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    Single cutaway hollow body guitar kits

    I've put together a few set neck guitars from Precision Guitar Kits. Both wound up as amazing guitars, despite my best efforts. I'm now on the hunt for a single cutaway kit similar to a Collings SoCo 16. I've bugged the PGK guys about programming this with no luck. Does anything like this exist?
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    Recommend me some proper Jazz bass tuning keys?

    I'm building my first bass, and as a guitar player, I'm clueless on decent hardware. I'm starting with Precision Guitar Kits bones. PGK makes top-shelf 6 string kits, I expect the J bass to be no different. I've gone with Fralin pickups and electronics, and a high mass Badass bridge. I'm hoping...
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    J bass kit for Xmas. Guitar player knows nothing. What do I need to buy?

    I've boult about a dozen Warmoth and Precision Guitar Kits guitars. My lovely wife hit me with a PGK J kit for christmas, maple neck, alder body. I literally know less than nothing about how to equip this thing. As with all PGK offerings, the quality is stellar. I fit the neck into the pocket...
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    Stupid 12 string tuning key question

    I'm looking at Grover mini roto-grip tuners for a Starcaster project. My Sound Guitar Works Fender-ish neck just arrived. I am looking at picking up a set of inline 6 right handed and left handed tuners. The lefties are hard to find, and the inlines are more expensive than the 3 per sides. Is...
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    Pickups that can get me close to a Rickenbacker 12-string tone

    I love everything about Rickenbackers except playing them. I am thinking about building a 12-string that I can actually play, with a Warmoth 12 string neck, 1-3/4" nut width, '59 Roundback neck carve, and an alder semi-hollow Jazzmaster body. I have sets of Fralin noiseless P90s and TV Jones...
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    Rickenbacker tone from WRHB sized pickup?

    I have a Modern Player Starcaster body that I like quite a bit, but the stock pickups suck. I was about to drop on a set of Lollar Regals, but what I'm really after is something more like the tone of a Rickenbacker 360. This is a partscaster project, currently with at Warmoth Strat neck and a...
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    Building my first acoustic kit. What finish?

    I've done a ton of TruOil finishes on guitars, but I'm pretty sick of the labor involved. I'm looking for a simple, non-toxic (i.e. not nitro) finish that doesn't require a ton of effort and simultaneously won't be incompatible with what a good acoustic is supposed to sound like. Any suggestions?
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    Longtime guitar player, buying first Fender bass. School me?

    I'm about to bag my first bass ever, purely for recording. I'm a good enough guitar player but a total bass hack. I'm hoping for something easy to play with versatile tones. I'm gravitating towards something from the Fender Player series. For versatility and ease of play, Precision, Jazz, or...
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    Poweramp for modelers: Mesa, Fryette, or Duncan, and why?

    I'm liking what I get out of my AX8 into my Duncan Powerstage 700, but still can't shake the feeling that a great modeling preamp into a great tube power amp is the best of all options. I'm looking at picking up either a Mesa 2:50 or a Fryette LXII. Other than the form factor, these seem to be...
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    Combo amps for modelers?

    I am currently running an AX8 stereo into a Duncan Powerstage 700, into a pair of Mesa Transatlantic 23 cabinets with C90s. I am pretty happy with the tones I can get from this rig. However, I do still prefer the feel of running the AX8 into my Mesa Transatlantic 30 head loop return into the...
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    Wiring question: What did I do wrong here?

    I just put a set of Lollar Dirty Blonde strat pickups in a partscaster. They sound fantastic, but I seem to have royally screwed something up. When I put the switch between the bridge and middle pickups, the bridge tone knob functions as a volume and makes no change to the tone. The same thing...
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    Move the bridge, or move the neck?

    I recently picked up a loaded Fender Starcaster Modern Player body, with the intention of mating it to a Warmoth strat neck. I love the Starcaster concept but can't stand the look of the original headstock. The original Fender neck has no overhang and has frets all the way to the end of the...
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    Ax8 with Duncan Powerstage 700

    I bagged the Powerstage on Monday, and was finally able to hear it with my AX8 through my stereo Mesa Transatlantic 23 cabinets, both loaded with Black Shadow C90s. I kept A/Bing between the Fractal/Duncan rig and my Mesa TA 30 and Mark V. It took me about 2 hours to finally admit that I had...
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    Suggest me some vintage strat pickups for a flat radius neck

    I have a partscaster that I wanted to drop some Klein Epic 59s into, when I learned that they won't do RW/RP for noise canceling in positions 2+4. I need flat pole pieces for my 10-16" radius neck. There area ton of good vintage strat pickups out there, and before I default to Lollars (as one...
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    Strat pickups for compound radius

    I have a Warmoth partscaster that currently houses Mojotone Quiet Coil 58s. They sound great, but now that I'm mainly playing at home I don't need noiseless pickups any longer. The neck has a 10-16" compound radius, so I need something with flat pole pieces. I was looking at Fender Pure Vintage...
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    Where are the best AX8 presets to be found?

    I've recently come to the conclusion that I have more fun with my AX8 using Glenn DeLaune's AX8 patches than I do with my own. I spend far less time tweaking and far more playing when I start with something that is already a fully realized patch. His stuff sounds great, but it's limited to a few...
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    For those that have both, how much better is AxeFXIII vs AX8?

    First, context: I'm a guy that at this point is realistically going to remain a home studio player. I'm staring at a bunch of amps and a big pedal board that I haven't turned on in a year. The last time I played live I ran my AX8 into a little Carvin power amp and a Mesa cab. It sounded great. I...
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    Current power options for running modelers into cabinets?

    I run an AX8 into my Mesa TA30 using 4CM with all the power amp simulations and cabs bypassed. It sounds amazing this way. The top boost channel on the TA30 is essentially the front end of an AC30. Using the Fractal model I can get it so close that I can't really tell the difference between the...
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    What year gave up the quintessential strat tones, and why?

    If you were allowed only one strat to use as a session player, covering the entire spectrum of strat-specific tones and genres of music, what would it be, and why? For a Les Paul, the choice is pretty obvious, with the world chasing the tone of a '59 burst. It seems less obvious with strats...
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    Escaping from noiseless pickups: Klein, Don Mare, Lollar?

    I'm done with gigging for the foreseeable future, and thus no longer need to put up with the compromises of noiseless pickups vs real single coils. I have owned about 6 sets of noiseless strat pickups (Mojotones, Kinmans, Areas, Fenders), and played several others (Fralins, Zexcoils). They all...
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    Modifications to Jazzmaster rhythm circuit?

    I have a Warmoth Jazzmaster, and I want to put the rhythm circuit to better use. The guitar is a total mutant, with Filtertrons and an LR Baggs Piezo bridge. I have the piezo wired into one of the tone pots, with a small 3-way switch to toggle between the magnets, piezo, or both. I never touch...
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    School me on the Bigsby B5

    I am planning to drop a Bigsby onto a Warmoth Jazzcaster body. This will be my first Bigsby experience, so excuse the dumb questions. Are there different grades of Bigsby? I see several "USA" B5s on eBay and Reverb for around $100, and what appears to be the same thing at Allparts for twice the...
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    Help me with this wiring scheme, please

    I'm building a Telemaster wired up like a Baker B3 Phoenix. Pickups will be a Lollar telecaster bridge, and Lollar Firebird pickups in the middle and neck. I'm using tele controls and a 5-way switch like a Nashville tele, but I want to add a coil split to the neck and middle with a push-pull...
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    How do I fix a ding in a maple neck?

    I have a maple telecaster neck that has a small dent on the back, maybe 1mm wide and deep. It's big enough to be annoying everyone I slide over it. The neck is finished with about 6 coats of Tru Oil. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
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    How many guitars is too many?

    I stopped buying guitars years ago when I realized that I liked my partscasters more than my PRS, Fenders, and Gibsons. I stopped buying gear when I realized that between my Mesa TA30 and my AX8 anything else was pretty much superfluous. I seem to have successfully cured myself of GAS regarding...
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