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    Boss RV-500?

    Now we need a reverse demo, to see if it's Kevin Shields approved or some other flavor.
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    Boss RV-500?

    Mmmmm. Maybe since you can have a dual patch, mixing some early reflection with that reverse...
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    Boss RV-500?

    When you go to features, there's a section called non-linear... https://www.boss.info/us/products/rv-500/
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    Boss RV-500?

    IT DOES!
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    New TC doubler pedal announced

    I just fired my band's guitar player.
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    Got mine for 250.00... It could happen :)
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    Rat+ od+dd7+dig+keeley caverns or TC HOF.
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    Strymon DIG

    It took 2 delays out of my board. Love it.
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    The DOD's Looking Glass Thread.

    Here is mine! Love it! Thanks to V and Tom!
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    Help me with my first post rock/shoe gaze/ambient pedalboard !

    Dd-7 and or zoom cdr. Have both and love them... Although I have a Keeley caverns too and a Strymon Dig, Have fun.
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    Sold Boss DM-2 mint-250 obo

    Black label japan. 80s. Works perfectly. 3205 chip. Paypal gift shipped.
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    [Line 6 Echo Park] - An ode to a great, small delay that is often overlooked

    Reverb did an article on some pedals, the Echo Park included. Expect the prices to go higher now.
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    Something comparable to Line6 M5 in size but Delay, Verb, Mod all together?

    I use the Zoom CDR with a controller made by this guy:
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    Anybody rocking a Maxon D&S?

    Not the D&S II... Lemme hear you...
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    The DOD's Looking Glass Thread.

    Sexy pedal is sexy.
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    The DOD's Looking Glass Thread.

    Yeah. I want some TGP videos.
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    Prince lead tone?

    And by doing that he was part of one of the most memorable performances on the Hall of Fame. Did the same with the Super Bowl. What a badass.
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    just bought my 40th BOSS pedal

    Pics or it never happened :D
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    The DOD's Looking Glass Thread.

    Reverb has like 5...
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    The DOD's Looking Glass Thread.

    shipping. Saw it on the reverb site, and no it isn't me selling them.
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