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  1. Tritone

    NGDs: duo Duos

    The eternal question: Dynasonics or Filter'trons?? Well, I decided to answer the question for myself ONCE AND FOR ALL. And the answer is BOTH, obviously. Earlier this week I picked up a Gretsch Vintage Select '53 Duo Jet (above right), and today I received a Vintage Select '59 Duo Jet (above...
  2. Tritone

    Two nearly identical AmPro Teles that sound quite different (+ NGD)

    Pics first. Sorry for the bad lighting, it was 6 am and the sun was just above the horizon. Yesterday I picked up a "Fender Lightweight Ash American Professional Telecaster" in Honey Blonde (on the left in the pic). I already have an ash American Pro telecaster I picked up a couple months...
  3. Tritone

    Anyone played both AO '60s Tele and American Pro Tele?

    I have an American Pro Telecaster but think I might be more comfortable with a slightly smaller neck. Looking at the specs sheet, the AO '60s Telecaster has a slightly deeper neck carve at the first fret, but also a narrower nut. I wonder which one "feels" bigger in the hand. Anyone played or...
  4. Tritone

    VOS finish cracks from factory?

    I just got a Gibson from Reverb listed as "mint." I noticed some very large finish cracks when I got the guitar. The seller claims the cracks are part of the VOS finish and came that way from the factory. Is that accurate? EDIT: I reached out to Gibson, and they responded that VOS should not...
  5. Tritone

    NGD: ES-339

    I didn't have a guitar with 2 "normal" humbuckers and my GAS got the better of me when I saw a blemished 2018 ES-339 on sale. I also have a 2018 ES-330 which might be my favorite guitar, and the ES-339 feels similar in the hand. They are both "rounded C" neck profiles which I really like. The...
  6. Tritone

    NGD: My second Starla

    A little background: I love single cut guitars, Bigsbys, and bright/twangy pickups, which meant I was into the Starla since it was released. I finally was able to snag a NOS core Starla a couple years ago, but only kept it for a few months, even though it had many positive qualities. I think...
  7. Tritone

    New PRS model: S2 Vela Semi-hollow

    https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/28892-prs-announces-the-new-s2-vela-semi-hollow-guitar Neat! Looks like they're about $100 more than the solidbody editions.
  8. Tritone

    [NGD] After 10 years, I finally got my holy grail guitar

    I bought an Epiphone Casino about 10 years ago that I absolutely loved the sound of, but it had a bunch of small annoying issues (and some big annoying issues) related to build and quality. Since then I've always vowed I'd own another (better-made) Casino or ES-330. I'm also a HUGE Elliott Smith...
  9. Tritone

    Alnico 5 P90s?

    It seems like most vintage-style P90s use A2. What are your favorite A5 P90s?
  10. Tritone

    Why are vintage ES-330s so cheap?

    An ES-330 has been on my list of dream guitars for years. I had a Chinese Casino that I loved the sound of but hated the quality of. Looking at Reverb.com, it seems like you can buy a '60s, two-pickup ES-330 for less than the cost of a new one. What's up with that? And what should I look for...
  11. Tritone

    New PRRI Day

    Actually I picked it up on Thursday, but didn't have a chance to take pics until today. With my AC15: First impressions: Wow. I love it. I love how it sounds good at a volume that doesn't break windows. I love the clear, sweet cleans. I even like the reverb and tremolo. Before hearing it...
  12. Tritone

    A plugin for using IRs?

    Hi guys. I bought some impulse responses from Ownhammer and have been drag-and-dropping the raw .WAV files into Logic's Space Designer or whatever it's called. This works, but I get the feeling the interface could be a lot nicer. For example, the IR/cab simulator in S-Gear allows you to...
  13. Tritone

    Anyone into retro/old school video game music?

    Don't know if this thread will get much interest but I can't be the only TGPer who loves the textures and moods of old or retro-inspired video game music, can I? I actually never really played most of these games as a kid and don't even play retro games as an adult for the most part but some of...
  14. Tritone

    Strum Buddy electric guitar monitor/amplifier

    This is... novel.
  15. Tritone

    Vox Handwired AC15/AC30: sound from other channel leaking through?

    So I have a Vox AC15HW1 which I just got back from the shop and it's acting a bit differently than I remember. Namely, if I'm plugged into either the normal or top boost channel, and the volume on that channel is set to 0 but the volume for the unused channel is not set to 0, I can hear sound...
  16. Tritone

    NGD: NOS Core Starla

    This guitar has been on my list to try out for years. I didn't know if I would ever be able to find a core Starla locally but a shop in this area had a "new" one in stock from 2012 [EDIT: actually it was made in 2008!]. It actually had quite a few medium-sized dings, scratches and chips in the...
  17. Tritone

    Aftermarket 12ax7s causing buzz in AC15HW1 V1 position

    I recently replaced the three preamp tubes in my AC15HW1 with Tung-Sol 12ax7s. On the normal channel everything is fine, but there's an extremely loud buzz on the top boost channel. From swapping tubes a half dozen times or so, it seems like the problem only occurs when there's a Tung-Sol in...
  18. Tritone

    An interesting meta-genre from Japan: Touhou Project arrangements

    Any other fans here? Explanation: there is a series of video games called Touhou Project. They're scrolling shooters where you play a little sprite on screen and have to avoid projectiles. Not my kind of game. But the developer, ZUN, did all the music himself as far as I know. Lots of people...
  19. Tritone

    Ninevolt Pedals Thread

    I bought a 1927 Homerun King compressor based solely on the Brett Kingman demo. I didn't see a thread for this company on TGP, so I figured I'd make one with a bit of info I have about the company. They have a Twitter account here. This seemed to be the closest they have to a website? Anyone...
  20. Tritone

    PRS SE Kestrel experiences?

    Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts, experiences or opinions on the SE Kestral bass that was released a couple years back.
  21. Tritone

    Electromatics: Crazy high bang-to-buck ratio?! (NGD)

    So I walked into Guitar Center to pick up a cabinet I ordered online and was interested in trying out a Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster since I'd heard so many good things about it. Played the only one in the store; it sounded good and looked even better, but the playability wasn't there. The feel of...
  22. Tritone

    What guitar is this?

    Looks like a Tele Custom crossed with a PRS headstock. oRiWSTczJQ8
  23. Tritone

    Two for one: PRS McCarty Korina with P-90s and a Jazzmaster

    The McKorina with P-90s (stock). The Thinskin Jazzmaster (with Pickup Wizard aftermarket pickups). The chords are the neck pickup, the arpeggios are both, the lead lines are on the bridge pickup. Both guitars were strung with a new set of 11 gauge nickel strings, run into a Diamond compressor...
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