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  1. J

    Lyre Vibrola on a Les Paul

    Hi, has anyone ever done this? Pros/cons? Google turns up Roger Filgate, ex-Wishbone Ash, but I can't find any decent photos of how everything would line up, specifically in relation to the volume knobs. Cheers all!
  2. J

    Extension cab for PRRI?

    Hi all, can anyone tell me whether it's safe to run an 8 or 16 ohm extension cab while still using the on-board 8 ohm speaker in a Princeton reissue? I know what the manual says about it, I was just wondering if it's a safe/advisable mismatch. Thanks in advance.
  3. J

    Keep an eye open please folks...

  4. J

    Birthday guitar!

    Yeah, 47 today! A bit of background, I do a lot of paid studio sessions and the occasional tour in all sorts of musical styles, but at heart I'm a big ugly biker whose own projects are usually based around a kind of hot-rodded rockabilly style. The guitars in the background are the ones I use...
  5. J

    Help! Varitone and treble bleed problems...

    ...Hi, folks, just a bit of background, I always run treble bleed caps on all my guitars, of varying values, depending on the application. I just installed a pre-wired loom with varitone from an Epi Lucille into an old semi I had lying around. So far so good, everything works as normal. The...
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