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  1. J

    Fender Twin pre-amp & Bassman pre-amp?!

    I'm using a Silverface Fender Twin and I love how the pre-amp EQ controls allow so much bass into the input... when boosted hard it can make the amp 'fart out' some kind of blocking distortion... What I want to know is, with the Silverface Bassman heads, do the pre-amp eq controls work in the...
  2. J

    Oddball Fuzz Pedals...

    I'm always interested in fuzz/drive pedals that do things different from others and/or can be used to great effect to get a sound they weren't intended for! For example; Bixonic Expandora's 'Forbidden' mode - big fuzz that cuts and squishes and gates like nothing I've played... Zvex Jonny...
  3. J

    Zvex at NAMM 2016?!

    come on!!! What's coming out?!?
  4. J

    Pedal Switching (Boss LS-2 help)

    Yes amazing! I actually found one of the demo diagrams that shows this when I googled for Boss ls-2 manual! Thanks!!
  5. J

    Pedal Switching (Boss LS-2 help)

    The reason I haven't thought of this is that when on the non affected side, the noise from the fuzzes would still be going to my amp. Anyone else can help?!
  6. J

    Pedal Switching (Boss LS-2 help)

    I want to be able to switch from a loop of pedals (fuzz and pog) going into the normal channel of my Twin to just guitar straight into Vibrato channel on the Twin. Will this be possible by using the A<>B loop mode with the fuzz/pog in loop a and just the send output of loop b going to the...
  7. J

    Pedal to send a lagged version of my signal to second amp??

    Is there a delay out there with a 100% wet feature???
  8. J

    Pedal to send a lagged version of my signal to second amp??

    i'm running a stereo setup and understand that I could use a stereo chorus etc to achieve a doubletracked big stereo sound but I dont want any shift in pitch! Does the Strymon deco do this?? Literally just one repeat into the second amp (without the original striked note in the second amp!)...
  9. J

    Fender Twin Pre-amp Overload (Blowing up sound)

    i love the way my Fender Twin's input can be overloaded really easily. With the bass knob high and a nice bassy fuzz it can fart out and sound like its exploding! Does anyone else love this sound? I've played Hiwatts and Marshalls and I guess due to their pre-amp design and/or where their EQ...
  10. J

    Difference between Vexter Fuzz Factory versions?!

    ive seem that there is the regular colourful print vexter ff and there is one with green/black print... Are there any differences between them???
  11. J

    Death by Audio Interstellar Overdriver as loud as a Super Hard On??

    I'm interested in the DBA Interstellar Overdriver Deluxe but I need to know how loud it can get... I'll be using my Zvex Jonny Octave alongside it which is SERIOUSLY loud (I run the volume full) and I need the same headroom from other pedals... Can anyone compare the IO to a SHO or any Zvex...
  12. J

    Rickenbacker 620 neck profile changes?!?

    Ive played a 80's 620 and it was really lovely and had a really slim neck profile HOWEVER i recently played a new 620 and the neck was WAY fatter!! Ive read on the rickenbacker forum that RIC have made a few changes over the last few years... Can anyone confirm this and when exactly the...
  13. J

    15" speakers with an Ampeg SVT VR??

    I'm currently using a cheap 300 watt gallian kruger SS amp into my old Fender Bassman 2x15. I know most people hate this cab however mine has some SERIOUS extra bracing wood inside, upgraded to some nice Eminences (although i dont know what ones!) theyre sealed in since i bought it!) I think...
  14. J

    Namm 2015 Debuts

    Seen a few things on the zvex Instagram that are just confusing!! Pedal Thief Boom Pop Woolly 7 This long pedal with 4 of their pedal joined together with jacks on top and weird sizes!! Please someone tell me what these all are!!
  15. J

    Fuzz into a distorted amp

    Octave fuzzes (especially with the gain down) always really pop through when using even the highest gain fuzzes! Fender blender, octavio, try any! Even the fuzz factory can get a low gain octave fuzz sound which jumps right through other pedals! If you REALLY want it to come through though...
  16. J

    Zvex Jonny Octave gain?

    Has anyone experimented with the internal trimpots on the Jonny Octave? How gainy/fuzzy can it get?
  17. J

    Zvex Jonny Octave

    Very curious about this... People seem to pass it off as a 'clean' octave pedal but from what Ive heard on demos it can get quite fuzzy!! How fuzzy can it get with the internal drive controls up? The Octavio can get very fuzzy with its drive up so I presume the Jonny Octave can too...
  18. J

    Ampeg SVT-7PRO vs SVT VR / CL?

    Just want to know the volume and headroom difference between the 1000 watt mainly transistor svt-7pro and the 300 watt valve Svt vr/cl?? Thanks!!
  19. J

    Class D volume relative to watts vs Valve amps??

    Im after an SVT vr which is 300 watts valve but in the meantime im looking at the portaflex series just until I can afford the big one. Which out of the 350, 500 and 800 would be most similar to the 300 watt SVT?
  20. J

    Twin speakers... EVM12L or Delta Pro 12a?

    These speakers are for the twin, not the bassman cab!!
  21. J

    Twin speakers... EVM12L or Delta Pro 12a?

    So i bought an UL 135w Silverface Twin and I have been using it just my bassman cab alone with 2 big 15" eminence but I want to repla e the speakers in it. I play downtuned guitars, fuzz and octave down effects with the twin at full volume. The speakers in it sound awful at the moment...
  22. J

    Buzzaround clones: Ghost Effects Buzzaround vs Arc Effects Crimson King (vs. others?)

    My girlfriend had the Ghost Effects Buzzaround and it sounded incredible! Ghost Effects are a great great company too!
  23. J

    Need new speakers in my Fender Twin ! Help!

    Just bought a 1977 UL 135w Silverface Twin and it is a BEAST!! The speakers in it at the moment are the original fender blue labels and they do sound good to me but because they're so old, and their low end is little flubby for me I thought i'd change them!! I want the most volume and...
  24. J

    Strictly FUZZ

    Love these threads!! Check out Ghost Effects kickstarter campaign for his fuzzrite/ nu-fuzz hybrid!! His stuff is amazing and im sure this will be too!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1834452670/ghost-effects-lunar-incantation-fuzz-pedal
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