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    Jazzguitar.be is off-line?

    I have a solid top and I didn't get the email. Maybe it's based on picking style?
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    "Off Minor" by Monk on Lap Steel

    I'm only hearing the fun! :phones :phones :phones
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    Coltrane "Africa" CD Solo

    Can't stop listening to that one -- literally -- gonna be late for work! Great, great stuff.
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    Jazz Blues with new Collings

    Great tone -- snap and detail, but plenty of meat, too. And your blues playing is always a treat! BTW, is that a single-coil pickup?
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    "Autmn leaves" on telecaster

    That's a good example of making a relatively simple standard really interesting. Great playing!
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    Very quick funky jazz take

    Sounded like fun! Makes me wanna fake sick and go home and play (at a much lower level musically). :rockin :phones :phones :phones
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    EVH Circles 'Unchained' Guitar Demo Video

    Not in any way a VH authority, but that sounded just about perfect to me, both tone and playing. Pls. tell us more about the amp/cab. Great vid! :phones :phones :phones
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    North Country Chill clip

    Not sure what you did with the file sharing, but the track sounds great. My only gripe is you faded the ending too soon!
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    Uffe Steen: Impressions by John Coltrane (impro only) with backing track

    This is a vid you can watch over and over -- lots of ideas and great playing!
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    A friend made a video - Jon Jacquemoud plays a Marcus Miller Tune

    That's some great playing and nice tone -- thanks for posting, and tell Jon to make more videos!
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    Burton Cummings was the Ron Burgundy of Rock n Roll

    I haven't seen the movie(s), but based on YouTube clips, my vote would go to either Neil Diamond or David Clayton-Thomas. But let's not do this. You take down the Guess Who and BTO is next. Before you know it, Led Zeppelin is Anne of Green Gables. Where does it end?
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    Ten Best Jazz Guitarists Of All Time

    Considering we've already got seven dead guys on the spaceship, this could be a great zombie movie...
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    Clapton at NOLA Jazz fest

    Yeah, the EVH style dive-bombs and tapping at the beginning of "Chooglin" seemed a little goofy, :eek: but most of the set was allright.
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    2014 Stagecoach Country Festival - My observations

    Only watched a small fraction of it, but the younger guys' bands seemed to have overly loud, heavily-overdriven guitar sounds, and I couldn't understand a word they were singing. Don't get me wrong, being an old metalhead, I have nothing against those kinds of sounds, but it seemed kinda...
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    Ever get a guitar shipped only in the case?

    Nylon string classical-style, Spain to Wisconsin in a flimsy chipboard case, with two wraps of cellophane to keep the case shut. No damage whatsoever. Wasn't my idea (the guitar or the packing method). I have often wondered if there may be some reverse psychology at work here. A package...
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    Suhr SL67

    Great demo -- sounds awesome!
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    comfortable chair for long hours of practice?

    I use an armless, mesh-back, leather-seated office chair. Wasn't too expensive (<$300 ten years ago). A couple of my guitars feel good resting on my leg, so a stool would do, but others feel better hanging on the strap, so being able to lean into a spring-loaded back is nice. If you have long...
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    Best Headphones Ever

    I used to live in a place where headphones were the only way to not piss off the neighbors/landlord/police. I'd guess I averaged 2 hours a day for about 10 years with my AKG 240Ms (the old high-impedance version). Tried some Sony 7056s and some others along the way, but the AKGs were the least...
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    New Nir Felder record streaming

    While waiting for my CD to arrive in the mail, thought I'd post this: zYy4D9ygb9s#t
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    Octols that can handle 700+ plate voltage

    In my old Ampeg VT40 w/685v on the plates, the difference between EL-34s and 6CA7s is not subtle, and I play at low volume (knob on the first of 7 marks). The differences are more dramatic the more it's turned up, but power tubes, at least in that amp, make a difference at any volume.
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    Anyone have/use a Littlebone crowning file?

    I have a 400 grit Little Bone. It's less abrasive than the fine side of a nail file. I tried it on a few frets and gave up. Too time consuming, too small, and too hard to hang on to. I don't think I could have done all 22 frets, my fingers were cramping up after about three. If it crowned the...
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    Mayer|Perry Photo Shoot for "Who You Love"

    Some girls seem to think guys like having their little nippies detuned. Can be difficult to correct them without breaking the mood. Maybe that's what's happening here?
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    Can't watch on ipad why?

    There was a thread on this subject in the pub recently, but I don't think there's any real fix yet. I've got the latest (I think) update (7.0.3) but my ipad2 still doesn't work right. It was fine with IOS6, so if you can figure out how to roll back to the older version, that should do it...
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    Bartolini Guitar Pickups: Anyone using them?

    I got a used Heritage 575 a while back that had those old black Bartolini humbuckers in it. Don't remember the model number. I put the neck Bart from the 575 in the bridge of a Heritage H-140 (solidbody like a Les Paul but smaller and thinner). The Bart sounded a couple notches better than...
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    Wooden archtop bridge compensated for plain G string?

    A while back (like 6-8 years ago) I searched for one and never found anything. Contacted an archtop builder, Mirabella maybe, don't remember for sure, about having one custom made. Too expensive (for me, anyway). Bought a couple cheap wooden bridges and cobbled one together by cutting the G...
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