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    The official Two-Rock thread! Post your amps, favorites, opinions, pics and tips here

    Are any of the newer models (PBG-era) similar to the Two-Rock Opal?
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    Two rock/ K&M Jade

    Would suggest to send an e-mail to either Chad or Bill. They are always very helpful. Congrats on the new amp!
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    The official Two-Rock thread! Post your amps, favorites, opinions, pics and tips here

    What do you think will happen to Two-Rock now that Bill Krinard and Chad Mangrum has left?
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    The ONLY John Mayer thread on TGP part II.

    Sounds like he has been practicing a lot! awesome!
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    The ONLY John Mayer thread on TGP part II.

    He's talking about his gear on Periscope right now! He's telling he is working on a new amp with Paul Reed Smith. And a guitar too (been talked about earlier).
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    Help Needed! Martin OM28 or 000MMV or OMJM

    Have you considered a Collings OM2h?
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    The ONLY John Mayer thread on TGP part II.

    His lead tone is killer in this video IMO! Guitar looks like a PRS NF3.
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    Martin OM vs. Collings OM

    I dig the neck on the OMJM, but haven't had the chance to play one of the Collings OMs... How do the necks compare?
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    Martin OM vs. Collings OM

    Any of you got any input on how the Collings necks are?
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    Two Rock studio 22/35 clean enough for jazz?

    Are you talking about the Studio Pro series? I'd definitely go for the 35 (6L6 tubes) if thats what you're asking. You should take a look at the Crystal. I've got one and I dig it. It sounds great at lower volumes and got the extra headroom if you want it.
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    Eric Clapton's new Strat!

    Indeed! I dig his new Alessandro proto... Sounds way better than what he did with the SR...
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    What is your favorite 6L6 amp?

    My Two-Rock Crystal 50w! Tone monster
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    NAD Two-Rock content.

    Congrats! Awesome amp. Gain channel sounds great!!
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    New Two Rock amp - Akoya

    Ywasu_fBU2A have any of you had the chance to crank it?
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    Seeking: Clean, Warm, Fendery style amp with Reverb and Tremolo

    Don't know the price limit, but the Two-Rock Akoya looks and sounds glorious! 4x10! Tonestack, tremolo, great reverb... Kind of expensive though. Ywasu_fBU2A
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    Milkman amps?

    Hey! I really want to hear some audio of the 85W Pedal Steel amp with a regular guitar and some pedals! Would have been great if you could upload a video :hiP
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    Martin Vintage Tone System (VTS)

    Really wanna know if they've got that "broken in" feel you get with vintage guitars, and if the tone is worth the extra couple of $...
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    Martin Vintage Tone System (VTS)

    Any opinions? The OM-28 Authentic 1931 looks intriguing! http://www.martinguitar.com/VTS
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    Best Acoustic Amp

    What about a great DI? Avalon U5 for example.
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    Martin OM vs. Collings OM

    Are there any characteristics that differ between these manufacturers? Some say that Collings' is brighter (or more balanced), others say they lack "life" and bass. What do you think? To specify, OM-28 / OM2h, OM-42 / OM3 etc. Which one would you recommend?
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    Martin 00-42SC

    I get that. I've been there. I were really turned off the first time I saw the rosette/neck pocket bling on the OM-42, but I kind of got used to it.
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    Martin 00-42SC

    Indeed! It is a great detail. Would never buy it without trying it first... Check out this video: NKE_jieQp3s uJpvUTDB4Ps Thanks a lot for taking the time to reply. Looks vs. sounds: I get what you're saying. What I was considering at first was the OM-42, which is a 14-fret fairly small...
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    Martin 00-42SC

    Any love? Thinking this might be my next purchase. Cocobolo! Look at that rosette!! (Pictures borrowed from Reverb) NKE_jieQp3s Specs: Construction Mahogany Blocks/Dovetail Neck Joint Body Size: 00-12 Fret Top: Solid Sitka Spruce Rosette: Custom Style 45 Top Bracing Pattern: Standard...
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    Two Rock - Studio Pro 35W vs. Crystal 22W

    I agree. I've got the 50w. Crystal at my apartment and I nail the Mayer tone 99,7%. Loving it! Playing it at decent levels not bothering my gf or my neighbors. Watts is not the same as volume. Listen to the other guys here and go for the 50w. (IMO)
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    John Mayer to host the Late Late Show 2/4 - 2/6

    vXzQVwNohF0 Althea :JAM
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