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  1. koa

    Anyone in NE Ohio Western PA who could help with my 5f1 kit???

    Bump for help. Thanks
  2. koa

    Anyone in NE Ohio Western PA who could help with my 5f1 kit???

    As the title states I need some help with a 5f1 kit that I recently picked up from Mojotone. It smoked 2 resistors when I powered it up. Thanks
  3. koa

    Tweed Champ kits

    Thanks for all of the info. I’m leaning towards Mojotone since this will be my first build and they have what appears to be the best instructions.
  4. koa

    Tweed Champ kits

    What the consensus on these? Anybody do one of these lately? I’ve done the search function on this and was just looking to find some new info on these. I understand Mojotone is offering a complete instruction manual with these now. Thanks
  5. koa

    Amp with drippiest onboard reverb you’ve ever heard?

    Swart STR for me
  6. koa

    Another 1x12 Cab Build with Pics

    Looks great!!!! What did you use for the grill cloth? Do you have a link to it?
  7. koa

    Marshall Origin

    Where did you find it for that price?
  8. koa

    Marshall Origin

    Well... I just caved and ordered the 20 watt combo. It should be here by the weekend. I just want it for home use so hopefully the 10 inch speaker isn’t as bad as we think. If all else fails I have a 12 inch I could throw in it.
  9. koa

    Vox Ac15c1 Or Vox Ac10

    Also, what’s the current consensus on clipping the bright cap in the TB channel?
  10. koa

    Vox Ac15c1 Or Vox Ac10

    For those of you who changed tubes in their AC10/15 how much of a difference did it make?
  11. koa

    Vox Ac15c1 Or Vox Ac10

    Does the 10 take dirt pedals well?
  12. koa

    Vox Ac15c1 Or Vox Ac10

    Looking to get into the Vox world. Between these to amps which would you chose and why. I’m only looking for home use as I don’t gig anymore. Currently playing rootsy blues rock with Teles and Strats. Thanks
  13. koa

    Not expecting to love a Champ

    I love my '67 Champ. It has a Weber speaker and sounds glorious. Best home amp out there IMO. Congrats!
  14. koa

    Supro black magic or Saturn

    I just picked up a Saturn. Honestly it's a no brainer at the discount price. I was thinking about a Comet or BM but there's no way I'd ever be able to get them loud enough for them to shine. The Saturn is somewhat Deluxe Reverbish but is much warmer and fuller sounding. It sounds huge for such a...
  15. koa

    NVAD Sears Silvertone 1484

    Nice score!
  16. koa

    Best Boutique Low Watt Tweed deluxe

    Sounds fantastic! Great playing too!!!
  17. koa

    What's your favorite small vintage amp?

    Vibro champ or Tweed Princeton
  18. koa

    65 Deluxe Reverb RI or 68 Custom Deluxe Reverb

    My thoughts exactly
  19. koa

    NAD - Amplified Nation Dirty Wonderland

    Very nice... Classy looking head
  20. koa

    Do tube amps with 8" speakers sound good in a band setting if

    Not for me they don't. The 8" speaker just won't hold together enough for me. YMMV
  21. koa

    NAD - Suhr PT100SE and 2x12" Cab

    Sweet amp man. You did well. Enjoy!
  22. koa

    Fender 68 Custom Vibrolux tone-and with OD pedal?

    I'd like to know this as well.
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