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    Useless metal song based on Pi number (Overloud TH3)

    Had some fun recording something based on the number Pi, both the rhytm and the notes (eventually). Guitars straight into the computer, Overloud TH3 (Dual Rec model with TS model boosting it, "Bro Hymn" IR) Drums are GGD One Kit Wonder Aggressive Rock Bass is just a MIM Jazz Bass, with Waves...
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    Finding "your" Strat is complicated

    When you shop for a Les Paul, it's fairly simple. Either a 50's or 60's neck, then you go your bursts, your black ones or maybe a goldtop. Maybe you go crazy and get P90s, but for the most part you can probably find what you want at the local shop (unless you live in the middle of Wyoming I...
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    Would you buy a "NOS" Am Special Tele?

    With the current record demand, I was surprised to find this one, a 2017 American Special Telecaster, still waiting in a local guitar shop. How does that even happen? To be fair there a quite a few stores around here (major city) and this is not the cool one. They tend to stock a lot of high...
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    What iconic guitars are not actually what people think they are?

    I mean like how Bille Joe Armstrong's iconic "Blue" is not a Fender but rather a Fernandes. Or Slash's guitar on AFD being a copy of a Gibson. I think EVH's Strat would qualify as well? Wondering if there are other examples like that.
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    Celestion Neo V-Type

    So it appears Celestion is releasing a Neo magnet version of the V-Type. Can't find any info about it yet except for Pete Thorn's demo. As usual Pete is more focused on getting the best out of the gear, rather than comparing it to other gear. So no clue how close it is to a V30 or original...
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    Mesa Badlander 100W + 1x12 cab: what speaker to put in it?

    Bear with me, there are reasons to this madness. And I can always switch the Badlander down to 50W (20W is triode mode, I would rather avoid that), but I would also like the low end to not crack under the pressure so need something stout. Now, the IR output will be used to feed the house mix so...
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    Is it a bad sign to need to tighten a dual action truss rod counterclockwise?

    I bought a new Epiphone "Inspired by Gibson" ES-335. I quickly noticed that the truss rod was vibrating in the neck, which as it turns out was because it was setup with no tension at all. A bit of turning one way or the other fixes the issue. My problem is that, with the rod loose, the neck is...
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    S-style HSS guitar with wide-ish nut (1.685" or more) under 1k$?

    Sounds like a reasonable request... but it's harder to find than it looks. After trying a bunch of MIM Strats and always returning to the MIA ones, I have come to notice that I just much prefer the wider necks. Now I want an HSS Strat to complement my AmPro SSS, but I don't want to pay AmPro...
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    Making your Strat play better with your more Gibsoney guitars... hot pickups or pedal?

    I know, I know, appreciate the guitar for what it is, if you didn't want a Strat sound why did you get a Strat? I know all of this. But my band plays all kinds of covers, tons of medleys where things change all the time, turning on a dime to go from James Brown to Metallica, etc. Strapping on...
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    Who else is building towards their "final" guitar collection? (Just a few excellent ones to be buried with)

    Earlier this year I had a lot of guitars, most of them were just affordable "working man" guitars to get through gigs, some where modified cheapo's. Then I decided that I no longer wanted to own guitars that I bought just because they were a good deal, and instead only own guitars that I really...
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    People who insist on their Strat being SSS, what do you use the bridge pickup for?

    Seriously... bridge humbuckers at least are good for distorted rhythm tones. But single coils? Why make the thinnest pickup position even thinner? Sure you can roll the tone down and fatten it up, but you're working with so little output by then you need an extra pedal to compensate. I love the...
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    Audient is teasing what appears to be a guitar centric interface with a tube in it

    I've been recording with an Audient iD22 and ASP800 for a while. The DI is legit. Wondering what this is about.
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    Dayton Audio PMA250 to power a speaker cab for modeller use?

    It's in my cart, should I go ahead and check out? https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-pma250-250w-pa-module-with-mixer--300-797 This would be powering a single 16 ohm Celestion Creamback H 75W (it pushes 150W at 8ohms so I should be good, plus it has a speaker output if I want to drive a...
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    What is your backup rig?

    Just curious what gigging musicians here use as a backup rig? I can't be the only one who can't afford to carry around 2 Helixes in case one decides to brick itself (you never know on the road, show must go on). Right now I still have a 1x12 combo with me on stage (it receives a pre-IR signal...
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    Could my wireless beltpack (Audio-Technica M2) be killing my IEMs?

    Been using an Audio-Technica M2 wireless IEM system for 5 years now. And I've been really "unlucky" recently. Went through 4 pairs of earphones that all died within a few weeks. This was my first time using Fender IEMs, and figured I'd just go back to Shure. But now... driving home with my new...
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    Fender Rumble 410 cab vs the competition???

    Call me superficial but I really enjoy the look of an old school cab with tolex covering and vintage style grille cloth. The Fender Rumble 410 is pretty cheap, light, and looks cool. But for about the same price I can find used Ampeg SVT or Eden 410s... How much am I compromising if I go for...
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    Ever seen strings do this? Nearly ruined my gig

    Brand new strings, Slinky 11-48, been using this brand/gauge for a while. Everything was fine at the beginning of the gig, but after 2 hours I couldn't play solos anymore, notes would choke as if my neck was warped (it's not). I thought my eyes were playing games with me but the strings really...
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    Need a reasonably priced tremolo effect that goes full square with dedicated tap tempo switch

    My amp has great bias trem built in, but for this one song I need to go full square (it’s technically a synth part) and I need to follow the tempo perfectly. TC Pipeline is out cause having to hold the switch all the time to readjust tempo is not practical, needs dedicated switch or input...
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    So... who here has a Metal Zone on their board?

    While the MT-2 is the butt of many jokes, it occurs to me that every store around always has one in stock, which means they actually still sell well. Those with one on their board, I’m genuinely curious! What do you use it with, what style are you playing? I’m talking about bone stock ones here.
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    HX Effects can replace an amp (drive pedal + IR)

    I wondered if the HX could allow me to not carry around a spare amp by running drive pedals into an IR Cab Sim. I'm using Celestion IRs for this test (Greenback 4x12 closed back, SM57 Balanced, although I go through a few other IRs towards the end, Creamback and V30 specifically), and the HX is...
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    HX Effects as a "Torpedo C.A.B. replacement" + FX?

    I spent some time with an HX Effects yesterday, cool toy, sounds good, but I'm finding it hard to justify the price tag since I don't use effects that much and I would miss being able to turn knobs with my foot. But since I do need to replace my defective Carbon Copy, and my SkySurfer has too...
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    Lynchback in a 1x12 combo? (Supro-ish clone)

    I recently built my interpretation of the vintage Supro 1624T circuit (meaning I have the better tremolo and brighter phase inverter of the later years, but with a single tone control and the mojoful grid leak biased channel 1). I've done most of my testing with a WGS Reaper HP in a smallish...
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    Why aren't more manufacturers using Creambacks in their cabs?

    I love me a Greenback quad box, but I rarely get the occasion or even excuse to carry a 412 anymore. I've tried GBs in 1x12 and 2x12, they just don't do their thing as well. But the G12M Creamback? That is one nice speaker. A 2x12 can now take a 100W head, you're not losing low-end compared to...
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    5150III 212 cab (G12H) with a JCM800 clone?

    Been on the hunt for a 212 for my 50w JCM800 clone. It doesn't seem to like V30s much, and Greenbacks only seem to work well in 412 config. I did have a WGS Reaper HP for a while and that sounded decent. The 5150 III can is pretty well priced, has two G12H Anniversary (not heritage), and even...
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    No FX, no MIDI control, just pure Marshall tone straight to the board as cheaply as possible?

    Is using my iPad with say Positive Grid Bias the best bet? (I have a Zoom U-24 as the audio interface, works perfectly with the iPad, can even be bus powered with the USB3-to-Lightning adapter) It's for a secondary rig that must occupy as little space in the vehicle as possible. I've looked...
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