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    Waves chooses July 4th weekend to end the special on the Reel ADT?

    Man, I was finally gonna buy it for the $99 introductory price only to find that Waves has ended the special! OK......but on July 4th weekend??? Seems odd to me. I sure didn't expect that. Obviously they can do what they want and it's my fault for dragging my feet but after reading the review in...
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    Where can I get a few cables for a Pedal Power 2?

    I only need a few. Does anyone know if GC carries something that will work? It's about an hours drive to the nearest GC so I thought I'd ask here first. Thanks :)
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    What's your favorite LPF?

    What's your fav LPF? I'm sure people have favorites and I'm wondering what they are. Or, put another way, what EQ has your fav LPF? I'm looking for a good EQ for surgical duties and nice sounding LPF and HPF. Although I've never used it, the MCDSP NF575 fits the bill as far as functionality...
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    What are your fav Echoboy choices for vocals

    I've had the Echoboy for a while now and I really dig it. But there are so many choices, it's kind of like, where do I start with this thing??! So I thought I'd ask other Echoboy users what are your fav delay types and settings for vocals. 1. For ballad type vocals where you want the delay not...
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    NHD: Focal Spirit Professional

    I've had the Focal Spirit Pro's for a few weeks now and could not be happier! Up until a couple of yrs ago I mixed on JBL 4311's. They're super old school but I knew them well and got good mixes from them. Then I decided to try something new and picked up a pair of Adam A7x's. I love mixing on...
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    pls recommend some good online mastering studios

    My band will be finishing up our latest CD and we're looking for recommendations for good online mastering studios. The cd will be around 45 minutes and our budget is around $1500.00. The musical style is pretty broad.......kind of a Wilco, Neil Young, maybe Beatles kind of thing. Thanks for...
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    Any deals on the Focal Spirit Pro's?

    I'm thinking about buying a pair of the Focal Spirit Pro headphones. It looks like they go for around $350.00 most everywhere. Do any of you guys know about any sales or package deals that are going on? Thanks!
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    When I open SoundToys Microshift this is what I get...

    I recently upgraded from Little Microshift to Microshift. It seemed to install fine and it shows as being activated in the ilok manager. But when I open it, this is what I get. Even more strange is that I can definitely hear the effect. It's working! But, as you can see, there's no UI. More...
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    Where can I buy Dean Markley Helix Pure Nickel electric guitar strings?

    I'd like to try these strings but can't find them for sale anywhere. Are they out yet? Anyone tried them? http://www.premierguitar.com/articles/20419-dean-markley-announces-helix-pure-nickel-guitar-strings
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    Arc Klone V2 bass boost: On or Off?

    I got an Arc Klone V2 a few days ago and I gotta say, I'm really digging this thing! What it does to the mids is magical. It adds a kind of muscle to my tone that is indescribable. Plus it just plain feels good to play! So, this morning I got around to pulling the back off and flipping the bass...
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    Is there a plugin that does a good Leslie simulation?

    I'm mixing a CD and it would be nice to be able to apply a Leslie effect to a few guitar parts. I don't have any outboard gear that can do this. So I'm wondering if there's a plugin that can? Thanks!
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    How can I tell if my Arc Klone V2 is a fake or not?

    I just bought a new Arc Klone V2 from a guy on Ebay. It should be here tomorrow. Everyone seems to be out of them, but this guy had this one and I bought it. He has 8000+ sales, all positive. But right after I bought this one, he put another one up for sale. I'm not sure why, but this makes me...
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    What does the Massey Tape Head do to the stereo image?

    I just downloaded the VST plugins that Massey has available, one of which is the Massey Tape Head. The first thing I did was put it on the main stereo buss of a track I'm working on. It sounds really good but it seems to collapse the stereo image. Does anyone know what's going on here? Is...
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    What do you guys think about Waves Q-Clone?

    I don't have any awesome outboard EQ's that I'd want to clone. But, seeing as how it's on sale, how would you rate the Q-Clone as an EQ? It's supposed to come with a large library of modeled EQs. For $49.00 it seems like it would be hard to go wrong. So, anybody out there using it with just...
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    Where's the best place to upload songs for sound quality and bang for the buck?

    My band would like to start uploading more songs to the net. We're thinking about upgrading our Soundcloud account to Pro for more space but before we do that I wanted to ask you guys for suggestions. We're wondering what the best place would be that would meet these criteria: Reasonable price...
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    I'm looking for the guy that I sold my Bogner Goldfinger too

    I sold a white Bogner Goldfinger with matching 2x12 cab to someone here on TGP a yr or so ago. If you see this, please contact me.
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    PSA: Carbon Copy $117.00 at Amazon

    Seems like a good deal so I thought I'd pass it on. No idea how long this price will last. I just ordered one. :)
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    Grosh not staying in tune...

    I've had this Grosh Strat for about six yrs and it's always done a good job of staying in tune no matter how hard I use the wammy bar. However, it's not doing very well lately. What do you think the culprit is? It's gotta be the nut, right? I used some nut lube ( :banana ) the last time I...
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    NSD: H75 Creamback

    I've been looking for the right speaker for my Lil Elvis combo since I got it about six months ago. With the LE only having a single tone control, the right speaker became very important to me. I've been through a lot of speakers with this amp recently. The top two were a Scumback J75 and an M65...
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    What's a good el34 besides Winged C ?

    It's time for some new power tubes for my Fargen Bordeaux. The Fargen is a bit hard on power tubes and I've been using the winged C's for quite a while but at @ $80 a pair I'd like to give something else a try. So what are some other el34's that aren't as pricey as the winged C but still get...
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    Anyone have problems with orders from Hermida?

    I really want to order a Hermida Reverb 2 pedal but his online store doesn't seem to be working. It takes me to some crazy Vendio page were one would go to create their own online store. I did I little research and it looks like there have been some problems with people getting the items they...
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    Building a new DAW. How much would this cost?

    Hi Guys, I know no one can give me an exact answer without sourcing the parts but I'm torn between building a new DAW or buying a pre-built PC that's tweaked for audio production. The basic specs for the pre-built PC DAW are: · Silent Mid-tower Case · Intel i7 3770 @ 3.9GHz · Large/quiet...
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    How does the new Creamback compare to a G12h30?

    I recently bought a Lil Elvis from a TGP member and it came to me with a Jenson ri speaker. It sounds good but I'm not sure it would be my choice for this amp. The Lil Elvis comes stock with a G12h30 but Dan did one of his lunch time videos with a Lil Elvis loaded with a new Creamback and the...
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    I need help with contact info for 65amps

    I recently picked up a 65amps Lil Elvis. I love the basic tone of the amp but want to send it to 65amps for a check up. I called the information and customer service number they have listed on their web site. Someone named Rich answered the phone but said this number (818-760-5089) has nothing...
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    Anyone bought from these guys? Seems like a good deal!

    http://www.avalive.com/Waves/CLCNA/117812/productDetail.php?utm_source=googleBase&utm_medium=feed&utm_content=CLCNA&gclid=COiUlqe1xbQCFUlxQgodVmEA3w I'm thinking about buying the Waves CLA Sig plugins and came across this. Has anyone bought from or heard of these guys?
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