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  1. RockinRob

    Steve Vai going back to his roots...

    Too bad Prince and Vai didn't play together. Imagine the imagery. The world would explode in an eclectic orgasm.
  2. RockinRob

    Steve Vai thoughts on ego vs reality (working through depression)

    Ridiculous. YOU are part of the problem, not me. I find it so highly ironic that the best solution that people come up with to deal with mental health issues like depression is either a) take some drugs or b) stress out and overanalyze it all you can until you figure it out. Neither are paths...
  3. RockinRob

    Steve Vai thoughts on ego vs reality (working through depression)

    Did you once hear Vai complain about his dopamine levels? This is exactly the response people have been conditioned to have when it comes to mental health. We aren't all the same, we aren't all going to produce the same levels of these substances to meet someone else's idea of what happiness...
  4. RockinRob

    Steve Vai thoughts on ego vs reality (working through depression)

    I think my major point of contention is that you rely on medical issues to explain the problems people have, when in reality things like unhappiness and mental health are usually not medical issues at all. Most people have simply been duped into believing they are. I am not talking medicine, I...
  5. RockinRob

    Steve Vai thoughts on ego vs reality (working through depression)

    The ego is the component of personality that is responsible for dealing with reality. Reality is simply the construct upon which we walk our lives through. Understanding this does not have to be a convoluted process. While I agree that the absence of one thing does not mean the presence of...
  6. RockinRob

    Steve Vai thoughts on ego vs reality (working through depression)

    I listened to most of this clip. I think the surest way to make yourself unhappy is to try to make this progression that Vai claims to have. Remember that old star trek movie where the rogue Vulcan removes everyone's sense of "faux reality" that Vai talks about and all of a sudden they are so...
  7. RockinRob

    Dirty Honey! Man these guys are killing it.

    wow, love it. Would love to hear what the guitar rig is. Really like the production/mix on this too.
  8. RockinRob

    The joy of vintage tube amp ownership

    SLO. Almost 30 years. Never. had. a. single. problem. EVER. Period. (period).
  9. RockinRob

    1980 JMP 2203 Clip. And a comparison to a Bogner

    interesting, I thought the Marshall killed it
  10. RockinRob

    Like a Rectifier, but...

    I don't care who stole what from who, a slo and a recto are very different beasts.
  11. RockinRob

    Do you have a " it's decent but nothing special" pedal you keep coming back to ?

    yep, all of them. pedals are pedals, I don't care what ya got or how much you paid for it.
  12. RockinRob

    Mike Soldano retiring

    no DeYoung= no SLO
  13. RockinRob

    Who's playing a Celestion speaker in their Deluxe Reverb?

    Have a vintage 30 in my HR deluxe. With some unique tube selections and the v30 that amp has a very unique character that is sometimes just perfect for a change of pace.
  14. RockinRob

    Sleeper of an amp..

  15. RockinRob

    Fender Hw Dr Vs Vintage. Great Video.

    Ya know, not every old Fender amp was great. This one might just have been a dog, old tubes, crap speaker, old caps.. who knows. I think many of the new Fender amps are just great, but I still haven't found anything that tops a good and carefully maintained blackface.
  16. RockinRob

    Soldano News?

    Ugh my lifetime warranty...
  17. RockinRob

    Soldano SLO 100 vs Friedman BE 100

    There is a post in this thread with a video comparing the two amps. When I listened to it I was very surprised at the similarity, and I thought no way my SLO sounds similar to a BE. I've played BEs but never owned one. This led me to find a better video of the friedman, so I cranked up the...
  18. RockinRob

    I got to play Mike Soldano's SLO at his shop

    can't read the settings! looks like all between 2 and 5? What speakers was he using?
  19. RockinRob

    Intellifex Blackface Tones

    I bought mine in 1992 new, and it has never left my rack. I love the damn thing, and have never found a unit I liked enough to replace it. Sure other models do more but the 'ole fex has a purity about it I always come back to.
  20. RockinRob

    Friedman SS-100 or Soldano SLO; That is the Question!

    I would not call the slo bluesy in any sense, nor do I think it responds well with rolled back volume. My SLO is rock solid, always dependable, and gets you that soldano tone every time. I do not find it brings out the nuances of the guitar as much as some other amps, everything that comes out...
  21. RockinRob

    Sorry Guys But I Have The Best Wife.

    This is exactly how me and my wife are. Look, if u need to seek permission, you already know you are creating a financial hardship, which you WILL fight about later. I don't mean to be a dick, but maybe she should have the greatest husband ever and u should pass.
  22. RockinRob

    That Scofield chorus sound?

    Sometimes in life you just miss the boat, and boy did I on Scofield. In fact, I am still waiting to get on.. I can admire playing I don't care for for technical reasons, but someday I hope I can feel even the slightest glimmer of what people see in this tone or genre.
  23. RockinRob

    Christmas Time Is Here... S L O

    Luv my slo. what tubes u using here?
  24. RockinRob

    Which Marshall would you recommend?

    You lost me on this. You said the other guy had a SLO and you had a Mark III combo. Then you said he was bragging about a Marshall, and then somebody ate some breakfast but I have no idea who. But no way a Mark III combo hangs with a SLO or a 70s 100 watt Marshall thru a 4x12 in pure volume...
  25. RockinRob

    NAD: Man, did I miss the SLO

    I have to retube mine soon. What are in yours that you like so much?
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