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  1. J

    ALL HAIL ze Klon blind test!!!

    I cast my vote with the A - C - B Crowd, though all have some nice usable sounds. A seems to sound most full across the board, though I myself would never stack this kind of pedal with a fuzz.
  2. J

    What guitars did you have when you were 22?

    Let's see...22...That would have been 1996. That means I would have owned a Seagull Folk guitar (don't remember the model, but very worn) and an Epiphone Sheraton (which I should have never sold). Those were days of simplicity.
  3. J

    Back to Boss

    Not a crazy thread at all. One thing that the oversize boutique market has done is raise the bar and the jargon only to realize that when push comes to shove...much "above" the Boss effects is largely fine tuning and adjustment that may or may not be heard in an actual performance environment...
  4. J

    What is the heaviest amp you've ever had to lift?

    Fender Concert (Rivera) is a real chunk.
  5. J

    Can some explain why a Les Paul Custom is $1000 more than a Standard?

    Quite simple. It is because people are willing to pay $1000 extra for it to say "custom", while being offered "extras" that have a total additional cost of a Big Mac.
  6. J

    What's the heaviest guitar you play with / keep / own?

    I have an Agile AL-3000 that is just over 10lbs. It is heavy, but it sounds heavy too. I usually use it for slide...while sitting down.
  7. J

    What solid state amp impressed you?

    I had a Fender Stage Lead from the Rivera era for a long while and it was VERY good on the clean side.
  8. J

    What amp should T-Bone Walker should have played?

    No doubt about his playing and tone being a particular type, but even within his catalog you have a fair diversity of tones. I am not looking to plug him into a 5150, but I think he could have done some magic with many wonderful amps. Some of his songs have GREAT thick tone AND amazing dynamics...
  9. J

    What amp should T-Bone Walker should have played?

    Sigh. I should have seen the blooming field of over-reactions to what I am saying from TGP. 1) I am NOT saying that his music needs to be improved upon. It is what I chose to listen to in the middle of the night for God sake. 2) I am NOT trying to change his genre and looking for utterly...
  10. J

    What amp should T-Bone Walker should have played?

    As I couldn't sleep for awhile last night, I listened to the Imperial Recordings of T-Bone Walker. One things really struck me...he could have really benefited from a great amp. What amp would you have picked to hear him through?
  11. J

    The Blues are for hacks

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5F59PkcDWM This probably is closer in lineage to the foundation of the blues than anything EVER put out by Joe B or SRV or KWS. This is where it comes from and what it takes.
  12. J

    Which message board for people who like cheap gear?

    We guys who don't go for super expensive stuff are on here. Start some threads and see how things go. What are you wanting to talk about?
  13. J

    Any telecaster love on here?

    I just had to see if this thread was serious. Best way to find the love is to show some disdain toward the Tele and see what happens.
  14. J

    What Strings & Picks do you use?

    Ernie Ball Power Slinky on Electric Elixir Light-Medium on Acoustic Fender Heavy Experimenting with Jazz III (not sure about them yet)
  15. J

    Soul Food out of stock / delayed shipping

    Just got mine last week as well. Not noisy at all to my ear.
  16. J

    The Blues are for hacks

    Someone should collect all of these threads together. If Blues is a tired genre, then what does that make the "the blues is a tired genre" threads?
  17. J

    Does anyone else like running the tone on OD's all the way up?

    The sweet spot on on of my overdrives is at about 4 o'clock (Barber Tone Pump EQ), but otherwise I tend to run then pretty close to 12 o'clock. Agreed that I usually do the boosting of treble on the amp if it is needed.
  18. J

    Your favorite cheap guitar...

    Epi Dot...yes G&L ASAT Trib...yes Fender MIM Strat...yes My contribution would be a Douglas WNO-675 (Rondo Music). I really enjoy that guitar.
  19. J

    G&L Teles?

    G&L ASAT Classic is an excellent and versatile guitar. I tried for a long time to find a Tele I could bond with and just didn't find one. I really bonded with my ASAT right away.
  20. J

    Does anyone change pick thickness when playing acoustic?

    Heavy Picks for electric. Fender Mediums for acoustic. I lose too many picks to be a pick snob.
  21. J

    What is this guitar?

    Clearly for METAL. Just watch those corners, OK.
  22. J

    Butterfield, Bloomfield, & Naftalin Live in 1971

    I absolutely love it. I still think these guys are consistently better than anything the Bluesbreakers ever put out.
  23. J

    Do you have a parts drawer?

    Yeah, 2 Home Depot cheapo parts organizers and a large case (formerly for old photography equipment) for me.
  24. J

    True Bypass has nothing to do with the battery, right?!

    Exactly! Just as I thought. I refused to plug in until the sound check and just endured the eye rolls and chuckles. It was a small show, so I just removed my Tone Pump EQ from my board and used it alone.
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