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    Synergy modular thread

    Get a syn 1 and run it into the effects loop return.
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    Synergy modular thread

    The dig is great at what it does, but only 2 presets and no midi. It’s not really competitive at that price point unless you’re ok with just 2 sounds on the fly.
  3. K

    Dimension C alternatives?

    Mxr 5150 chorus
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    Anyone ever play AC/DC for an audience, on a Strat?

    In the early years Angus and Malcolm shared a Tele as their backup guitar.
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    Blowin' $3K - Synergy or Bogner or Something Classic

    There’s a huge synergy thread in the rack forum, it’s a very good system. Personally, it’s im not a fan of the ecstasy and shiva, although I do like the uberschall. For 3k I’d either go with the fryette deliverance or a friedman of some sort.
  6. K

    PAF spec bridge pickup thin?

    Sounds like you may want to try a brighter speaker or amp.
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    Fryette Deliverance Series 1 vs 2 : Soundclips

    I installed the loop in my d60, doesn’t mess with the tone at all.
  8. K

    Price Check-Marshall 30th Anniversary

  9. K

    Truetone PSU, reliability, warranty...

    Jhs is probably talking about the onespot daisy chain, not the trutone isolated supplies. The cs12, cs7, and cs6 are nice units, not much different than the strymon and newer cioks supplies.
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    Synergy modular thread

    List price on the lxii is $200 more than the 50/50.
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    Fryette Deliverance Series 1 vs 2 : Soundclips

    I went down the nos rabbit hole, wasn’t worth it. I went back to Chinese pres in every spot but v1, which currently has a reissue Tung Sol.
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    Fryette Deliverance Series 1 vs 2 : Soundclips

    Theyve also used different preamp tubes over the years, which could account for some differences.
  13. K

    Mesa Mark V vs Fryette Sig X

    KSR is more like a 5150 than Mesa. Great amps, with excellent midi controls.
  14. K

    PRS enthusiasts, knownwhat this is?

    Some sort of custom 24. My c22 has 2 knobs and a 3 way from the factory, not all prsi have the 5 way anymore.
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    PRS S2 Nitro Durability (IME it's not)

    You can have nitro or you can have durability, but you can’t have both.
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    Boss TAE vs Fryette PS2 vs ??

    Other people have looked at the circuit and found issues, not sure if Steve actually has.
  17. K

    Boss TAE vs Fryette PS2 vs ??

    You can check last night’s edition of Friedman’s tone talk on YouTube. He addresses this.
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    Boss TAE vs Fryette PS2 vs ??

    Friedman and Suhr.
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    Figured Out What's Better Than a Deliverance

    How does the 2 compare to the original?
  20. K

    Zakk wylde tone

    If you’re talking about his rhythm tone on the ozzy stuff, that’s stereo with a detune effect. Tubes, different drives, etc aren’t going to make much difference. His live tone is just jcm800 and his od, great tone but no voodoo.
  21. K

    Fulltone Gold Standard Cable

    I think belden made a similar 2 conductor cable. The fulltones were not the usual coax guitar cable. The planet waves stuff sounds good, but I’ve had high failure rate with them. Currently looking for some good, low cap cables myself.
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    Treble bleed circuit - alertnative?

    Short cable to buffer…
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