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    Clarence Light Echo Park

    Another creation by Gabriel Currie. This is a Clarence Light Model, with Gold foil neck P/U and Broadcaster style/lap steel 50's bridge, Kohler cold rolled steel saddles,tortoise shell guard and switch ring, flame red maple old stock neck and cocobolo slab old stock board,Wash blonde old stock...
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    ebay JMI pedal circuits

    Does anyone know about the quality of the JMI reissue pedals being sold by Guitar Lab on ebay. They sell the guts of the reissue MK2, Supa and MK1.5 fuzzes..pots, circuit board and all. They keep the case. The certificates shown in the auction on the Supa show blanks where the serial number and...
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    large deposit, long wait

    I've experienced this disappointing, all to common scenario, much too often. Too many builders take deposits, often 50 to 100%, and quote you a time to delivery. Then , instead of 2 or 3 months delivery, it grows to 6, 8, 12 or more months because of poor production planning, unavailable parts...
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    dice works Erich

    Has anyone heard from Erich of dice works lately? Seems to have disappeared and no returns on emails....???
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