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    Hotone Tape Eko delay pedal, where to find ?

    Hi all, last night I plugged my Boss MS-3 from my guitar board with my Bass Station 2 synth, that was a lot of fun, especially the delays. Now the MS-3 isn't really hands on, so I'm thinking I should get a dedicated delay pedal for the synth. I looked around with features I'd like in mind and...
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    Boss MS-3 Tips, Tricks & Settings Thread

    has everyone moved on to the new thing already ? :D
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    Boss MS-3 Tips, Tricks & Settings Thread

    the Boss DM-2W analog delay has an input jack for “rate”, can you connect the MS-3’s CTLOUT 1 or 2 to the DM-2W’s rate input to control the rate position per patch ? so as to have different delay times changing along with patches. thanks
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    Boss ms3 vs some pedals

    i’ve had this unit for a few months and since i dont have other pedals (sold everything a few years back and needed something small for a tour so i got the ms-3). here are my two cents of the effects blocks i’ve used phaser - good enough dirts - remarkable chorus - does the job reverbs - lacks...
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    peavey transchorus 210, feedback ? mods ? drives ?

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience, do you mean to say that the amp was already fitted with those speakers before you bought it ? just wanting to know if you had comparison experience with what was in it before (blue marvel). Also, did you get a chance to try out some funky riffs ? like...
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    peavey transchorus 210, feedback ? mods ? drives ?

    will be trying an outboard EQ later tonight, maybe i can target those clunky frequencies
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    peavey transchorus 210, feedback ? mods ? drives ?

    i tried a tech 21 blonde in the fx loop return to bypass the preamp section but it didn’t help at all, so i’m a little bit more sure it’s the speakers that need changing
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    peavey transchorus 210, feedback ? mods ? drives ?

    hi all recently got this amp on the used market for not so much, the analog chorus circuit is gorgeous, the size and weight perfect for me, reverb tank good enough, drive channels horribly fizzy and plastic-y. i got this amp because i started playing with a soon to be touring band that required...
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    can anyone identify this mic stand model/brand ?

    i bought two of those mic stands from a used parts store, they didn't know the brand or model, i really like them and use them with synths on an on-stage msa5000, they don't wiggle too much compared to my other stands, would like to get a third one but can't find which model or maker it is from...
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    Sanding rosewood fretboard to get lighter wood colour

    seriously, what is you people's problem ? first of all, the response i got is that normally rosewood stays consistent in colour but sometimes they add dye so yes it could work to an extent, i looked at mine and it was difficult to tell, i don't see what's weird about taking a chance once you've...
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    Sanding rosewood fretboard to get lighter wood colour

    gonna take a chance, in the event that i destroy the neck completely, at least i'll have a good reason to get a new neck
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    Sanding rosewood fretboard to get lighter wood colour

    I was wondering if sanding my medium-dark rosewood fingerboard would turn it into a lighter colored rosewood ? I prefer my rosewood light ! changing the neck on my 80$ mustang isn't an option. might be a cheap guitbox but it's my main axe. it's the orange one on the left... wish i could...
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    Vintage boss me-5 mojo

    it doesn't, also the chorus part is certainly not a CE-1 circuit, more like a CE-2.
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    Which amp to use with my modeler ?

    Hey guys and gals, I already own a TC Helicon Voicelive 3 which has guitar amp simulation on-board, i'd love to use it efficiently when performing live, i don't own a working guitar amp at the moment, was shopping for one and was wondering what y'all use for an amp with your modellers ? I...
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    Line 6 M5 lag when switching preset via MIDI ?

    I want to use this pedal in a setup where synth also goes through it, the presets on it would be midi triggered, though i'm wondering if there is a lag (audio cuts or effect not in yet) when changing presets while audio is passing through like the eventide M9 does (which renders it unusable for...
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    no idea how much this guitar's worth... Reverend Reeves Gabrels

    thanks for the advice ! i'm pretty positive it came with the stetsbar, if it didn't then i'll replace the bridge with a regular stoptail before selling it, good to know i can hope to get a bit more for it than i initially thought, i can't find sold listing on eBay in pure auction format, i...
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    no idea how much this guitar's worth... Reverend Reeves Gabrels

    So a few years ago i bought this guitar for 500$ CAN. The idea was that i wanted to replace its stetsbar with a stop tail and keep the tremolo for another guitar, i figured since the stetsbar alone goes for 300$ CAN, i was getting a free Reverend guitar in the process. Turns out the project...
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    Guitar metal flakes refinish question with video.

    Actually is a bass, i'm trying to get a light blue metal flakes finish for my bass, kind of like in this video : But very noob to this, i read a lot on the subject, but it's hard to get answers because a lot of folks have conflicting opinions, i guess there are many ways to go about this. So...
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    Few questions about the Eventide Timefactor

    The H9 would be ideal as i also need reverb, but it's so much money and impossible to find used, unlike the sheer number of timefactors in local ads. Plus i'd need an extra midi footswitch to switch presets on the fly and some extra knobs so i can tweak the delays into space UFO madness. This...
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    Few questions about the Eventide Timefactor

    Anyone here care to share their experiences with the Eventide Timefactor ? I have a few questions : I heard some nice chorus samples from it, but can you also make phasers and flangers ? (without delay) And about that chorus setting... i heard it in set up in stereo in a youtube vid... but...
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    TimeFactor V3 patches — show us your best stuff

    Does this update add different types of modulations and completely new features ? I searched over and couldn't find a list of updated items from V1 to V2 and V2 to V3. I'm asking because i might be getting one and i'm wondering if it can create a pseudo flanger and phaser sound.
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