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    Multi-fx as a general purpose USB interface?

    Has anyone tried using a multi-fx as a general purpose USB interface? I wonder if a mic into the guitar input, with all sims/FX disabled, could be usable as a flat full range input.
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    Greg Howe "how I started" sort of video

    I always find these interesting, even when brief:
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    Trance on acoustic guitars (Showhawk Duo)

    I found these guys recently. Doing interesting stuff on classical + acoustic: Trance Bohemian Rhapsody
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    Classical guitar strings suitable for bending?

    I've recently returned to playing classical guitar, and I'm getting reaquainted with old annoyances. While bending, the frets dent the wound strings. This leads to their quick demise, especially the D string. I'm assuming it's the strings to blame rather than the frets. Is there anything to do...
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    Monitor-record latency in USB interfaces?

    In general, do USB interfaces compensate for their own latency when monitoring and recording using the same interface? Can output USB data to be timestamped to the past?
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    15 rusty screws for $11, anyone?

    Doesn't include shipping. :( http://www.sonnemoguitars.com/store/p/skruvar-och-plattor-mm-209678/15st-relic-plektrumskydd-skruv-426870
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    Why's Jammit not picking up momentum?

    I'm talking about this: http://www.jammit.com/ Being able to hear just the isolated lead guitar in songs you like, or to remove the lead guitar from the mix, is quite unique. Yet it seems there's not much activity or news on their site, and I think there's far less internet buzz compared with...
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    Tapping cleanly without muting bass strings?

    I don't see any muting on the bass strings here. Any idea how he's keeping it clean?
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    Schecter don't bother replying to inquiries?

    Anyone managed to get a reply from Schecter to an inquiry through the contact form on their site? 3 attempts, no reply. Good thing the contact form includes 20 fields.
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    Fretboard phone/camera mount for guitars

    In case someone would be interested. There's a crowdfunding campaign running for an adjustable mount to hold, over the fretboard, camera phones and potentially an extra camera (GoPro only?). This is to let you shoot the picking hand, and the extra camera is supposedly for the fretting hand...
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    Nevr-Dull: Basch vs EagleOne?

    Nevr-Dull is a common recommendation for fret treatment. But there are two Nevr-Dulls: one from Basch, the other from Eagle One. Is it the same thing or is there a difference?
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    Decent cheap 1/4" plugs on eBay with intl. shipping?

    I'm after some basic 1/4" plugs. Anyone had good or bad experience with cheap ones from China on eBay? For example, these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/271508089926 http://www.ebay.com/itm/271508110530 There are some others, but with no inside photos it's difficult to know how it's built...
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    Cable capacitance unrelated to price?

    Measuring the capacitance of some cables I encountered unexpected results: cheap cables aren't necessarily worse, and might even be better. The sample size is small, but with the cheapest and the most expensive having the same capacitance, it makes me wonder. What parameters make a cable...
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    More mains hum on Fuzz than on Dist/OD?

    I have 3 Akai pedals from the Drive3 series. Supposedly the same pedals as similar ones from Biyang or GFS. The Fuzz pedal has much more mains hum than both the Distortion and Overdrive pedals. Anyone else noticed something similar? Is there any inherent reason why a Fuzz should exhibit more...
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    How long is it okay to leave a guitar without strings?

    How long is it okay to leave a guitar without strings?
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    How to remove/reuse ToM saddle C clips?

    Is there a way to remove and reuse the Tune-o-matic saddle C clips that hold the saddle screws in place? Trying to just unscrew forcibly doesn't seem like the way, or is it?
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    Hi E + 2 step bend up the neck + ToM = breakage?

    Can you normally do a 2 step bend on the high E, high up the neck (20+ fret), on a Tune-o-matic bridge? Just had a .010 string break at the saddle. String wasn't new, but I wonder. Should I assume a saddle problem, blame the old string, or something else?
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    Wahs need help accentuating?

    Do you feel that wahs need help to be more prominent, like a compressor or something else? How do you use yours for both clean and dirty, and what type of wah is it?
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    G5 wahs too subtle?

    Anyone else feels the G5 wahs are too subtle? I'm not sure what's lacking. Maybe more frequency range, or a different Q, or something else, but there's very limited configurability so it can't be done. Some of the other filter FX are more like it, but they're not controllable wahs. Are...
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    Fender Mustangs v2

    It looks like a second revision of the Mustang amps is going to be announced at NAMM. There's no point in wasting the whole week waiting for news. :) Any speculation on what's going to be new? Major additions or just build quality improvements?
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    Decent 1/4" TS straight to right angle adapters?

    Can anyone suggest a well designed 1/4" TS straight to right angle adapter? I only found this, which doesn't look all that nice:
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    Digital gear failure rate on arrival?

    I wonder, of all the digital FX and modeling gear you purchased since the dawn of time, how many arrived with problems straight from the store? And of those, how many had problems that weren't shipping damage? (Something odd with the poll? It showed 3 votes right away.)
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    Instrument level + line level + basic mixer = ?

    What's the result of mixing different voltage levels with a simple mixer, up to the extreme case of instrument-level together with line-level? I'm thinking of: Guitar 1 -> Mustang 3 -> FX Send -> Behringer MX400 Guitar 2 -> Zoom G5 -> Behringer MX400 + Behringer MX400 -> Mustang 3 FX...
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    2 capacitors for $113. Now that's a good deal!

    http://www.wwbw.com/Gibson-Historic-Bumblebee-Capacitors-2-pack-H65441-i1562409.wwbw With holiday discounts you can even get them for less than $100!
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    Why passive pickups rarely sealed, vs. always in actives?

    Why are passive pickups rarely sealed? And the inverse, is there a particular reason actives are rarely (or never?) unsealed?
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