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  1. J

    What amp should T-Bone Walker should have played?

    As I couldn't sleep for awhile last night, I listened to the Imperial Recordings of T-Bone Walker. One things really struck me...he could have really benefited from a great amp. What amp would you have picked to hear him through?
  2. J

    True Bypass has nothing to do with the battery, right?!

    I was setting up for a gig last night and didn't plug into the "in" of my Barber Tone Pump EQ, thinking that it was still 30 minutes until sound check. The sound guy admonished me to plug in. I explained I didn't want to run my battery down for no reason. He chuckled and said that if the pedal...
  3. J

    Trying any new songs for gigs this week?

    Tell us your band / genre and what songs you will be rolling you here soon.
  4. J

    What will be your main guitar to play this weekend?

    As the plans come together for gigs in the coming days (maybe even today), what will YOU be playing?
  5. J

    Guitarfetish Gibson Modified Bridges and Tailpieces: Any Experiences?

    These three are the ones that I am wondering about in particular, but also wondering about your experience with Guitarfetish stuff in general. USA Gibson fit Nickel Tuneomatic Bridge- BRASS Saddles...
  6. J

    What single guitar has remained #1 for the longest?

    We are talking about sheer playing time. Which guitar has receive the most playing time of everything you have ever owned?
  7. J

    To Fuzz or not to Fuzz; that IS the question

    We talk about this all the time on TGP, let's see it on the graph. If you use fuzz, also comment with your favorite pedal
  8. J

    Which of your pedals are you still deciding if you like?

    I have a few cheaper chorus pedals that are vying for one spot in my collection... Fender Starcaster Chorus (with True Bypass mod) Digitech Multi Chorus Boss CE-5 Danelectro Chorus I am also tweaking a TubeWorks True Tube overdrive with a number of tubes to see if I can find something I really...
  9. J

    What amp have you plugged into most over all your years of playing?

    For me, it is a Peavey Delta Blues 115 that is like an old friend. I can tweak the settings on this thing on the fly and it has NEVER done me wrong.
  10. J

    Why do guitarists have to be so __________.

    Speaking for our people...what is the deal with us generally?
  11. J

    I would play a Gretsch, except for the __________.

    What keeps you away?
  12. J

    I would play a 335, except for the _________.

    What has kept you away?
  13. J

    "The noise is just part of the Single Coil sound" Respond

    Just had yet another conversation in which someone mentioned this gem of wisdom. I offered my response. Curious about yours.
  14. J

    Your experiences with old organ / cabinet speaker pulls

    I would love to hear your experiences with old speaker pulls. Any keepers? Which ones have you wound up keeping and using? What (if anything) have you learned from these experiences?
  15. J

    Whistling Songs: Yes or No

    What happens to you when you hear whistling in a song?
  16. J

    What guitars or brands have you learned to not even try anymore?

    You walk into a shop. They have an array of instruments and brands. What do you not even look at in any way?
  17. J

    How do you evaluate an electric before plugging in?

    What do you check before you get plugged in and making amplified sound?
  18. J

    Smooth violin sustain fuzz: $100 or less?

    Just trying to collect some good options. I am particularly thinking of my Strat, if that helps.
  19. J

    If I hear ________ again, I am going to _________.

    Finish the sentence.
  20. J

    Music / guitar shop employees: Best and Worst

    Who was the best music shop employee that you dealt with? Who was the worst music shop employee that you dealt with?
  21. J

    What amp to you start with trying out a new guitar?

    As for me, I always start from my Deluxe Reverb. If a guitar doesn't sound worthy through that, then no other amp is going to help it for my purposes.
  22. J

    What cheaper guitar has impressed you?

    Let's say $300 or less street value (feel free to currency convert for those outside the US...I am too). Please don't claim that you got a PRS for $300 We are looking for value for the cash.
  23. J

    Fathers. Do your kids play?

    Do you have any of your kids that will wind up with the huge mess of stuff you have?
  24. J

    What person most prompted you to pick up the guitar?

    For me, it was John Henry Levy Sr. He was my best friend's dad in high school and he would pick up the guitar and just make these amazing sounds. He grew up in Mississippi and introduced me to the REAL old school blues.
  25. J

    How did you get your very first guitar?

    We're talking deep roots here
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