glide "Gold and Copper Leaf" NAMM 2016

    I was fortunate to be able to check this out in person at the Music Emporium. This guitar is truly incredible.
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    When do you all believe music started to decline?

    I take your point. That was not my experience as a kid, my parents and I actually listened to a lot of the things and I got turned onto music from them, but they were comparatively younger so that cliche didn't really hold for me. Thanks for keeping it decipherable for an old like me and...
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    When do you all believe music started to decline?

    Thriller had more going on for it than sheer popularity, but I take your point. Shut Up and Dance has a billion spotify streams as well by comparison. No disrespect meant to that song, but I hope to not be hearing it in a few years. For the purpose of transparency, I am 44. Music...
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    When do you all believe music started to decline?

    I dont disagree that there is a ton of great music and great artists working right now, but is there any genre of music that it is in its golden era as we speak? IS there one song that is current right now that will be remembered in 50years time?
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    Best hot-rod MIAB pedal?

    Not in your poll but Revival Drive Compact Hot Rod. Expensive, but will absolutely do what you want perfectly. I had a Dirty Shirley for a bit, that was great as well. But the EQ on the Revivals puts those pedals in an entirely other league.
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    Best overdrive for a JC-120???

    Never have spent much time with the JC amps. But I have a spent a lot of time with many other amps, and many many more drive pedals. More than I care to admit. But if you had a gun to my head to pick a drive that would work wth a JC-120 blind, I would say the Revival Drive Compact. $300...
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    New Ryan Adams Record - Big Colors

    I like Ryan Adams music. I hope he is able to come back and resume a career as a working artist. I like Phoebe Bridgers music too, though to be fair I had no idea who she was prior to that NYT article. I personally found it hard to believe that the accusers in that story were as earnest and...
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