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    hello from NJ USA

    exit 36 here welcome
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    Any LsL T-Bone Tele (Or LsL Strat) Owners Out There?

    i have a LsL Satiscoy that i got a few years back and the honeymoon has never ended it is as good a strat as i ever wanted its just over 6 lbs and the pickups are amazing
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    GHS Boomers vs D'addario XL

    Maybe you should ask Tim Hensen
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    Keeley Seafoam +

    i use a Seafoam and i really like it (not a +) cant say enough about it it just works welll for my chorus needs
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    Maybe I should lay low on coffee for a while ....

    that just rocked....haha
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    Do YOU Pedal Platform - Yes or No?

    i love both my amplified nation and my dr z heads but when i play out... i use a quilter pro block 200 and a 1x12 with a evm and a pedal board
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    Stella by Starlight (jazz funk version)

    i enjoyed that alot.. i also listened to two other clips you have on youtube mostly what I enjoyed most is that you have a linear approach to your style same as I have, shame more guitarists have not included this way to play the instrument
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    All the Things you Are (improv)- Vintage Gibson ES-125

    i loved it playing standards is the most fun too
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    Let's hear you all playing your most Boomer-like bends

    i really like all those boomer bend examples at least it soinds like music TH may not realize this style of playing evolved from generations before us
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    what is your favorite gig bag any why

    Reunion Blues i feel safer with it than other brands
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    Who has the best tele tone?

    i think Vince Gill has the best tele tone
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    I don't use a Strat vibrato...

    i dont play with the trem , i do like the little thing that the springs bring to the sound ii mostly use the trem to help stretch and break in new strings
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    Here's a "nitpicking" question if there ever was one...

    i start out with the logo at my index finger doesnt always end up there i use the point and the rounded edges so im moving the pick as needed
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    PAF Chirp

    i always think of the "Bloom" that PAF's have
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    Please suggest an “affordable” A/B/Y box

    Radial twin city has been the best AB/Y i've used no tone suck at all under $200 for sure
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    All Blues Slam

    i think,, Miles is Smiling
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    The Shadow of Your Smile (Jazz Guitar Ver.), Godin ACS-Slim

    that is my kind of music.. great job
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    Do you own your dream guitar? if so, did it live up to your expectations? (Poll)

    i knew i liked this guitar, after i got it i realized this is the one
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    any one notice this?

    thanks guys i did find some info that lead me to the Sire guitar site stilll sorta surprised about this
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    any one notice this?

    looks like Larry Carlton may be playing a take off of a 335
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    Who has tried or uses MJC strings ?

    last year i bought a new guitar that came with these strings when it was time to change strings i changed with my then goto strings I've been using for ever and the guitar just wasn't the same so called the builder and he told me the name of the website and ordered a few sets once the guitar...
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    Quilter vs tube amp

    I have PRO BLOCK 200 and a DR Z Therapy and a Amplified Nation Wonderland overdrive I can the quilter close the the Wonderland and almost dead on to the Z i mostly have the limiter dial at 9 to 10 O'clock and the gain in the 2 O'cock area and I get sag thats very tube like
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    happy birthday Brock we here on Gear Page should be giving you a gift instead you have gave us one
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