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    converting Hagstrom 12 string viking into 6

    Ah ok. To be honest I think the hagstroms intonation was off with the 12 strings on when i got it. It was a floor model. Should I ise heavier gauage strings then or just .10s/.09s? Thank you for your insight sir
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    converting Hagstrom 12 string viking into 6

    Hello folks. I have a question for the more experienced guitar techs out there. I have a Hagstrom viking 12 string that has amazing pickups and looks great but i dont play as much 12 string as i was expecting so I took off the extra strings last summer but it had issues staying in tune and the...
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    Ampeg reverbrocket- Strange noises

    My god I can't believe I never thought of that lol. I tried just plugged into the amp no guitar even and it made the popping, random static and digital humming sounds. Must be tubes so I ordered a full 2 6L6 and 3 12AX7 set from the tube store
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    Ampeg reverbrocket- Strange noises

    Yeah tubes makes the most sense. I just am wondering if maybe something in the pedalboard or power/going stereo has anything to do with it but it only started recently. Nice vt40 by the way! Those old heavy mofos hit hard. I miss my old vt22...
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    Ampeg reverbrocket- Strange noises

    Hello fellow ampheads. I have been having some issues with my reverb rocket RI 2x12 and was hoping someone could shed some light on it. I run the ampeg in stereo with a Traynor yba1. The past few weeks i have been noticing these intermittent pops and static/crackling along with volume cutting...
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    another how to get this sound thread

    Damn I thought that is what he was using (maestro though) for that sound.. No way to get it with a graphic eq? I had a PDF1 before and liked it and the new PDF2 looks really cool with the double footswitches now.. Just a little pricey for me ATM
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    another how to get this sound thread

    Just need some quick advice on this hollow but mid rangy sounding guitar tone in a song... I have Boss EQ pedal but its off my board at moment.. Is there a way to get this tone with the EQ or just amp eq alone and fuzz/drive? Tone is when the guitarist joins the bass at the beginning.
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    Pedals you bought that satisfied the minute you plugged it in?

    just did this with a Digitech Ventura Vibe I got 2 days ago.. plugged it in in stereo between my Ampeg and Traynor setup and kicked it on and jammed for almost 2 hours without turning it off. Best vibe pedal I have ever used... its so.... juiiiiccyyyyy
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    What's your favourite delay pedal(s) ? (criteria in first msg)

    Boss Tera Echo hands down... its different but after messing with it for years it is the only delay I use and use it so much. Great reverb to echo/ spacey delay sounds that really expand ambient and dreamy guitar stuff and sounds mindblowingly good in stereo (Been running it through my Ampeg...
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    Pre amp or power amp tubes dying? or guitar

    Ok thanks I will change all the tubes and see if it helps.. I'll try to grab some contact cleaner too thanks! If it is just tubes that is relief
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    Pre amp or power amp tubes dying? or guitar

    Just wanted some quick advice here.. I plugged into my Ampeg Reverb Rocket 2x12 this morning and cranked the reverb and it made a crackle as I moved the reverb up and was working fine but when I switched to my much higher powered bridge pickup after a few minutes the volume started cutting out...
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    BATW Pharaoh Siamese Dream BMP ?

    Ah ok that makes sense I didn't even try the silicon diode yet... Sucks that it may not be able to get there. Bonus is I guess I could sell it and get a NYC Muff and have money left over. Thanks for the setting tips. I will try them next jam... I have never had the highs below 3 o'clock ...
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    BATW Pharaoh Siamese Dream BMP ?

    I got this pharaoh pedal and loved it for so long but have stopped using it in favor of a more tight and punchy Malekko Sloika for my main distortion... I would love to find a setting on the pharaoh though for that tight scoopy Big Muff sound from siamese dream (mayonaise, Silverf*** etc) but...
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    Show me your STEREO gear :)

    Not exactly stereo as the ABY I bought was mono input but my Boss Tera Echo sounds amazing in stereo so hopefully I can get a stereo input ABY in the future. In a 2 piece so decided to do dual amp setup... Here is the guits... Standard/Drop D Starcaster and CGCGCC tuned Ibanez Artist The...
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    Does this description describe the type of pedal person you are?

    Almost sounds like me.... Don't care what others use that is their sound and their business. Collectability has never been something I thought twice about and expense is only important because I am on a tight budget most of the time. The only thing you mentioned I care about is brands... Or...
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    Clean amp users, what's your main overdrive/distortion?

    I guess technically I use a clean amp... I have an always on Malekko Sloika drive set high volume and low gain and saturate at minimum to add zing and body to my cleans and it makes my main Pharaoh fuzz more badass too. My clean signal was always super thin and spanky even with humbuckers so I...
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    in need of two fuzzes. help me.

    if you want fat big muff tones but without the frequencies getting messed with try the Blackarts Toneworks Pharaoh... I just got one a month ago and it definitely blows away all the Muff and clones I have bought over the years. Big Muffs are awesome and personally I think they are the best kind...
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    Seriously thinking about going back to a half stack

    dude I bring a 2x12 ampeg combo, old traynor tube head and heavy ass PA 1x15 peavey cab and a 4x12 to gigs..... What I am trying to say is stop being a wuss :)
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    Are guitarists who play with pedals more or less technologically literate than ...

    I am definitely a caveman guitarist... I have very basic knowledge of how my pedals and pedals in general work. I just know what knobs do what to the sound and what I like and don't like.... Same for technology in other areas of life. Basic knowledge.... I am too right brained to get into all...
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    Marshall JCM 2000 DSL tone stack EQ?

    I use two JCM 2000 DSL half stacks at rehearsals with my drummer and they sound awesome with my pedal setup. I was wondering if anyone knew their EQ curves on those amp heads.... I usually have the EQ knobs on the heads all around noon with none of the bass boost or mid shift switches on... My...
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    Fuzz into OD, or OD into Fuzz?

    I like fuzz into OD... I forget the exact reasons why I liked this way more than OD into fuzz but been working for me for about a year. I always have my Malekko Sloika on though set very low gain and output cranked up. Always had twangy bland cleans and the Sloika definitely gives every thing...
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    My Complete Boss Compact Pedal Collection! (video added!)

    first off that second pic needs to be an album cover. Good to see so much boss.. I love their pedals personally too. Not sure why all the purists hate on them.... Proud user of a Tera Echo,Loop Station,Noise Supressor and Graphic EQ.
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    Changing strings to higher gauge

    Alright I will give it a go and see how it is after a few days with the new gauge. Like I mentioned In the original post I am in an open c variation tuning so all but 1 string are tuned down a bit.. hence why I want the lower gauge for less wobble when strumming hard
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