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    Great new Pat Metheny interview

    Some really great stuff in there. I wished they kept going. “everyone sucks compared to Bach” was a good one.
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    I IV V question

    what song(s) are you talking about? switching modes based on the chord doesn't make sense for 1 4 5 popular, rock, blues whatever. you're in a key. check out what the vocals and other melodies in the song are doing.
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    How many of you also play Bass

    the biggest "guitar" lesson i learned was that unless you're playing unison lines with the bass (which is pretty rare except in big rock guitar) the sixth string is bass territory and just gets in the way. the technique is and actual music played is different for sure but being "on time" is a...
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    Have any of you successfully dealt with tendonitis?

    See an expert recommended by your Dr. Stay hydrated. Play electric with your amp turned up a little more than "normal" and play as softly as possible (light touch). Let the amp do the work. Stretch. Try standing up straight when you play, don't hunch over the guitar. I find it easier to...
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    "Tune-Up"-What key?

    That move would sound great in a minor blues! crazy. I wish that when I was studying this stuff I could hear it like I do now.
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    Can a scalloped neck help for mostly rythm/chords players? (Arthritis)

    I think the scalloping might help avoid squeezing to hard. I’d also look into whether barre chords are necessary at all (for you) or at least if pressing down on 5or 6 strings is needed. With a bass player you could never play the 6th string since that’s bass territory. I realize a lot of...
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    Let's Talk Dynamics.

    The standard musical definition (look it up in any musical dictionary or ask any musician who plays an instrument other than electric guitar) deals with loud medium and soft and other gradients. It's a "big picture" concept and really important in music. The other definition is confusing to...
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    Amp Feedback

    My tele has a very microphonic sd broadcaster in the bridge and squeals like crazy with a fuzz face at any “performance” volume. It’s one note and string muting doesn’t help. In fact, when playing clean you can hear the switch loud and clear through the amp.
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    A barre shape giving me trouble

    If that 5 on the top was "necessary" i wouldn't use that fingering/voicing. I wouldn't worry about it, i would play dgb as a 1 finger barre and not play the a string if there's a bass player. that barre chord is useful for big rock guitar and when you want to do root 5 alternating bass, like if...
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    Finished Leavitt’s Modern Method Vol. 1...question about vol. 2 & 3

    Good for goal #1, but I wouldn’t spend all my time on them if you want to cover your other goals.
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    Any tips for bebop ear training?

    I am no expert but I know what helped me get a better handle on it. Listening to it and learning the music by ear (reading it helps but less so) is the only way I know of. You can go as slow as you need with all the tools available today. One thing I never found copping licks was a “bebop...
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    Compromise solution for playing slide on a ‘normal’ guitar?

    Cheap and easy. All you have to do is raise your pickups...
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    What do you look for in a backing track?

    Sounds like the real thing & variation. My favorite are a dbl bassist who plays a bunch of tunes straight through so the only thing missing is him reacting to you.
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    Is the Circle of Fifths of any real use to most guitarists ?

    Is it useful? Yes. Just memorize it, should take a few hours and you’ll be able to play “jambalaya” in all 12 Keys.
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    On the topic of modes: Books and Websites for applied theory?

    I just invert it. I think it sounds better inverted when there’s a bass.
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    On the topic of modes: Books and Websites for applied theory?

    the part on modes combined with single string playing is not a ton of work and will make modes crystal clear if you do what he says. It’s even easier These days because you don’t need cassette tapes To record the vamps, just your smartphone.
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    On the topic of modes: Books and Websites for applied theory?

    Why stretch when you can move your hand? See: Segovia scales and The Advancing Guitarist.
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    Tenderly. Post your take

    cool stuff, appreciated the non-standard tone. whatever you're using really responds to digging in.
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    Tenderly. Post your take

    This is great, too bad the rhythm section couldn't react to your playing.
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    Tenderly. Post your take

    Beautiful song, thanks.
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    Another Open Jam. Cool Easy But Fun Backing.

    Yeah, I think the big idea is to have your imagination guide improvisation rather than your physical habits. When I go near concert high C I drop down an octave. Again it’s not pretty but I think it’s good for what I’m trying to do.
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    Another Open Jam. Cool Easy But Fun Backing.

    I don’t know—if you heard me singing you might put your hat back on.
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    Another Open Jam. Cool Easy But Fun Backing.

    i've been forcing myself to sing my lines-guitar follows vocal, not the other way (the hard part for me). i find my analytical mind is pretty much turned off. If it comes back on, i'm not singing anymore.
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    Another Open Jam. Cool Easy But Fun Backing.

    thanks man! Really enjoyed yours as well.
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