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    Vinyl? Really?

    Fidelity is overrated for me. Vinyl’s limitations, distortion, and even crackles and pops are pleasing to me. I also find visual “noise” (via actual film) to be desirable. A little white noise sounds good too. However, we have no room here so the turntable and records are put away and use Apple...
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    Have you, or would you, pay someone to wire-up your pedalboard?

    no but my homemade board is really simple, everything in front of the amp. all the cabling is on top in case i have an issue which has never happened. it’s basically a time saver version of throwing a bunch of pedals on the floor. those fancy boards do look great and the sky’s the limit as far...
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    Need tips for quickly setting up PA

    i’d question the need for 4 monitors, monitor mixes, sub, ring out monitors, etc at a bar gig. i also have never soundchecked in a bar, nor have i seen one one.
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    Is it Unethical to Buy an Amp Knowing you're Going to Return it?

    sounds like a waste of time
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    Great new Pat Metheny interview

    Some really great stuff in there. I wished they kept going. “everyone sucks compared to Bach” was a good one.
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    does anyone else not like mic-ing up amps when playing live?

    If I am providing sound equipment (little gigs) I keep it vocals only in monitor and mains and try best to keep the volume down. I hipass everything (vocals) and try to make sure there’s no feedback. There’s no “running sound” from the bandstand while playing. One of the singers goes in front of...
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    Live volume advice?

    Practice using the volume controls with the amp wound up. You can do it. The beauty of this is you never know how loud you need to be, so you have control of that right from your guitar and don't have a preset boost like you get with a pedal.
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    Any "gotcha's" I should be aware of changing from electric to acoustic at gigs?

    If you’re playing with a bass player you can dump a lot of low end which will help with feedback and overall clarity.
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    Advice needed for playing at a wedding...

    If it were me: Acoustic drums, combo amp for guitar and your buddy’s pa for announcements. Keep it simple. As for sounding good, just play the best you can. or you could do a stack with a 4x12 fully mic the drums, etc which might make you sound better. The bigger issue is the cross generational...
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    This ''typical'' rootsy-(jump)blues sound, How do I get it??

    Small picture: sounds like great guitar playing through a cranked up old fender, maybe some ambiance added (slapback? spring reverb?)or just the sound of the room. Big picture: emphasis on great playing and singing. Without the vocals, all that guitar and harp, good as it is, would be boring...
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    Is a Bass amp really needed for low volume practice?

    For rehearsal, practice, and gigs just use a real bass amp. Pick the "wonder box" of your choice (rumble, gk, whatever) that's loud enough to get any job done you need. They're all light and portable and have volume knobs. You spend a little more but you don't have to buy and/or store a practice...
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    Motley Crue - Isolated Bass track from Kick Start My Heart - MIDI?

    that's a robot, maybe it's really the bass on the track, i don't know. the big picture result is fantastic, so who cares?
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    Live sound for trio in very small rooms

    i'd get a decent powered speaker and a small mixer with effects. i use an ev elx 112p. i've used it for lots of things (bass guitar, parties, pa, monitor, etc). people also like the qsc, yamahas, etc. i have an active alto 10" for monitoring that was less money and would be fine for something...
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    I IV V question

    what song(s) are you talking about? switching modes based on the chord doesn't make sense for 1 4 5 popular, rock, blues whatever. you're in a key. check out what the vocals and other melodies in the song are doing.
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    Best pedal platform tube amp - No Fender HRD

    a used mesa express 5-50+ is a great clean machine (and then some). loud w/ lots of headroom, great reverb. should come in around your budget. i had the non plus and the clean is def more sparkly on the plus. it's like a fender sound but the bass is much tighter. i think the hot rods are...
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    How many of you also play Bass

    the biggest "guitar" lesson i learned was that unless you're playing unison lines with the bass (which is pretty rare except in big rock guitar) the sixth string is bass territory and just gets in the way. the technique is and actual music played is different for sure but being "on time" is a...
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    Thd Univalve question

    You’re correct on all counts. However, I need a loud clean amp for live. Also, having guitar in the monitors can be an issue, I usually assume the amp will be the monitor.
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    Thd Univalve question

    I miss the one I had. Killer distorted guitar sound, but all the options compromised the sound. I liked Hi input, Attenuator off, noise reduction off, 6v6 or el34 into a pair of Celestions. The high end was really good. to me it was a recording amp and sounded best set one way, cranked up and...
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    This guy is really not happy with MESA

    this seems most likely and is in fact what it sounds like in the video. I've had that exact problem--spade connector wasn't making good contact and vibrations would cause that exact sound. I guess it's possible they sent him the original chassis or the new one had exactly the same issue. Both of...
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    Joined new band, will have a 3-5 minute guitar solo spot, what do I play???

    I’d work up acoustic cannonball rag or some such and find a way to segue into the next tune with the band. A bit flashy and also Provides contrast to the band sound.I’m not sure it’s stylistically appropriate, depends on your song list. I guess it depends where you are but a 3-5 minute...
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    Have any of you successfully dealt with tendonitis?

    See an expert recommended by your Dr. Stay hydrated. Play electric with your amp turned up a little more than "normal" and play as softly as possible (light touch). Let the amp do the work. Stretch. Try standing up straight when you play, don't hunch over the guitar. I find it easier to...
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    "Tune-Up"-What key?

    That move would sound great in a minor blues! crazy. I wish that when I was studying this stuff I could hear it like I do now.
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    Semi beginner at keyboards: is this long term goal a dumb idea?

    I’ve been working on this on main stage but I don’t like getting too far in the weeds with programming since it could easily take up all my practice time. I’ve worked up parts of Billie Jean. It’s very rough but I’m seeing a lot of improvement. Im going to try MJB’s “real love” this weekend.
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