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  1. Tritone

    2016 AVRI Jazzmaster with Chinese Dragon!

    I think everyone in the thread is missing the most likely cause of this imprint: an ancient dragon inhabits that guitar.
  2. Tritone

    Guitars you're fancying, but can't or won't get?.

    PureSalem Jimmy -- think it's cool but don't really have a need for a short scale guitar. Novo Miris -- really like it but they don't offer a Bigsby option anymore apparently Dunable Cyclops -- might actually get one of these in the future. Will have to do more research. But then again, I don't...
  3. Tritone

    Baritone guitars for non-metal genres – thoughts?

    I have two baritones and am looking to convert another Fender into a baritone when I can get around to it with a conversion neck. I mostly use them to play indie/post rock/alternative/etc. Jason Molina is another non-metal player who used baritones in some of his early stuff. And this clip...
  4. Tritone

    Where are your guitars kept?

    Oh you'd like to know, wouldn't you?
  5. Tritone

    Show your pedalboard: 2021

    They are kind of similar for sure. I think the SHOD has a lot of gain on tap, or at least I think its sweet spot is at 50%+ gain which is pretty heavy for me. At that gain it sounds like a monster and like a fully cranked amp with a lot of sag and harmonics and it's just so satisfying. I never...
  6. Tritone

    NGD: PRS Vela

    Very cool. The Vela is one of my favorite PRS models. I like the (aftermarket?) pickguard, too.
  7. Tritone

    What's new for PRS in 2021?

    I think they are unveiling their 2021 lineup on January 14th.
  8. Tritone

    What guitar am I missing?

    Casio DG-20.
  9. Tritone

    The 2020 Annual meeting of GASoholics Anonymous - what did you buy this year?

    Last minute update: I bought two more pedals and a Fender CS Twisted Telecaster (not the pickups, that is what they call this model).
  10. Tritone

    Gretsch Jet w/ Dynasonic pups, Players Edition vs Vintage Select?

    I have a '53 Vintage Select. I haven't played the new DS models. Besides the differences you listed, the '53 has a deeper body with less internal wood. It's almost entirely hollow outside of a a couple posts. It's super loud acoustically. The tension bar on the Bigsby allows the neck to be set...
  11. Tritone

    Fender V-Mod II pickups?

    This is a great question and there isn't too much information on the details of what has changed between the series I and series II V-Mods. I've read that the manufacturing wasn't quite meeting the specs of the V-Mods so they were tweaked to be more in line with what Tim Shaw envisioned...
  12. Tritone

    New Fender line: American Professional II

    It taps the coil so that, say, 20% (I don't know the actual number) of the winds are removed from the circuit.
  13. Tritone

    The 2020 Annual meeting of GASoholics Anonymous - what did you buy this year?

    Now that I list it all out, I bought way too much gear this year. PRS DGT Gretsch Vintage Select '53 Duo Jet Gretsch Vintage Select '59 Duo Jet Fender American Pro Telecaster Fender Light Ash American Pro Telecaster (now sold) Fender Korina Offset Telecaster Fender Thinline Super Deluxe...
  14. Tritone

    Supro Comet

    I got one about a week ago. It's very small and light. It feels very sturdy and well-made. I really love the feel of the handle. The sound is very balanced and easy to dial in. Mine has a G10M Greenback in it. One tone knob is usually not ideal for me because I think most amps have more bass...
  15. Tritone

    Who will refuse to watch "The Pedal Movie" on principle alone?

    This thread is wild. I love it. Never thought I'd see "cringe" being tossed around on TGP like it is on 4chan or Twitter. Can't wait to see TGP's first use of "based and red-pilled." As for the OP's concern: I don't know if I'll watch the documentary, but if I do, it will be despite Reverb's...
  16. Tritone

    Recommend a Nice Clean Amp under 1K for use with a PRS semi-hollow body

    If I were you, I'd pick up a used Princeton Reverb Reissue or a used Supro Comet. They both have 10" speakers, reverb, and trem. The Princeton is going to be mored scooped and glassy, but the Comet sounds great clean, too, IMO. They also both sound great at bedroom volume levels.
  17. Tritone

    My guitar count is now 11, I think I've gone crazy

    I'm up to 14 electric guitars, two baritones, and a bass. I still want to buy an acoustic, a couple more basses and one more electric. I also want to sell off a few guitars off... when I can get around to it.
  18. Tritone

    Do you get matching instruments? On purpose or accidentally

    Just got these this week:
  19. Tritone

    NGDs: duo Duos

    Well it was two separate days, so I think "new guitar days" works. And thanks!
  20. Tritone

    NGDs: duo Duos

    The eternal question: Dynasonics or Filter'trons?? Well, I decided to answer the question for myself ONCE AND FOR ALL. And the answer is BOTH, obviously. Earlier this week I picked up a Gretsch Vintage Select '53 Duo Jet (above right), and today I received a Vintage Select '59 Duo Jet (above...
  21. Tritone

    PRS SE Starla Vs. Gretsch Jet Electromatic

    I'd pick up a used S2 Starla for $800-900, then maybe replace the pickups if you want to with humbucker-sized Filter'trons from a pickup maker of your choice. I have an S2 Starla and three guitars with Filter'trons, and I don't really think they sound the same, although the Starla pickups are...
  22. Tritone

    Gretsch G6128T-53 Vintage Select Duo Jet?

    I have a Vintage Select '53 Jet. I love the pickups. They are exactly what you'd expect from Dynasonics: high output single coils, pretty balanced tonally with a bit of a scoop in the mids. Tight bass, lots of treble (especially on the bridge). Twangy as heck on the bridge. Like a Tele on...
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