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    Rec's needed-blues in the style of RL Burnside

    Hi TGP folks! I've recently rediscovered RL Burnside and was hoping to get some recommendations on other artists & bands with a similar style. Y'know...fast paced, grinding, butt-shakin roadhouse style blues like his Mr Wizard album. Thanks in advance!
  2. K

    RIP tweed Lava Cable. RIP my friend.

    I've had two of the tweed 15' Lava ELC cables forever. Pretty sure I've had them since the early or mid 2000s. I swear I've had them since the late 90's but apparently the company started in 2004 LOL. I've done dozens and dozens of gigs and rehearsals with them and never had a single issue. They...
  3. K

    Wow, never realized what a laser-beam my 2x12 cab is

    I played my first gig in a years a couple weekends back using my THD Flexi into a Matchless 2x12. It was outdoors so I thought the open-back cab would do a good job dispersing the sound. Wrong! While sound-checking, if I stood more than a foot or so to either side of the cab, the volume just...
  4. K

    Song suggestions needed for Trad nite at the pub

    Hi folks, I'm in Ireland for a few weeks for work and went to a traditional music night at a local pub with some friends last week. I was handed a guitar and ended up sitting in on a handful of songs with the players. It was awesome...really, really awesome! I pretty much just tried to keep...
  5. K

    What's the opinion on M-Audio monitors?

    Hi all, I'm looking to purchase my first set of studio monitors and was hoping to get some opinions on M-Audio's stuff. I'll just be using these to mix some basic recordings done at home or for playing my Axe-FX thru when I can't crank it thru the 4x12. I get a massive discount on M-Audio...
  6. K

    Firebird cases

    Hola, so I recently picked up a Firebird V. Fantastic guitar, but the case is freakin GINORMOUS. I could have lived in it with a roommate in my college days. Does anybody make a *normal* sized case for a FB? Thx, Kush
  7. K

    We opened for a band that had WAY crappier gear than us...

    I read a thread here a few weeks back titled something like "another band opened for us that had WAY better gear". Fun read. I had the exact opposite experience last night. I play in a blues/rock cover band, the other guitar player and I are late 30's/early 40's with decent jobs. We have...
  8. K

    Help me price this Marshall cab

    Greetings, I have 3 4x12's. Total overkill, I only just got in a band again after a 10 year break and we won't be playing anywhere I'll need to move that kind of air. I'm running out of space to keep them, and could really use the cash. Sooooo...I have this nice 35th Anniversary 4x12, one of...
  9. K

    Help! Handle rattles on old Marshall cab

    Hi there, I searched around a bit but couldn't find anything for this specific issue. I have an old Marshall cab, early '74 I think, and one of the handles is very noticeably rattling when I play. It's driving me nuts, and I think it's gotten worse lately. What's the best way to go about...
  10. K

    Where can I get a channel-jumper for a 4-hole Marshall?

    Hi, I thought I've seen people with these in some pics around here, but I was wondering where I can pick up a real a short cable with 2 right angle jacks to jump channels on my 4-hole Marshall head. I seem to recall ones that are a single piece as well, without any visible cable. I thought...
  11. K

    If I like the Fulltone 69, I would LOVE....?

    Hi, like so many others here I'm going thru a bit of an obsession with fuzz boxes lately. I've had an original Swollen Pickle for years but it's a bit too over the top for most of what I play (Zeppelin, Jet, AC/DC type of rock). Have recently picked up a Roger Mayer Axis Fuzz (nice), a Muff...
  12. K

    Which logo for 74 Marshall JMP?

    Hi. I picked up a '74 50 watt JMP a few months ago that's missing the logo. I'd like to replace it, and I'm not exactly sure which one to use. Is it the 6" gold logo? Which online dealers are cheap & reputable? Thanks!
  13. K

    64 vs 65 amps

    I'm confused. :jo please explain. Is this a marketing faux-pas? Why would the 2nd company to the market brand themselves like that? That's like starting a company and calling yourself Phender or Mahrshil. I'd buy a 65, it's clearly one better. ? :confused: I'm serious, someone please...
  14. K

    How does this Marshall look

    I'm most likely going to pull the trigger on this head I found locally. I've had it for a few days and it sounds great, I've been wanting a 50 watter for a long time. It's a 73 transitional model, has a polarity switch on the front, metal toggles, and a square jewel light. Looks to be in...
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