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    2015 Gibson Price Increase and Other Really BAD Ideas

    Thanks! I had no idea about that Tronical site...:dude Well based off that I wonder why they would make the claim in the vid' that the tuner was good for studio work...
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    2015 Gibson Price Increase and Other Really BAD Ideas

    I'd still like to know how accurate the tuner is....just out of curiosity.
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    Humbucker replacement for Gibson 1969 SG Custom

    +1 on gathering spec' info. You might try both of the stock pups in the middle, decide which one you like there and have someone wind you something similar.
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    A strap for all my guitars

    The Levy's cotton straps are nice. They go for about $20.
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    Upgrading tone and volume pots

    +1 on establishing what the values in there are first. RSguitarworks sell singles and full kits of tight tolerance pots. Might be worth a look.
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    Telecaster: American vs Mexican

    The Baja also has an ash body so the overall spec's are very 50's inspired. A solid axe in stock form.
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    Telecaster: American vs Mexican

    Those guitars are sweet! Black n' chrome with vintage tint neck...I bought one a bit back when they got blown out at MF for $299.... It does sound pretty cool in it's stock form. I ended up modding mine with a Klein Broadcaster pup and some brass saddles...not the Bakersfield tele tone for sure...
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    Telecaster: American vs Mexican

    You really can't go wrong with either. Personally, I think the spec's on the standard rock. I would get one of those and not change a thing on it..... sweet neck, custom shop pickups with a proper metal base plate on the bridge pup, steel saddles, brass bridge plate, etc....it's sweet.
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    Telecasters vs. Les Paul Specials

    Try a Firebird!
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    When do dealers give up on stale inventory?

    Do you need any other gear? Maybe you could get them to go for a discounted "package deal".
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    2015 Gibson Price Increase and Other Really BAD Ideas

    Ahhh.... I get ya now! Ya, Could be.
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    2015 Gibson Price Increase and Other Really BAD Ideas

    They should rebrand it as the "Standard" like Fender has their AmSt guitar, which tips it's hat back to the old days while adding some new modern (mostly unobtrusive) features as time marches on... Tone pot connected to bridge pup, no load pots, rolled fret boards, modern 9.5 neck rad'...
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    2015 Gibson Price Increase and Other Really BAD Ideas

    Speaking of the above vid... the demo guy mentioned using the G-force in the studio.... which makes me curious as to it's accuracy... anyone now how accurate it is?
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    2015 Gibson Price Increase and Other Really BAD Ideas

    Guard vid.....hmmm....I guess if you don't keep on taking it on and off it should hold.
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    American Standard Strat prices

    That sale they had for the "2012 model" was a strange one....I got mine and with an easy payment plan to boot (convenient to keep a card open at the very least)! I guesstimate that they will have lots of end of the year sales coming around and they typically have the spring sale like the...
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    Does pickguard make a difference to tone?

    All I can say is that if you're into smouldering MOJO and the Blues then get yourself a "pool route" strat and slap a wood pick guard on it...BOOM!!! instant "voodoo tone chamber".
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    Has anybody ever used the tilt screw on his strat neck?

    Not yet. I forget they even come with them to be honest.
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    Holy Crap!!! New Fender Pawn Shop Super Sonic

    Bummer.... Just MIM or USA as well?
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    Does anyone else not mind their MIM Telecaster Pickups?

    The stock "vintage alnico's" that came in my blackout Tele were pretty good. I did change them out for a Broadcaster / Humbucker combo but the stockers were nice.
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    Gibson SG '61 reissue problems

    Could be faulty gear, amp/ guitar settings, technique, room type, etc..... the list goes on. You might start with making sure your gear is functioning properly and set up to spec's...
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    What year strat do you love and why?

    My stock 2012 AmSt has been satisfying my strat needs. It's a fun guitar.
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    2015 Gibson Price Increase and Other Really BAD Ideas

    I figure one of those 24+ month finance plans everyone seems to have these days will cover a lot of the price increase for the average buyer.
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    MIJ strats? (Squier)

    They can be cool but for $500 I would save a couple more bucks and buy a recent, used USA model. GC has plenty of them.
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    Advice to restore a 1970's Strat

    Any pic's? You might want to hold off until you can establish the actual year, condition and some kind of value on the guitar.
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    Help me choose an SG

    The newest standards have a slim 60's style neck profile iirc. Also, iirc, they stopped with the "layered" rosewood boards some time in 2013 or so... if that makes a dif'. I am sure someone will chime in with a clearer cut-off date with that... fwiw.. Gibson always seems to blow out their stock...
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