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    Fractal AX8

    Bought one when they first came out, added a BigSky reverb, and I'm done buying gear.
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    Amp-in-the-room with the Kemper? Hell yes (clip inside)

    And when you play a big venue, mic it with an SM-57, and it sounds awesome through the PA !!!! ;-)
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    Kemper: Stereo or Mono Monitors on Stage

    If your FOH is mono, I'd stick with mono. I'd want to hear what's going to FOH.
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    "All the Pretty Girls" - Tone

    Love the tone on the intro here. It sounds pretty standard. Where do you start? Single coil/humbuckers? And what family of amp? Thanks.
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    Pops and clicks when people start walking around

    Hi. I just nailed down the symptoms of an issue I've had from time to time when playing in church. I play a VG Strat through an AX8 - direct to FOH. I've lately noticed that I get snaps, crackles and pops when I unmute everything, but only during Communion, as people start walking around the...
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    Strymon Nixie (Editor for Timeline, BigSky, and Mobius)

    Any news on the first release of Nixie?
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    Fractal AX8 Discussion Thread

    I have one and love it!
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    Amps that mix Fender and Marshall tones?

    Mesa TA-15 and TA-30.
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    Are modelers dead yet?

    Are modelers dead yet?
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    delay pedal users

    Extremely long (I think I use 1800 ms) settings are great for swells. Lots of gain, long delay setting, and a volume pedal. Sounds like a sick whale.
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    Tuned to Eb, but capo at 1?

    Some may do it to relieve stress on the neck, but I doubt that's the case with Keith.
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    Are tube amps dead yet?

    Yeah, I had an amp like that once, too.
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    It's kinda sad how many people waste their youth chasing a music career

    From the time I was 9 to when I was 16, I was dead set on becoming a rock star. One morning I was riding the bus to school, and it hit me... "no - that ain't gonna happen. Start thinking about something else to do that is actually feasible".
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    I am shocked at how bad this is

    Reverb and delay on the vocals would have gone a long way.
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    EVH on SNL '87: High Quality

    Those look like FRFR cabs behind him, so I guess he was using an AxeFX2. :-)
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    Best place to buy JJ tubes?

    Eurotubes. Great customer service.
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    Any reason NOT to use AxeFx?

    You're always wondering if you've arrived at that "tube tone".
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    Being heard with 50W 1x12???

    Did anyone besides you feel that you were not loud enough?
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    P & W peeps - Using a compressor ?

    Always on, for single coil, for a little boost and sustain.
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    Building IEM mixes

    Remind everyone to PAN their mixes. It opens up your head. Otherwise it can turn to mush real fast. Obviously, hard pan stereo instruments like keys, etc... but even if you don't have any of those, pan stuff to put some air between your ears. The only things I keep fully center are my vocal, my...
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    Are tube amps dead yet?

    I just checked guitarcenter.com and they have 396 tube amp models in their inventory. I don't think tubes are dead.
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    Do fatter necks give you more leverage for bending?

    Apparently not... x7Y2DCIC3SU
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    Where does your bass player stand in relation to the drummer?

    I played with a bass player for years who insisted on being to the drummer's left, so she could see the kick drum. Never occurred to me before that.
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    Went ampless for the first time this past Saturday: Need opinions!

    Guitar --> pedalboard --> Tech21 --> PA console
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    Power cord upgrade - longer and sounds better

    If you search for "DNA-500" here you will see that the OP "does not do double blind".
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