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  1. High Pedality

    Boss TB-2W (Boss ft. Sola Sound Unite)

    #563 has landed. Not much to say that hasn't already been said. Purchased from Zzounds back in February and yeah, it's completely fantastic. Really exceeded my expectations actually. I mean, it's a fuzz. It's nothing we haven't heard 1000 times before but there's also absolutely nothing I could...
  2. High Pedality

    Universal Audio UAFX Pedal Series: Golden Reverbreator, Starlight Echo Station, Astra Modulation Machine

    I now have all three and I run them how I typically run everything when laying out a board... Source into... Tone based (dirt, compression) into... Modulation (chorus, phase, flange, octave, pitch, etc) into... Astra here Time based (delay, reverb, looper) Starlight and then Golden here
  3. High Pedality

    The most expensive pedal you don't use.

    My Moogerfooger collection. They sound incredible but use specific power, are huge, the patch points on the back are unfortunately not a great design. I'm working on an extremely extensive video series with them this summer though so they'll be getting some use soon enough.
  4. High Pedality

    If you only had one modulation pedal on your board - what would it be?

    For something analog/classic, the ADA Flanger by a long shot. For something new that gives you a nice spread, Universal Audio Astra.
  5. High Pedality

    Chorus QUEST: Warped Vinyl, Analogman, CE2?

    It all depends on what you're looking for but when it comes to chorus, that effect starts and ends with Boss/Roland for me. It's just the sound I grew up with. The CE-1 was as far as I know the first chorus pedal ever made even though it wasn't even designed for guitar players but for...
  6. High Pedality

    Glou Glou Loupe - I actually managed to nab one!

    As a user of the EDP, this is definitely one of my most anticipated pedals of the year. So incredibly grateful that a company finally took note of the best performative looper ever made and built from that into something more modern that you can stick on your pedalboard.
  7. High Pedality

    JHS Morning Glory V1 2009 Throwback

    #16 reporting for duty. My first introduction to JHS was when they were doing synth mods on DS-1's with the little black and green sticker. Then the stamped pedals came out shortly after when I was working at Motor City Guitar and I brought them in pretty early on. Anyways, kinda surprised there...
  8. High Pedality

    Anyone know what happened to the Ross reissues?

    I mean, just about every Ross grey comp clone is at least $225, not to mention that vintage ones are fetching around $500 on the open market. That doesn't seem like a bad price by comparison.
  9. High Pedality

    Anyone know what happened to the Ross reissues?

    A couple years ago, it seemed that a nephew or grandson of the company rebooted it. Got the Distortion and Compressor out and then radio silence. I was really stoked about this and deeply regret not grabbing a comp at the time. Anyone know what happened?
  10. High Pedality

    Reverb's The Pedal Movie is out

    Absolutely fantastic. Loved it.
  11. High Pedality

    Midas 501 Mic Pre

    If you were to want the ultimate demo that just covered everything you've ever wanted to know about this mysterious machine, what would that all entail?
  12. High Pedality

    Midas 501 Mic Pre

    These are supposed to be pretty cool right?
  13. High Pedality

    JHS pedals I think would be neat...

    I would consider the Colourbox highly original, yet underrated. It's an interesting pedal that bridges the gap between the pro audio and musician type. $399 for a Neve-inspired pre with a detailed bax EQ that you can not only use a guitar effect but as a really excellent mic pre! Lundahl...
  14. High Pedality

    Universal Audio UAFX Pedal Series: Golden Reverbreator, Starlight Echo Station, Astra Modulation Machine

    Not sure if this is the issue at hand but when I demoed them, I used a One Spot and had no issues whatsoever.
  15. High Pedality

    Boss TB-2W (Boss ft. Sola Sound Unite)

    Got yet another backorder notice from Zzounds saying "May". I'm really in no rush for it. It'll get here when it gets here.
  16. High Pedality

    PCM Advice (PCM41 and PCM81 related)

    The ins and outs are wired via XLR M and F into two channels of my patch bay which all feeds into a Universal Audio X8p interface. I notice that yeah, basically what you said, if I don't have them patched on the front of the bay, the meters will just be surging all the way up and then when I...
  17. High Pedality

    PCM Advice (PCM41 and PCM81 related)

    So, I'm a complete bonehead. I didn't realize these were TRS units. Before I was literally just plugging my guitar into the rack, into the an amp, hence the buzz. Upon receiving my PCM 81 in the mail, on the back of the unit it says "balanced input/out" and then I was like, "oh man, you've...
  18. High Pedality

    Can this Zendrive pedal be an original Hermida unit?

    I used to work for Lovepedal. Looks like one of the first run LP Zendrives judging by the blue LED and placement of it. Sounds pretty much identical to an Alf made version.
  19. High Pedality

    Flanger fans: opinions on new purchase - Orbit, MXR, ADA, Retro-Sonic

    I've owned green label Electric Mistresses and Poly Chorus, vintage MXR 4 knobs, every Boss flanger (Hi Band is the best) and in my personal opinion the ADA would be my one stop shop, desert island choice for all things subtle, completely insane/experimental and everything in between. By far my...
  20. High Pedality

    Universal Audio UAFX Pedal Series: Golden Reverbreator, Starlight Echo Station, Astra Modulation Machine

    I'll just say that upon demoing them, this was the one that shocked me the most. I pretty much knew the Starlight and Golden were going to be crazy but the Astra is absolutely on par with the other two. The Flanger/Doubler alone is loaded with fantastic and freaky stuff also having a slooowwww...
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