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  1. Jollyb

    NEW Tony Iommi instrumental!!

    Scent of Dark.........get a whiff of this!!
  2. Jollyb

    WTB Kendrick Buffalo Pfuzz

    Kind of a quirky pedal but I'd love to have one again for my new Kendrick rig!
  3. Jollyb

    Little Walter 44

    4x 6v6 version head. Anybody digging these amps? Been hearing some really good things, Warren Haynes has been using it alot on his last blues albulm. Offered one at a killer price this weekend. Who's digging these and what kind of cab /speakers are you using? I didn't pick it up yet but I...
  4. Jollyb

    Tommy Lee jams with Sammy Hagar and Mike Anthony.....

    Sammy Jammed with Tommy after he did an interview for his Pod Cast: Killer drummer. It's cool to see him playing in a completely different atmosphere. As much as I dig Jason Bonham he doesn't play with the power his dad had. Tommy has it in spades. He's skinny but dang he's a hard hitter!
  5. Jollyb

    Phil X meets Rick Beato

    Sorry if this was posted......but I just came across it: PHIL rocks:dude
  6. Jollyb

    Hendrix inspired build.....Question /Poll

    Building a Hendrix inspired strat with a lefty reverse headstock. (Large 70s headstock) Would you prefer the headstock logo upside down (oldschool) or right-side up on a reverse headstock?
  7. Jollyb

    Bruce Dickerson Orchestra......

    Just found this , Rodger Glover on Bass .......doing some Deep Purple. Pretty cool.Bruce still has it in spades. :bow
  8. Jollyb

    Saw ZZ Top last night

    Was blessed by the Reverend last night. :bow They played the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood Florida last night. Fun set played all the standards and added a cool rendition of Jeff Becks "aint superstitious". He played this one Tele most of the night , switching to a LP once for some...
  9. Jollyb

    Came across this on Reverb........

    Supposedly owned and played by Peter Green in 2003 https://reverb.com/item/46336533-gibson-les-paul-standard-owned-by-peter-green-2003-black I would not mind giving that guitar a spin. :bow
  10. Jollyb

    Boutique PAFS

    Wow. I thought I knew about most of the boutique humbucker companies . I had a killer blonde double humbucker tele body fall into my lap recently so I've been checking out some nice PAFs for sale. I thought I'd try something different. There are some pretty nice new builders out there...
  11. Jollyb

    Did Pat Martino ever do a bluesy albulm?

    After his recent passing I've been checking him out. I'm not really into alot of Straight up Jazz but I love it when they play more friendly (dumbed down for me :aok ) blues scales. Guy had skills for sure. Can anyone recommend a recording that's more blues based?
  12. Jollyb

    Delany guitars........

    I've been seeing alot of people and live acts using these guitars lately https://www.delaneyguitars.com/product-category/signature-models/ Most recently Tommy Castro played his Castro Caster last night in Boca Raton. I also saw Samantha Fish play her signature tele recently. Castro...
  13. Jollyb

    Saw Tommy Castro last night in Boca Raton

    Great night......Tommy Castro is just one of those guys I always wanted to see. Took 25 yrs to catch this guy. I grew up in NYC moved to Florida in 99'. I discovered Tommy around 95' really dug his soulful approach to the blues. Every great artist comes through NYC eventually. For some reason I...
  14. Jollyb

    Deadland Ritual........

    Deadland Ritual. Featuring Franky Perez, Matt Sorum, Steve Stevens and Geezer Butler! Just heard of this band. unfortunatly they just broke up and only released 2 singles. I don't remember Geezer ever doing a solo project? Man what I shame. I really dug that song and the singer Franky Perez...
  15. Jollyb

    Traded for a Rodger Mayer Voodoo-1 TC pedal recently..........

    OK. So recently I went on a quest for a Vintage Tube Screamer type pedal. I wound up buying 5 pedals and Kept 3. The other two although great pedals didn't work for me or were redundant so I was selling them. I sold one and traded the other when I got an interesting offer for the Voodoo-1. Its...
  16. Jollyb

    Seth Lee Jones......Tulsa Time

    Read about this guy in GP this past month. Man I would love to catch him live in a pub sometime and buy him a beer!!
  17. Jollyb

    Kurt Rosenwinkel

    Never heard of this guy.......I read in a recent article that Eric Clapton called him a genius. That impressed me to go check him out: I'm not really a jazz guy........but I like Jazz players who delv in blues. I thought this was pretty good. I'm going to check more out.
  18. Jollyb

    Gov't mule........little blues jammin

    Already Pre ordered this baby . :aok :rockin
  19. Jollyb

    Strat bridges.......which to buy?

    I have a parts strat , it's a great guitar made of great parts including an original harness from a old Clapton guitar with lace sensors and 25 dB boost. One thing that always annoyed me is it had a gold bridge. I know SRV had one but it annoys me. It's not reliced at all. Pristine Sunburst and...
  20. Jollyb


    Yes. This has to happen. https://guitar.com/news/music-news/bill-ward-make-another-album-black-sabbaths-founding-lineup/ "The last sabbath album was really a disappointment IMO. I went to the shows and they were great , but I still dont own 13. I hear it on Sirrus FM occasionally and Its...
  21. Jollyb

    update on Judas Priest Ritchie Faulkner

    All I can say is.........Holy ****!> UPDATE ON RICHIE FAULKNER: We have an update on Richie – see below in Richie’s own words…. Maniacs… I’ve always been grateful for the opportunities I’ve been presented with. I’ve always considered myself THE most fortunate man ever - to be able to play my...
  22. Jollyb

    Should the Stones have finally broken up after the death of Charlie Watts?

    https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/rolling-stones-charlie-watts-first-show-without-1230130/ First gig ever without Charlie in almost 60 yrs. They are approaching 80 quickly.Jagger had heart surgery last year. They tapped Kieths bandmember and friend Steve Jordan to fill in. Moving...
  23. Jollyb

    Released this month!! Mr. Luck - A Tribute to Jimmy Reed: Live at the Royal Albert Hall...Ronnie Wood

    Featuring.........Wait for it............ MICK TAYLOR!! Yes. This is bought and paid for.......... :aok :rockin
  24. Jollyb

    Blackberry Smoke to release Rolling Stones covers album for Record Store Day

    https://www.loudersound.com/news/blackberry-smoke-to-release-rolling-stones-covers-album-for-record-store-day The album, Stoned, will be pressed on red vinyl and is limited to 2500 copies worldwide............ I hope they make some CDs as well......
  25. Jollyb

    Mythical Overdrive Incoming!

    Been reading all the hype here.....I saw a used one for a silly price with a box so I jumped on it. I've owned one of the first 300 made Gold Klons back in the late 90's. I sold it when prices started getting stupid. I think I got like $800 and thought I made a killing. I bought a 76 Firebird...
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